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Little 🧸🖍

Hi! I live with a dissociative disorder where my identity is basically in fragments, but not quite defined with specific age/names. Some of these fragments think and feel like a child. I’ll range from being really babyish with limited knowledge, to being more competent like an elementary schooler. It’s all pretty vague. It’s also dependent on the presence of my psychosis/mood symptoms, as well as stress and trauma. Weirdly hormones can play a role too. Anyway I would really love to have a pal for when I am “little”. I find myself craving affection/being nurtured/cared for. For the most part I talk very cuddly and innocently. **Just looking for ppl who can accommodate that in a conversation without being judgemental of my disorder**. I am not really embarrassed by the age regression, mainly because I’m too delusional to care. And I’d like to keep it that way, so please be kind. Feel free to direct message me on here, all anonymous and non attachment of course. Just some comforting chit-chat here and there would be great. P.S. I am not always in touch with reality.

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My story part 3

Finally having my #Epilepsy under control, I was able to look after my daughter and play a real and proper role in the running of the household. Until I started getting stomach pains. Seven months down the line and everyone telling me I was crying wolf I went to the emergency department on my own. The doctor kept me in and came to tell me I have actually got #ChronicPainSyndrome #HypersensitivitySyndrome #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS and #Allodynia . Finally!! I have diagnoses that tell me what’s been happening to me recently, and explains all these other things too! Yes, I had been told over the months how lazy I am, how unreliable and that I’m a terrible mother. My finances were and still are controlled as I don’t have a job of my own. And seen as I had been trying to just make everyone happy since I had gotten married and moved to my inlaws place I had kept my mouth shut about a lot of things which I wasn’t okay with not only with my husband but also my inlaws... I’d walk on eggshells daily with both and be told I’m worthless. My husband didn’t respect me for two years of our four year marriage and I felt it.. it was obvious. Now, my depression was back with a vengeance. I couldn’t do much more than a routine I had put in place for myself - I am a #Spoonie . And I’m okay with that because I’m finally accepting myself and understanding my limitations too. But my #Migraines are back after so many years I have to stay in a blacked out room and I now also suffer from #SleepDeprivation because of pain. It’s always there. Even trying alterations therapies costs so much not only do I have to beg to try it it’s monitored as if I’m not capable of controlling myself. I want to jump off the cliff yes... but I’ve had #SuicidalThoughtsAndTendencies since I was a teenager. There had just been one bright light stopping me always. Right now it’s my daughter. And I wish she didn’t think my pain was her fault... the guilt of that might just push me over the edge. I can’t handle her apologising for it... she stands up for me ...she’s sensitive for me. Three years old and is better than most adults. But I cry that she thinks she may have caused me pain!