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January is 10 Days In!

Hello Everyone.
Welcome to another episode of #WhatOnEarthIsHappening ! 🤣

My emotions nose dived today like as if I was flying in an air plane circus show. #emotional time periods are not the best times, but they can be #Valuable when we have #Anxiety . I started to #think about all of these things that I have experienced so far since my father had died in March 2022.

When my #Dad passed away... I lost my favorite pain in the @$$. I was his favorite too. I #Love and #MISS my Dad so much. #Death is not an easy thing to #handle . But while I was #dealing with the #Lose of my Dad, I had them lost my job right after coming down with a terrible #illness .

It was a nightmare for me how I #lost my #Job and my #daddy all in such a short time span. I haven't found another job since because I have not mentally been #prepared for #MentalHealth is something that needed to be worked on as I am still #grieving over my father and my job.

So... Here I am... #RidingTheWaves that come in and out in my mind. Sometimes I just need to #RollWithIt and do what I need to do in the best way I can,.. even if it isn't my usual best. #Trying is better than #denying and #Procrastinating .

I must start small.
If I want a #Job ... I should try a small part time job somewhere. Maybe a retail job.. but.. even #Retail can be #stressful these days. It's getting #worse now that #AnxietyDisorder is getting stronger or more intense with me. But I will do my #best to #KeepWalking onward.

Do you have any words of encouragement for me?


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A big SHOUT OUT to those of us who work/ worked in retail and service industry! We see you!

We don’t have our weekends or several of the holidays. Retail never sleeps! Dealing with Karens, fraudulent returns, angry people who take out their issues on US because they know we can’t fight back.

I believe it should be required to work a year in retail and a year as a server just so people know what it’s like to be beat down on a daily basis. And to do so at minimum wage.

My worst retail story: I worked at a popular cosmetics counter in a department store. We had our gift with purchase event going and there weren’t enough of us behind the counter whilst a larger and larger posse of obsessed customers were foaming at their mouths for the gift. I asked a lady what she would like and she was interrupted by another lady who demanded that she was first. To make a long story short, I tried to calm them down but it only escalated. They were escorted out of the store and I went to the back store room and cried. Never get between Karen and her free gift with purchase!

What’s your worst retail/service industry story?
#Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #Retail
#BipolarDisorder #Fibromyalgia


How do you handle the blah/in between days? #Anxiety #Retail #sales

Today started out okay. I didn't feel low or overly stressed about anything. I got up and had a shower and a good breakfast. And as I headed to work I realized I couldn't do it. Not because of anxiety or anything of my normal signs of depression, but because I work in retail, and putting on a face was simply too much. I don't feel low or upset, just kinda blah emotionally. And the thought of putting on a fake face for customers and coworkers and smiling and being friendly, was already wearing me out. I knew I didn't have the energy/spoons to go through my day like that.

How do you handle days like this? I called in and am taking the day to be productive at home while doing some self-care routines. Do you have any tips or tricks for these kind of days?

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I’m a retail supervisor, how am I supposed to work when I’m having a depressive episode? I don’t want to talk to people & it’s becoming a problem. #Depression #Retail #Anxiety