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racing thoughts

I'm goingto drive myself insane. so I thought I would write my thoughts down to hopefully put my mind at ease so hopefully I can finally get some sleep.
I witness everyday from everyone around me seeking a connection with anyone that will be completely loyal, honest and trust worthy. Someone that they can trust with their secrets lives regardless of their right there or if it's behind their backs. And I get it. Trust takes time, commitment and sometimes making sure that that person is legit. especially if they've been really hurt or backstabbed. However, I've dedicated 20 yrs of my life trying to show my husband that loyalty and going on 5 years with our closest friends that I can be that person. I absolutely never lie, I own my mistakes when brought to my attention with absolute sincerity of apology. and won't stand for any disrespect or trash talk about those I do care for. I always have proof when letting that person know to validate my claims. but no matter what I do or how long I wait. they repeatedly want to believe and be be loyal to those who constantly lie, cheat, steal and hurt them. I just can't wrap my head around it and it just doesn't compute!!!! Please someone , anyone explain this to me?! I'm so hurt, I want someone to fear losing me, to show loyalty and would want to defend or protect me. I'm just tired. I want to feel loved and wanted like I love and care for everyone around me. I'm really starting to relate to that song Grenade by Bruno Mars. next time you hear that song. really listen to the lyrics....kinda scary when in comparison. #Insomnia #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #loyalty

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Anyone lonely looking for friends? (Also online friends welcome😍)

Hey! I feel very lonely and still do not have the courage to be open to people I just met about my condition, I feel like that’s something we all share here (we know that we’re struggling). I would also love to be able of creating some friendships with people a bit similar to me. I love music, techno, raves, nature, arts in general, mary jane, loyalty, anything property/housing related, dreaming a lot... I’m a mess writing these kind of things😅 Mainly looking to surround myself with people who also want me in their lives and are open to speak about anything. I need love and reassurance. Please, be open with me and I’ll give you the same in return. I’m just very shy and moved by my insecurities and emocional disregulations which make me sometimes act in an unwanted way and feel horrible about it later. I hope you can relate.❤️ #Nofriends #lonely #lookingforfriends #Hope #SocialAnxiety #Relationshipissues #Love #Friends #friendships #Music #Arts #loyalty


Grateful for #mateship #loyalty #bestmate #notjustadog

Feelings of deeper meaningful and thoughts of how lucky I actually am to have what I have.

Let's focus in what we have that makes us so happy and privileged not what we aspire to make us happy.


Tired of fake understanding and loyalty. #Autism #loyalty

Any advice for an inspiring entrepreneur with autism? Long story short I'm losing my patience with these jobs, these fake a** coworkers and this cold society. They don't know how to accommodate people like me in the workplace. No respect, no loyalty and no understanding what so ever and they showed their true colors...I'm going crazy just thinking about it.


To Write Love on Her Arms - Literally

I actually have "love" tattooed (in my own handwriting) on the inside of my right arm as a reminder to myself and as a statement of pride for being apart of the #TWLOHAmovement myself. I have a diagnosis of treatment-resistant #BipolarDisorder, #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder, #PanicDisorder, #ADHD, #Anxiety#PMDD , #PTSD and #ChronicPain due to #DegenerativeDiscDisease. I wrote a Valentine to myself that recognizes five of my major strengths: my loyalty, my determination, my creativity, my resilience, and my empathy for all creatures. #TattooReminders #lovetattoo #valentineforme #myfivestrengths #strength #loyalty #Determination #creativity #resilience #Empathy #empath#treatmentresistant #PTSD