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January is 10 Days In!

Hello Everyone.
Welcome to another episode of #WhatOnEarthIsHappening ! 🤣

My emotions nose dived today like as if I was flying in an air plane circus show. #emotional time periods are not the best times, but they can be #Valuable when we have #Anxiety . I started to #think about all of these things that I have experienced so far since my father had died in March 2022.

When my #Dad passed away... I lost my favorite pain in the @$$. I was his favorite too. I #Love and #MISS my Dad so much. #Death is not an easy thing to #handle . But while I was #dealing with the #Lose of my Dad, I had them lost my job right after coming down with a terrible #illness .

It was a nightmare for me how I #lost my #Job and my #daddy all in such a short time span. I haven't found another job since because I have not mentally been #prepared for #MentalHealth is something that needed to be worked on as I am still #grieving over my father and my job.

So... Here I am... #RidingTheWaves that come in and out in my mind. Sometimes I just need to #RollWithIt and do what I need to do in the best way I can,.. even if it isn't my usual best. #Trying is better than #denying and #Procrastinating .

I must start small.
If I want a #Job ... I should try a small part time job somewhere. Maybe a retail job.. but.. even #Retail can be #stressful these days. It's getting #worse now that #AnxietyDisorder is getting stronger or more intense with me. But I will do my #best to #KeepWalking onward.

Do you have any words of encouragement for me?


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Leaving the Past in the Pas #PTSD , #Anxiety , #Depression , #dealing with rape, #starting over

Over the past year, while avoiding COVID, working thru my depression, anxiety, and PTSD, I have learned many things as well as had my eyes forced open revealing some unforgettable and traumatizing facts. I am having a difficylt time dealing with it. I am also worried because of these revealing things, I will never be able to have a meaningful relationship. I met someone who is funny, thoughtful and super intelligent. But my past or rather my fears because of my past has inhibited me from trusting. I ended up pushing him away and now he will not forgive me. What did I do? I called him a liar after a week of no reply to my text or phone calls. I freaked out. But he finally replied to that particular message. However, I'm still not sure if I can afford to believe anything he says, but he never communicated he needed space from me. And he said we would always be friends. Now he will not speak to me. I realize calling someone a liar is harsh, but after being married to one for 16 years (I am now divorced 2.5 years), I cannot risk being involved with someone else who lies again. Am I overacting because of my past or should I have given it more time and kept my thoughts to myself?

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I'm scared

My husband is having surgery on a pinched nerve this month and it's making my anxiety hell to deal with. And on top of that we've decided that once he's recovered some, I'm going to an eating disorder center for a month...and I'm really scared about it...and I don't know what to do.#Anxiety #dealing


what are your tips for #dealing with [ }with difficult family members especially around the hollidays

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#dealing with Covid19 has been a Struggle

#My son with Autism had two melt downs since theyve been out of school Providence hospital had to reajust his meds!

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#thelowdays & #dealing with people opinions of bipolar.

The low days of Bipolar disorder makes you feel so awful, Well at least I do. I'm going through a low moment right now in my life and I hope eventually things get better. It's really hard talking to people about my mental illness because I feel some people will judge me. I've had conversations with some friends and family members and Some of their assumptions and opinions of mental illness/bipolar disorder where a bit hurtful as well simply silly assumptions in my opinion. It's really amazing how some people stereotype the way they feel or think a person with Bipolar should act or look, Some people think people with Bipolar disorder is extremely crazy and walk around in mix match clothes and we act crazy all the time, which we all know this is absolutely not true. Having bipolar disorder is not a piece of cake or a smooth walk through the park, but having bipolar disorder doesn't have to control your life. As for me YES today is a down day but I'm learning how to find some type of peace while I go through this hardship and difficult time in my life right now.


#saddness #

#dealing w the constant, continuous pain of Fibromyalgia, ER all creates a deep sadness within me that is difficult in and of itself to deal with. This is not the bipolar depression I know but is centered around loss, a type of grief over the continuous loss of physical self......#

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#Death #dealing with sick people

I spend a lot of time I home #lonely I get #depressed because people keep dying and I'm supposed to just keep going like nothing happened and no one #died . My son #overdosed at 45. I tried with all my heart to fix him. He was not fixable. #lonely #Depression #ChronicPain

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