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Isolation is fucking with my head. I'm back at checking calories, thinking about cutting, I'm disassociating and having flashbacks. Emotions up and down like a fucking mad roller-coaster. Thoughts ping pinging round and off the walls. Agitated and anxious, time for some PRN.

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understanding workplace

wow! just had an awesome meeting with the head of my department. I, unfortunately, had an anxiety attack at work last week. I was so embarrassed. he called me in today so see how I was doing and if there was anything he could to make me more comfortable in my work environment. he was very understanding and I felt very comfortable to share my concerns with him. he made a change to my assignments which will help and made it clear that he seems me here long term. that is what I needed to hear from him. I have always worried that I would be let go whenever I make the smallest mistake or if I have to ask for help. he made it clear that I can be confident in the knowledge that they want me there and that I am doing well. while, as we all know too well, anxiety doesn’t always care what is said, today, I am feeling more confident and will remind myself of this conversation when I’m feeling worried about my employment status here. #GoodDay #understandingemployer #MedicatedAndMighty


Medication keeps me alive

I hate how I live off of my medication. Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, depression and chronic fucking pain to name a few. I know that without any of my medication I wouldn’t be “me”. You see, without my medication I wouldn’t be alive. It’s something I’m constantly reminding myself when I feel guilty taking my pain medication, that this is giving me a quality life. It’s hard to not feel guilty taking pain medication with this whole epidemic 🙄. I am fortunate enough to have a doctor that prescribes me these meds but I wish I didn’t need any of it. If I didn’t have the pain meds my depression and anxiety would increase. If I didn’t have the anxiety/depression meds I would probably be 6 feet under. If I didn’t have my ADHD meds I wouldn’t be a productive human-moving and getting out of bed is something I know I wouldn’t be able to do. I wish I didn’t need any medication to be “normal” but some of us aren’t that lucky. Wish I didn’t feel so guilty about taking pain meds especially 🙄😥 one day I hope I won’t need these meds to function. Does anyone else feel guilty taking pain meds? Do you feel guilty being on medication in general to feel “normal?” I feel so alone 🥺☹️ #ChronicPain #ADHD #Anxiety #Depression #PTSD #MedicatedAndMighty #OpioidStigma


Can someone tell me how the counter hair loss while taking antidepressants?

I have natural African American curly hair and one of my tools in my survival kit is to do my hair, it is extremely relaxing for me and distracting at the same time. I recently read about antidepressants causing hair fall/shed and I thought is was happening to me for many other reasons. The article I read about, the author had the luxury of discontinuing the medication, I on the other hand do not. Any advice is welcomed and needed. Doing my hair has at times saved me and it’s important to have something about me that represents good health. Thanks for this space. #MedicatedAndMighty #DepressionAndBipolarSupportAlliance #MajorDepressiveDisorder #AnxietyMedication #PsychiatricMedication


Toxic Positivity #Toxicpositivity #Depression #mentalillnesses #PsychiatricMedication #MedicatedAndMighty

Has it struck anyone else that all of those people out there preaching "Change your way of thinking, change your life!" and "You have control over your own mind!" very rarely take into account those with mental illness. We had a positivity speaker at work the other day, and while I agree with the premise, and that it might work in the "normal" brain, what about those going through a depressive episode? Not once do you EVER hear these people bring up #PsychiatricMedication to help people help themselves, it's always "You can do it alone!" I don't know, maybe it's just me... But I thought that just maybe someone on here felt the same way... Thanks for reading my rant!

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Took a #selfie AND I Like It

#52SmallThings #MentalHealthMonth I’m working on #Selfesteem #selfcare and #Selflove so I’m posting a #selfie Why? Because I think I look decent in this dress and I forgot how much I LOVE @feralcosmetics #Lustfulliquidlipstick so yeah. 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼 #Bipolar #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #AttentiondeficitDisorder #Anxiety #dualdiagnoses #b4stage4 #MedicatedAndMighty

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MENtal Help - Something I Wrote for all the Men Seeking Help

I put this on Facebook too: Yes, my duuuudes, emotions are real, they’re physical, they can actually hurt. Your body, your life, your mind... if you don’t address them and process them, it can lead to some detrimental shit.

These mental health posts aren’t even advocacy posts anymore, they’re straight up information. Feel what you’re feeling, even if it hurts- that pain makes you. There’s BEAST MODE for physical strength well step on up beasties, the real strength is mental and emotional stability.
But really, please talk to anyone about what’s in your mind guys. However old you are. You have the highest suicide and depression rates in the United States. If you ever have questions, please know that I am unbiased, fair, honest (sometimes blunt), and open to discuss or suggest anything. I’ll never judge or share what you tell me. It’s not how I work anymore. I’m going to tag some resources on this post. #MentalHealth #b4stage4 #MedicatedAndMighty #mentalhealthwarrior #MensMentalHealth #SuicidePrevention #Depression #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

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My Anxious Child

My affectionate, considerate, energetic, enthusiastic, darling boy, T, is only 5 years old. I’m 100% sure he’s had anxiety his entire life. He was a high-needs, colicky, clingy baby, who would scream bloody murder every time he wasn’t in my arms. He grew into a whiny, clingy, sensitive toddler, and then, finally, into the priceless child he is now.

All along the way, he showed signs of extreme anxiety, but people kept saying, “Oh, he’ll grow out of it! Don’t worry so much!” Until recently, when he had an attack at an aquarium that had various species of very loud birds as we walked in, and his grandmother said, “There’s something wrong with him! He needs help!” (Not the best thing to say to ANY mother, btw. A little more tact would have been appreciated.) I think she was as embarrassed as I was, but unlike me, she wasn’t used to this type of reaction.
I’m used to it. It’s the same reaction he has to cats, dogs, bees, poky grass/weeds, being alone, and schoolwork. I try so hard to be patient and not frustrated. Some days I’m better at it than others. The hardest thing is that he’s getting old enough that he’s beginning to miss out on things because of it. He won’t go to the neighbors house to play, even if they kennel their dogs. I have to baby step him through his schoolwork, because his makes him curl up in a ball of tears, saying his stomach hurts, all because he’s afraid of making a mistake (which he’s NEVER gotten reprimanded for, I must add). He’s scared to play in the grass for fear of ants and poky weeds/grass. It’s breaking my heart, and I’m done listening to all this, “He’s too young to need medication for . He’ll grow out of it!” business. Next week, he’s going to a psychiatrist and getting medication and a referral to a psychologist.

I won’t sit around and hope he grows out of it, when he doesn’t have to feel like this. I won’t make the mistake my parents made, because they didn’t believe in anything that began with “psych”. I could have had a much different high school experience, if they had, and I want T to have a different childhood experience: one without the painful grip of .