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    January is 10 Days In!

    Hello Everyone.
    Welcome to another episode of #WhatOnEarthIsHappening ! 🤣

    My emotions nose dived today like as if I was flying in an air plane circus show. #emotional time periods are not the best times, but they can be #Valuable when we have #Anxiety . I started to #think about all of these things that I have experienced so far since my father had died in March 2022.

    When my #Dad passed away... I lost my favorite pain in the @$$. I was his favorite too. I #Love and #MISS my Dad so much. #Death is not an easy thing to #handle . But while I was #dealing with the #Lose of my Dad, I had them lost my job right after coming down with a terrible #illness .

    It was a nightmare for me how I #lost my #Job and my #daddy all in such a short time span. I haven't found another job since because I have not mentally been #prepared for #MentalHealth is something that needed to be worked on as I am still #grieving over my father and my job.

    So... Here I am... #RidingTheWaves that come in and out in my mind. Sometimes I just need to #RollWithIt and do what I need to do in the best way I can,.. even if it isn't my usual best. #Trying is better than #denying and #Procrastinating .

    I must start small.
    If I want a #Job ... I should try a small part time job somewhere. Maybe a retail job.. but.. even #Retail can be #stressful these days. It's getting #worse now that #AnxietyDisorder is getting stronger or more intense with me. But I will do my #best to #KeepWalking onward.

    Do you have any words of encouragement for me?


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    #LosingAParent #daddy 'sGirl #MyFirstBestFriend

    #Grief On Thursday I found out my my dad's long cancer had spread to his brain. The doctors gave him 2 months at most. Over the weekend he has already gotten dramatically worse. I went to see him yesterday even though I wasn't meant to due to Covid restrictions. I had to go say goodbye to him before he goes. He means the world to me. He also told me that I am worthy of love, it's like he knew exactly what I needed to hear when even I didn't. He always knew what to say to me. He made me feel loved when I felt like the whole world hated me. I am going to miss him so much.
    I know that I can keep going after he's gone because he taught me how to. He taught me that it's not a weakness to lean on others for strength. He taught me that even if I can't or don't love myself that others love me because I am worthy of being loved.
    We are all worthy of being loved, by ourselves and others. #worthy #Selflove #LovingOthersAsWellAsOurSelves

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    Dear Dad.

    Your addiction is fucking KILLING ME!!! #Addiction #daddy I can’t seem to manage today, emotions are getting the best of me.

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