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New and Fearful

I've wrestled with my mental health since adolescence but through every label that was thrown at me, and every stint in a psych unit, I felt as though I was always able to see the silver lining. This past Wednesday that silver lining faded. I received an updated diagnosis of Schizoaffective Bipolar Type and as much as I know that a label does not define me I can't help but feel like it's placed shackles around my ankles. Nothing has actually changed in my life except for the fact that I take a new pill with my lunch, and I can somewhat understand the cause of some of the more problematic symptoms, but I am more tired than ever and am exhausted. I found The Mighty looking for a place where I could find validation, support, and a community that would hopefully help in this journey.

So here's to trying something that I haven't, new and fearful.

#schizoaffectivebipolar #SchizoaffectiveDisorder


Little 🧸🖍

Hi! I live with a dissociative disorder where my identity is basically in fragments, but not quite defined with specific age/names. Some of these fragments think and feel like a child. I’ll range from being really babyish with limited knowledge, to being more competent like an elementary schooler. It’s all pretty vague. It’s also dependent on the presence of my psychosis/mood symptoms, as well as stress and trauma. Weirdly hormones can play a role too. Anyway I would really love to have a pal for when I am “little”. I find myself craving affection/being nurtured/cared for. For the most part I talk very cuddly and innocently. **Just looking for ppl who can accommodate that in a conversation without being judgemental of my disorder**. I am not really embarrassed by the age regression, mainly because I’m too delusional to care. And I’d like to keep it that way, so please be kind. Feel free to direct message me on here, all anonymous and non attachment of course. Just some comforting chit-chat here and there would be great. P.S. I am not always in touch with reality.

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How to get over an abusive relationship? #EmotionalNeglect #EmotionalAbuse #Abuse

I was recently in a relationship with someone that developed fake love for due to the treatment i was reviewing from. I guess to more explain myself earlier this year i was dating a guy who i knew i liked and was attracted to. he's someone i completely opened up to and then got Taken advantage of in the end. I am now pregnant with my son whose dad is the person i speak of. the relationship wasnt completely toxic at first but the more he knew i was wrapped around his finger the faster he grabbed hold and the harder it took for him to let go. I eventually found out he was a Registered Felony Sex offender. Whats the worst part is i mainly got pregnant because he started hiding my birth control pills from me so the longer they got out of my system. I have already had trauma from other things that happened in my past. And just when i thought i was good it went south real quick. Recently Reconnected with my Ex who i broke up with a year ago due to me being unstable for a relationship. Due to me expecting it has helped me mature faster. Especially because i was already getting there. I am 20 Year old Female who has had a long ass life of mainly trial and error with some good outcomes. I guess my other question is how do i get through the destructiveness im still slightly dealing with so i dont mess up whats happening that i know is great for me and my son. I just gotta back up and relax which with someone who has BPD, Schizoaffective Bipolar Type, And General plus Social anxiety among many more labels im struggling alot more that i realize still. #pregnantwithanxiety #Pregnancy #PTSD #SocialAnxiety #GeneralAnxietyDisorder #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #schizoaffectivebipolar #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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Diagnosed with a mental illness

It was most traumatic for me because I stayed in a state of disbelief for a long time, thinking I would soon go back to work. After being hospitalized four times, in day treatment for six weeks. Where you start off as an inpatient then the hospital picks you up from home and after group therapy off six hours bring you back home. And one hospital stay of one month, when my daughters half sister had to sign me out and bring me back so I could watch my child graduate from High school. I now have a therapist of ten years who reminds me I am to hard on my self that everyone has flaws and after eighteen years of illness I need to except who I am with the physical and mental pain. And that some day are just going to be harder to get through. ##schizoaffectivebipolar #Fibromyalgia #DegenerativeDiscDisease #failed back surgery syndrom