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What you are is

#Memory #Fibromyalgia #Trauma #CPTSD

The funny thing about the brain is that this cellular system can be altered in so many different ways. From the chemical reactions to the electrical signals and yes even the neurons that produce memories.

If your brain 🧠 changes you change but then how can you say you are you if you are not the same you before you changed?

Fibromyalgia can cause you to have cognitive impairment which includes memory both long term and short term. If you add trauma to this equation and some other factors like stress or anxiety you may develop symptoms of depression and or PTDS or CPTSD. Now if you understand what is happening to your brain 🧠 you may find that family members and friends say you are not the same. In fact people may say you changed. While in actuality your brain 🧠 changed and is not the same.

So to recap you are you even though you don’t act like you. So the old you is gone and a new you is emerging yet you are still you or rather the people that want you to remain you as the old you expect you to be you.

Meanwhile the new you is very different and clearly you don’t have the same mindset as the old you cause you are a new you.

So why can’t you just be you whatever Version or variation of you that is now you.

We can imagine this is ver my troubling for you let alone the poor people in your life who don’t quite understand how you are now a new you.

Yet you are to be you but some of them don’t want you to be you. But are you actually you if your not you.

You can see the confounding and compounded reality of well the new you.

So while you grieve the old you and the friends and family are in denial about you. You can only imagine how hard this must be for all of them let a lone you.

Wait now just be you actually yes 🙌 you get to be you now this is you actually accept you for being you. Just be you. IT is not just you that has to grow and adapt. In fact everyone you know will now have a chance to grow.

Think of IT as a sacred or secret garden 🪴 Only the plants that can co-exist in harmony with you are allowed in the garden. While others that over grow and block other plant are not permitted.

Now you see.

You can just be you and the garden 🪴 your in is just for you. After all your the one with the chronic illness and or disability should you not also require extra care just like a flower in a garden that needs extra attention.

So who now can say hey 👋 you are not you when you are you.

Do new flowers not grow every spring and even though they may look the same are the stems the same are the petals the same and are they the exact same flower that parishes in the fall last year? No they are new flowers 💐

So embrace the you that is new and just be you

#onelove out to all of well #you

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Faith in The One ☝️

#AllGlory #blessings #onelove #god

For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. —2 Corinthians 5:21 ESV

OneLove Above moreover Morning Star ⭐️ and a Dove 🕊️


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Glory be to GOD

#Survivor #Modivator #inspire #Jesus #god

Truly IT is not Us IT is the Father in us we can’t do what we are not inpowered to do.

God’s Plan ~ Gods Story = Gods Glory

#Amen #ThankYou #grateful #onelove

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There are so many of you how do we reach you

Five loaves of bread two fish in a basket


Please be safe be well be loved your worthy

Don’t forget IT

#Survivor #Fibromyalgia #onelove #werise

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LGBT Ally #lgbtally

We are all human beings, it doesn’t matter who we are attracted to who we love or the color of our skin or what gender we identify with. We are all human beings and we all deserve love #onelove #lgbtqally

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Need a little help from community

Hello community of awesome people. Here's the scoop, raw and honest, I am struggling. I experience depression, panic, anxiety, OCD, and ADHD stuff too. I just started an anti depressant and a med for anxiety (busbar). I meditate daily and exercise. So I'm doing all that I can to help myself. I see a therapist, journal and practice gratitude. But I need more support so I'm trying this app. I want to connect with a community of folks who share my experience.
This week I lost a good friend unexpectedly and it set me off in a spiral of grief and panic and intense fear. I'm living in triage mode right now. I just want some extra support. Do you have any advice or kind words for me? Any resources that you would share?
I'm sending love and kind thoughts to you all and to myself. On the flip side of all this tough stuff im really a grateful, positive, loving and highly driven person. Thanks for anything you may share. I appreciate you all. 🙏❤️✌️ #NeedSupport #Grief #PanicDisorder #GettingHelp #onelove


Dpdr is when your mind disconnects from your body. It’s essentially your minds way of protecting you from danger (cute- thanks mind 👍🏼😑). A few years back, I had spiraled down because of this with one year being the hardest peak (I still have days where I feel like I could go back into that void again). I didn’t seek help. I was afraid to look for a solution incase there wasn’t one. I was afraid of being misunderstood. It’s scary talking about your mental health in a world where so many people mask their imperfections. I felt alone and that no one would ever understand...I didn’t want to risk being reminded of that. Somehow, after a long time, I eventually decided to look for others like me. I found people. I talked to a professional who diagnosed me with dpdr with the onset of a psychosis. He told me I wasn’t the the only one and that there was no reason to be afraid. For the first time, maybe I was going to make it. That was an opening; an opportunity to heal. A sense of community. Empowerment now that I knew what I was dealing with. It was really comforting.
Anyone who has suicidal thoughts etc:
You are not alone.
How you’re feeling is nothing to be ashamed of. Some days can be challenging even for the strongest of people. Be gentle with yourself.
#Suicide #Hope #Love #Depression #Anxiety #onelove #MentalHealth #EndTheStigma #dontgiveup