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Penny for your thoughts?

I look around and I see zombies. They're everywhere. They're doing their shopping and working 9-5 jobs. They're arguing about trivial things like food and money.

It seems that this world I'm in is not the world I was taught in school. I started learning for myself. Started doing my own research because I know that the media won't tell us what is actually happening around the world.

When I bring up the things that I've come to learn over the past few months, people think that I'm crazy. The 3 main areas I've been studying are physics, astronomy and spirituality. But I've also been researching the problems humanity faces and it appears as though our main problems that we face, are created by us.

War, global warming, the reefs are dying, we waste 1 third of the world's food while millions go starving. There are people in California who have 20+ empty bedrooms in their houses, people with multiple empty homes while others sleep on the street.

We are the only animal on this planet that has to pay to live. Money. A piece of paper is the thing that drives most people. It controls you. The government has control over the money. Therefore, yourw being controlled. You are the zombie.

It's like you're asleep to the injustices that are happening every day. Everyone's struggling eith something but won't admit it, they're all too afraid.

I was homeless for a period of time. No running water, no electricity, no toilet and I slept in a tent in a park. Once I stopped thinking about money and realised that I could actually survive without it. I became content.

See, I was told that in order to be happy, I had to have money. I had to have a job and a car and a mice house and all of these material things. But I'm here to tell you that you don't need that.

Needing something puts you in a state of mind that's of "lack." You're lacking money and as soon as that thought enters your brain...if that's what you repeat in your head everyday, "I'm broke, I need money, where can I get money?" You will forever be lacking money.

The law of attraction is a well hidden secret among those who have "made it" in this world and I urge everyone to look into it. Our reality is a strange one and we can manifest our desires and wants, but we have to learn how to do it.

We have to change from a state of lack to a state of abundance. Alot of the advice I've heard is to picture what you want in your mind. Picture yourself receiving it. Feel the emotions as if it was in your hands. Another way is to repeat a mantra over and over day after day.

"My life is abundant, I have everything I want and anything more is a blessing."
"I am happy."

When I'm really anxious that something bad is going to happen I repeat "peace. Love. Serenity" over and over and if nothing else, it calms me down. I have personally seen this work for myself.
From lack (scarcity) to abundance. You will thrive. #Spirituality #physics #gaia #ascension #Starseed #abundance #Lawofattraction #MentalHealth


I want to attract these things...

# positivity #Lawofattraction #Truelove #freedomfromdebt #Health I struggle to be positive and I struggle even harder to stay positive. I want to attract people whom I can connect with and trust. People who are kind and calm and loving. I want to attract someone to help me free myself from hoarding and overindulgence. I want to attract good health. I want to attract freedom from debt. I want to attract security and belief in myself. I want to attract true love.


This will probably sound crazy but I have found that through listening Law of Attraction videos(including the guided meditation ones)on YouTube, that they help the negative self image. I really beat myself up and I don’t compare myself to others anymore. I have realized that I am worthy of love, happiness and all the good things life has too offer us. We all are, despite any mental health or health problems you may be suffering from! I thought I would mention this because hearing the positive words can really help. Of course it doesn’t happen over night, you have to keep on it. It takes at least 21 days of doing the same thing to create a habit. 21 days of listening to a guided meditation on Law of Attraction can make the world of a difference. It won’t cure you, of course but it can certainly help.
#Depression #Anxiety #PersonalityDisorders #Lawofattraction

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‘Found’ this on my floor today...

Reflecting sunlight trough a crystal of a lamp. The universe has eyes..... do you see? #Hope #universe #Lawofattraction