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#COVID19 #lonleyness #Worried #blacklivesmatter

I hate the virus!
1.Black people are DYING (because of the cops) and I have BLACK family members i´m worried
2.More then 10 MILLION people are dying and my grandma is in DR i don´t know what to do
3.I cant see my friends! i feel so lonely and no i don´t have a phone only a computer for school

Please help!

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UK only #NHS #VolunteerReponders

Good Morning Mighty Family

I'm going to do something different this morning

This is the UK new NHS volunteer program the set up to help in response to the lockdown.
Here is a UK only phone number And a story from an email I got this morning.
As I am a UK volunteer chat check responder.

0808 196 3646. UK only

June Hartle, 83, Oxfordshire receives daily check-in and chats and said: I am very lucky. A nurse from my local surgery rang me to tell me she had referred me to the NHS Volunteer Responder scheme and I have been very well looked after. I can't speak highly enough of it!

If you are in the UK and have a family member or friend you'd like to refer to the service please use the phone number above. Or you'd like to use the service phone up. It's a free Service.
All the volunteers are uk people who have volunteered they are also picking up prescription and collecting shopping and picking people up from hospital too.

#MightyUK #MightyMoment #NeverAlone #MightyTogether #Bekind #lovingkindness #lonleyness #Chatting #Chat&check #Ukonly #Friends #Family #Love #Kindness #Stayinghome #volunteers #PhoneUp #FreeService


Just something I wanted to share with y'all

I am finding it really good that majority of the people who are present in the forum are people who actually went through something or people who really want help them out rather than the ones out there in other major social networking platforms who just lost stories saying they are low and all for seeking attention as they want to be popular or something . past months (/years) I went though a lot of episodes of emotional breakdowns and etc and while I was pondering today whether it was all hormones and stuff majorly or my lifestyle and social life ...I didn't get an conclusion but I did get to know few of the factors and out of them one of which is what I would like share rn which my friend circle which was really small as I suck at social interaction .I found out I once in a blue moon actually start a conversation with someone and hit it off then we become really close and stuff I introduce them to other peeps who followed the same process and actually create a circle and here come the frustrating part after few months I will be kicked out of the circle sometimes at rare circumstances if by chance I encounter a person from the circle individually we could be seen as a friends but when another person comes my part goes down and when the group is more than two I will be left out once again this happens literally everytime and thus I can't seem to find any true friend #lonleyness #Depression

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I need someone to talk right now

I don’t want to live, I hate my life, is there someone who can talk to me right now, please, I’m begging #Depression #help #lonleyness #Suicide



I’m very talkative and happy. But for that last 2 months I have been isolating myself. I’m unbelievably social and it concerns me. I’m not depressed or angry, but I’m not exactly happy. I used to get depressed when I was alone or didn’t have anyone to text. Now I just don’t care. I always responded no matter what it was. But now I just leave everybody on read and don’t seem so excited for plans anymore. I’m just there. I don’t understand what’s happening #help #numb #lonleyness