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Self-Advocacy ☝🏼

Putting your own needs first can feel “wrong” when the world has taught you that your way of thinking is “odd” and not just “different”. As such, some NDs may have trouble setting boundaries, while ensuring that our needs are met usually takes a back seat.

I’m guilty of this, for sure! 😬

#selfadvocacy #boundaries #nds #workinprogress #limits #Selfcare #neurodivergent #Support


Epiphany #Work #limits #Caregiver #chronic #tamoxifen #HealthCare #Chatspace #cowdens

I was at a social event (yuck) last night and was asked if I’m prepared for the big festival. I hate that question. But I said absolutely. Eyes bugged out all around- one is supposed to complain about feeling overwhelmed. I said I changed the goal posts. I decided I don’t need everything cooked ahead. I simply need ingredients in tbe house, and I absolutely nailed it.
So boys and girls let’s change our goal posts. And let’s nail it!


Help. My parents want to force me going over my limits! #help #GettingHelp #Parents #LifelimitingIllness #limits #JuvenileIdiopathicArthritis #Pain

My parents and I recently had a pretty heavy discussion about me not doing enough exercise. They think I should just go through the pain and it will get better and I could do more without being exhausted or in unbearable pain. I know that it won't and I also know that I already do more than I should every day to just live a nearly normal life. But it doesn't matter what I say, they think they are always right. Now I convinced them to discuss it with my therapist, kinda because I don't want to face my parents alone.
Nobody needs to tell me that exercising with a chronic disease is good. I know that, I hear it everyday. But I also now that I can't take it for long to ignore my limitations. I will just pass out at one point. It will be too much pain and exhaustion.
I really need your help. You can just comment things from your experience, from others or what you read or heard about this topic (pls no "exercise is good" comments) and I would be pretty thankful. The best would be links (articles or videos) that could help. I just need more things (coming from others) that I can say to my parents because apparently it doesn't matter what I say. #ChronicHealthConditions #Exercise #Pain condition #arguments


Can some one share quick and easy dinner ideas #Food #limits #Surgery

I’m in the hospital waiting for surgery, not to be confused with surgery I’m scheduled For in two and a half weeks. I’m stressing on feeding the family nutritious meals while I’m at half strength or less. Given that baseline strength ain’t that great #Share #spoons #Surgery #Dinner # food

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Your #Family stresses you out and exasperates your mental state. #Itsokay to take a step back, set up #boundaries and #limits if you need to. Do what helps you. Just because they’re family doesn’t mean you owe them infinitely. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others

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