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A #little Cuppa Self-Love

Just a #little way I pour into my own cup of #Selflove no matter if I’m having a day with a little more pep in my steps or a day when my pain (physical or otherwise) makes it harder to get outta bed. And I’ve been having more and more Pep-In-My-Step days now; more than I scarcely allowed myself to dream Might be possible.


Little 🧸🖍

Hi! I live with a dissociative disorder where my identity is basically in fragments, but not quite defined with specific age/names. Some of these fragments think and feel like a child. I’ll range from being really babyish with limited knowledge, to being more competent like an elementary schooler. It’s all pretty vague. It’s also dependent on the presence of my psychosis/mood symptoms, as well as stress and trauma. Weirdly hormones can play a role too. Anyway I would really love to have a pal for when I am “little”. I find myself craving affection/being nurtured/cared for. For the most part I talk very cuddly and innocently. **Just looking for ppl who can accommodate that in a conversation without being judgemental of my disorder**. I am not really embarrassed by the age regression, mainly because I’m too delusional to care. And I’d like to keep it that way, so please be kind. Feel free to direct message me on here, all anonymous and non attachment of course. Just some comforting chit-chat here and there would be great. P.S. I am not always in touch with reality.

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#little tree

I’m not sure if this is a craft. I’ve decided to keep this tree up and decorate for the different seasons/holidays.


The Little Things

So this is my first post please bear with me...As I'm sitting here watching all the e-mails come in and questions being asked I can feel myself getting anxious about it. Why can't it just stop? I just want to crawl back into bed and cover my head. BUT... I need to do this.I need the money.I have a family to support. Then I think about going home this afternoon. Little arms around my neck and a smiling face that looks up at me. It's those #little things that make me lift my head up and push forward. Maybe I'm not good enough for me,but I'm good enough for him.

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A great memory #little Pippin

Got him in 2006 after I had been through the GI bleed and 48 hours of surgery and strokes and I really am thankful for my old SO who came to my rescue when I had this and I have my heart and soul dog Bushkins from him driving me to Ohio to get her. They her breeders are very understanding and I think that I should be in a medical detox but all seems so impossible, Thanking Jim for bringing Lily Bushkin to us and Jim was a very very caring man and after he died,his sister told me that I had given him the happiest days of his life and I cried because he gave me some happiness #When I needed it 🙏♥️🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺


#aniexty how do you get your mind to shut off when you trying to go to bed?

I’ve tried listening to music and breathing. #Sleep #little bit of aniexty #sometimes making a mental to do list isn’t helpful but my mind keeps doing just that.