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Food for thought!

Some know my history (somewhat) and some might not. I wanted to share something I believed going into the rehabilitation center; for drug abuse and domestic violence, that we as humans can change our way of thinking by ; "rewiring our brains "! Example: drug addiction, avoiding people, places and things that remind us of our using days. Essentially you're rebuilding new positive habits. Which also means, we are changing the way we think, "rewiring our brains ". As far as my C-PTSD, I had to face my triggers in a safe environment with people I trust. This over time reprograms my brain to see that; my head being touched doesn't necessarily represent danger or future trauma. Essentially, replacing memories of bad touch with memories of good touch. But again, I had to rewire the way I looked at many many different areas of my life. My Motto now is: "Come What May". Either way I refuse to allow stress come back into my life. Whatever is coming my way whether appointments, family, or financial issues, I refuse to stress over it. It's going to happen anyway so I don't need to add and negative emotions into the mix. All that would cause is for me to; allow my mental health be impacted, cause headaches, blood pressure elevated. All things I avoid. My toxic abusive relationship with my ex was 14 months long. I fell in love with the lies he told. It took me a long time to see that it wasn't truly the man I was in love with. By the time I realized I needed to get away before one day he killed me, it was to late. He suspected something and never left me alone. I also believe there is a silver lining in every situation we just have to be patient to be shown what it is. My silver lining is that; I am a survivor and in being one have been able to heal enough were I can share my story and help others just beginning their healing journey. Also, that relationship taught me what I honestly value in my life, and What I will no longer tolerate. Example: my daughter has always been sort of toxic in the way she talks to or acts towards me. But also, I've always been her best friend and I've supported her in her life choices. She also gave birth to my three grandsons. But recently, I've had to place her out of my life because of her toxicity towards me. Yes it's causing added depression but I remind myself that with her gone, missing her and grandsons are less overall stress than having them in my life.

Sorry, if I've gotten off track. I probably have cause I forgot where I was going. But as our biggest advocate for ourselves, we need to take the steps that is "Best" for us and not just going along to keep the peace! Document any symptoms new or old and keep notes so we can actually show doctors what we are struggling to remember or put in words. If we don't feel a certain doctor isn't helping, we have the right for a second opinion or to find a different doctor. Asking around for recommendations. Find several hobbies; trust me, I need several cause my body reacts differently to different activities. So I have to switch them up periodically.

May everyone reading this have God's Devine blessings and be able to accept what life has given you. Embrace it, learn from it so you too can share "your life experiences " with others

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Breast Cancer Survivor

#Cancer survivor 19 years ago, #mighty minute # chronic conditions #Fibromyalgia #Depression #Chat corner #MH advocate # preemie
Life long challenges, BREAST CANCER was a huge one for me. Part of my body was damaged by "Cancer". Off with it!
Big part for me was that all the doctors were males "feeling my body" with no attention to how that was affecting my psyche !! Whole process was demeaning of me as a person ! !
For years I did cancer events , advocating for female doctors through the whole process.!

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Has anyone had to drop all family, and friends ?

Hello! It's nice to meet you all. I am Mercedes. I have Borderline personality disorder, whom also is struggling with addiction. I am really struggling lately, probably more than I ever have. I genuinely have no support, I am exploring and searching for support groups. People whom could be of support. I am curious as to if ... Anyone has had to let go of there family members, and friendships. I have just found out about my BPD. Ive taken a lot of time since to learn about myself, to see why I am the way that I am, to see beyond just myself, why I am in the same continuous never ending cycles. I have come to realization that my family has blamed and manipulated me. I've tried to please them so that they won't leave, I've held onto hope.. I've held onto these people, but there's been no change. I'm tired of reliving everything. So now I need to make the change because I now see that they won't. I'm struggling to let basically every single person go. By no means am I perfect. But I know that .. I cannot get better sticking around just to get hurt worse every time because I expect different. Im tired. I'm exhausted. It seems nobody will listen to me. Very few people actually believe me. I'm tired of explaining myself. I am not perfect by all means, but I see what I didnt before. It's a lot to process. If anyone has had to do this I would love to chat, advice, anything that would help. Just looking for some support, as I do not have any and I feel very hurt and confused. I keep trying to go back to being blind, manipulate myself in saying it's not real. I'm still confused. But I know the truth, and just wish that people didn't think that I was lying all the time. I'm very honest and just have a hard time listening to myself sometimes. #support #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #Chat #

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#Chat #space Check-in

I just realized I am included in this group. Nice! I liked the poll question. Just decided to check-in to offer a hello to #TheMighty !❤️

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Special Item

OK. This is probably weird but I am giving it a try. So say you are going to a place, any place, doesn't matter, and you can't bring people or pets, so you have one item you are allowed to bring with you. What would your special item be? Have some fun with this, I hope! #Friends #Friendship #friendships #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #FamilyAndFriends #New #lonely #alone #NoOneFightsAlone #StrongerTogether #Together #SocialInteraction #social #wellness #EmotionalHealth #Health #relate #Chat #Share #post #safe #SafeSpace #Connections #Positivity #positive #Fun #Mindful #Mindfulness #Kindness #ActsOfKindness #ActOfKindness Self-esteem Self-worth #self -love #Confidence #Life #Lifestyle

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Happy 4th of July/Independence Day!!!

Wanting everyone to have a happy holiday wish,
Wishing everyone some holiday cheer and to be included in celebrating this important day 🎆

Did you get to celebrate with any special food/fun/sunshine/relaxation… this holiday weekend?

#MightyTogether #Holiday #WarmWishes #Fun #Mindful #Chat #happy #MentalHealth #Positivity #positive #Wellbeing #wellness


Need someone to talk to

Just got some semi serious diagnosis and would like to chat with someone, anyone, tonight about it becuase in all honesty while I’m here at work acting like I can function I’m not dealing with what this is doing to me very well…


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