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Superheroes #Autism

Most those with autism have their special interests. My oldest son who is on the spectrum was matchbox cars. My youngest who’s autistic didn’t really have any, that is until just recently. His interest is superheroes. We recently upgraded his twin bed to a full size bed. He has never slept well at night and the only way anyone gets any sleep at, is if I or my husband sleep in his bedroom with him. Since having to upgrade the size of his bed, we decided to redecorate his bedroom. He chose superheroes. It wasn’t a surprise to us. He just turned 4 years old and had a birthday. He had gotten probably about every since Marvel and DC 12 inch action figure. He also had gotten Marvel and DC dress up superhero capes and masks. Since then autism in our house is pretty much my husband, I and the child walking around the house all day in a superhero cape and mask of the child’s choosing. I’ve been Batman, The Hulk, Superman to Spider-Man. But, seriously, all those with special needs are superheroes. #Autism #Superheroes #SpecialNeeds

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Occupational Therapist Visit #CheckInWithMe #ThankYou

Good Afternoon Mighty Family n Friends 👋🌞☀️🌡

I've just had my visit From a lovely man called Cat. He was in full PPE , he must have been hot,
He fitted me for some new crutches and showed me how to go up and down my 4 steps properly 😳 so that's why with my walking stick my shoulder and elbow are killing me.
Know I now why 😅

So my neighbours will be looking at me strangely as I keep practicing going up n down , up n down lol.
Ha ha .😅🙃😁🤪

He also fitted a bath board as decided a bath chair was just going to be too heavy for me to use and remove . (Puppy baths)

So a board is better. So I can shower yayyyy, and they coming to fix a rail so I can then get out of the bath better. Whoop whoop. It's what I wanted n so need.

Really nice guy and the pups just layed down and behaved.🐕🐶🐾...what unheard of.. has he got superpowers....🦸‍♂️

Going to fit a under the bed rail too and toilet rail too. Oh and outside rail so I've got one both sides.
Perching stall for kitchen fitted to my butt. Ha ha . Thought that was funny.

Hopefully this will make life and bathing washing my hair much easier. I'm so glad I phoned up and did it.
Thankful for living in the UK and to the NHS

Super grateful for my Mighty family and all your help yesterday. Bringing my anxiety down, and all the love. 💜💙😘

So glad for this community the compassion love kindness
You are all superheroes in my book. 😘💙💜💪🤗👋🦓🦄🦓🦄🦓
Love you all Tj

#MightyTogether #Bekindtoyourself #Hope #OccupationalTherapy #PsoriaticArthritis #Love #compassion #RareDisease #Superheroes #SphincterOfOddiDysfunction #TrigeminalNeuralgia #ClusterHeadaches #GlossopharyngealNeuralgia #Arthritis #Bekind

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For the autistic nerds out there, what’s your nerdy jam? #Autism #AutisticAdults #Autistic #NerdCulture #Nerd

Face it, there are more of us autistic nerds than people want to admit. From comic books to computers to science fiction, what is it that revs up your autistic nerd engine? Share your answers with us! #StarWars #Computers #Hobby #Superheroes #obsess #Obsession #Obsessions


You are allowed to complain.

This is your friendly reminder that no amount of complaining can ever make you any less of a superhero. Chronic physical and mental illnesses are HARD and complaining is a necessary part of coping and processing. If you have a chronic illness and you are still fighting, you are officially my superhero and I love you. #fighting #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #Superheroes