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Psych appointment tomorrow #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #PTSD #Possible #Bipolar2

I had my therapy appointment today. I told him that I have been very fatigued for the past 3 days. He said I crashed because of my hypomania. He called my psychiatrist and I got an appointment with her tomorrow. There was a cancellation so I took it. I did make a list of my symptoms for hypomania and my depression. I even try pointing out when it started.

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What Life #autoimmune hepatits #Cirrhosis #Possible kidney cancer #Broken pelvic hip bone #Osteoporosis

I was already overwhelmed with dealing with the cirrhosis and all the st that comes with it. Then I they think they saw something on the MRI kidney then I broke my hip bone. I got doctors coming left and right. Some trying to change medication I been on for years. No not doing that talk to my GI man 1st Physically Therapy can’t drive they don’t want to give you pain meds nothing but tramadol. I got other things happening too. So I have time for nothing but do the stuff I have to do to me make phone call for meds or dr appointment virtual visit and they take the good sweet time coming to the visit. Like you have nothing else to do. I have to cook because I can’t eat no salt so eating out is not a option. I can’t even eat anything if I visit my family. They say I just used a little. What is it you don’t understand about none. So I have to bring my own food. And all this time I been on lock down the only person to come and see if I needed anything was my daughter who is working 6 days a week 10 to 12 hours. You got about 5 more people no job nothing. Well am done. For today.

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Looking for making friends 😇

Hi guys, this's my instagram name where i post my own things sometimes and wanna have new friends over the world.
Let's see if anyone wants to join there.
#MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Possible #moods #positivethoughts #Friends

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#mood #Badmood #stinkinthinkin #change #attitude #Selfpity

Boy!!!! Do I NEED to lighten up. Just bad #Pain day (#ChronicPain of #Fibromyalgia & a REALLY BAD headache SINCE I got up THIS morning !!! Maybe the physical,pain in my temples is affecting my brain & thus my thinking !!!lol But no, this #Bs . #pityparty of mine is ending soon as #Possible . I've made up my #mind - this here where I'm at STINKS & "I'm outta here"!!! Hahaha -but seriously. This is not like me. No - & as Joyce Meyer says "You can be "pitiful" or "powerful" , but you CANT be BOTH"!!!"


How do you know if your parent(s) were abusive?

When I was younger, my parents would yell at me for something and I’d begin to cry. About 98% of the time, they’d continue to yell at me or yell louder because I was crying and punish me. There were also times where my parents would be “joking” with me by calling me gullible or a baby for “not taking a joke”. At the time, I was already being bullied at school, with no help from anyone, and I felt like I would also get bullied at home. I would firmly tell my parents to stop because I didn’t like it and it didn’t feel like a joke to me, but they would continue and laugh at me until I cried and ran away. My mom has been, and still is, way up in business. I’m now almost 20 and still living at home (not completely by choice, no money to move out) and she is still this way. My mom would also sometimes manipulate me into doin a certain thing or coming to a specific conclusion with guilt trips, or even twisting my words. This is sometimes still true. #Parent #Abuse #Possible #Child #ChildAbuse #question