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    It's the little things. #achievements #Bipolar

    I've slowly descended into a slump. It's like a record on repeat. I really don't know how to prevent the slump or make it less shitty at the time. This time I've been mostly numb, some self loathing and tears, not leaving the house, not eating properly... oh and what is hygiene? My achievements for yesterday were brushing my teeth, washing my face and brushing my hair. My achievement today was having a shower, washing my hair and getting into clean clothes........... there are times when I can't believe what my life has become. When the slump finally ends, I sometimes can't quite recall properly how I felt during it.......... here's hoping things get better.


    #Meditation #Depression #achievements

    I meditated today for the first time in forever! I’ve been meaning to since the start of the pandemic, and I finally began. My first attempt a long time ago was a disaster. I ended up crying on the floor overwhelmed with my dark thoughts. So this week, I thought I would properly research how tos. And I decided to just do the simplest one. Mindfulness breathing meditation. (I’m writing from memory so I’m not sure if this was the exact term) as I am a beginner, I set the timer for 5 minutes. Or so I thought... while in the process, I felt the urge to just open my eyes because I kept thinking about the time. But as time passed, I learnt to forget it, and trust the alarm. But it never seems to go off. But because it was my first time, I thought that time must go slower when your meditating. So I waited and waited for the timer to ring but it never came so I gave up and it turns out that I never started the timer, and I had just meditated for 10 mins on my first try! Yay 🙌

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    #Autism #achievements #Anxiety Bought my first car!

    At the beginning of the month I bought my first car ever. This is a big deal for me as a person with autism. I was always afraid of driving during High School so much so that I put off getting my learner’s permit until I was out of college and then my license about 3 years after I got my first job. I was also afraid because my dad was in a car crash and hearing all the stories my family told about the crash I was afraid to drive myself. I am very proud of myself for doing this and I am looking forward to all the things I can do with this car now!

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    Simple things #achievements #counselling #satisfaction

    Don’t overlook the small things in life


    Things I’ve achieved over the Covid-19 Pandemic

    • I advocated for my health when I became unwell and managed to get seen quicker than I would have if I didn’t push

    • I started a new job in my first role as a manager, at a new organisation just as lockdown started and have had feedback from senior managers and external partners that I’m producing great work

    • totally finished Red Dead Redemption 2

    • I learned how to manage anxiety levels while being socially isolated and pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone when I needed

    • I successfully avoided the news and it’s alarmist nature

    • I moved in with my partner
    #COVID19 #MastCellActivationDisorder #achievements

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    I'm proud of myself for managing my first whole week at uni this semester despite my depression being so bad I really struggle to get up on days where I have no commitments. I've been in everyday had 6am starts ( not everyday thankfully an hour commute each way a couple of 2 hour lectures per day and 3 2/3 hour lab sessions this week. I'm exhausted mentally and physically. But I did it. #Depression #depressed #Student #Proudofmyself #achievements #MentalHealth #MentalIllness

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    Overseas Anything Possible #MentalHealth #MightyMinute

    Mental Health/learning difficulty/pyshyical can’t stop you with the right support and environment anything is possible!!! #Fightingstigma
    I did it three months in Kenya, I was tough sometimes and challenging but I stuck out and did it. The heat was anoyying, had to explain myself with the autism when needed. My placement I loved it, round community’s and teaches lessons like sexual health, agricultural gaps, women empowerment,business and lots more. I went to placement even when I was tired only stay home when I was ill. Spent three months in a host home , adapted myself to environment and people as best I could . Had a few blips but I had the support and coped well x
    I will write more if want to hear more comment if do xx

    #MightyMinute #Autism #achievements #growth

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    What are you proud of today?

    What did you do today to be proud of?

    Mine is that despite #ChronicIllness and currently battling a virus and #Stress from university, I took some time to do something I enjoy and did some art, with my polymer clay ☺️.

    So tell me what you are proud of today! Or this week, this month, this year! Let me cheer YOU on!

    I also got approved as a community leader on here! I’m really honoured for this opportunity and plan to use it to help as many people as possible and hopefully spread awareness within the public and medical communities!

    #Selfworth #proud #Depression #DepressiveDisorders #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #achievements #positive #Gratitude #MentalHealth #CheerMeOn #Awareness #Art #Anxiety #PanicDisorder


    Dealing with a day to myself

    I'm proud of myself today. There's been times when I could sit and literally do nothing for days on end when left to my own devices. I mean at my worst, I wouldn't even get up to get a drink because I knew I'd have to get up again later to go to the toilet (honestly that's how bad I got). Today I just wanted to veg and do nothing. But I've done 3 loads of washing, hung some clothes up, bleached my shower curtain, tidied up a little and just made a tuna pasta bake and put it in the oven instead of ordering in. I've taken it all very slowly and still lounged around with a blanket on the sofa between tasks, but when I go to bed tonight I will know that I have achieved something.

    What do you all do to push yourself on days that you just want to curl up and check out? #Anxiety #Depression #tired #achievements

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    Goal Achievement

    “Shoot for the moon. Even if you fail you’ll land among the stars.”- Les Brown #Goal #achievements