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Repetitive HUMMING while watching movies and TV?

Whenever I am watching TV or movies, anything except comedy, I continually hum, and have done so all my life. Sometimes I hum an actual tune, but in the vast majority of the time, I hum  just 2 or 3 random notes, which I will repeat for really long periods of time. Sometimes it is in unison with a main note in the background music, or a harmony,  but most times the notes have nothing to do with the music soundtrack. As you can imagine, it distracts and irritates other people to varying degrees. My solution, since I haven't been able to stop it, is just to watch alone. If you still don't understand what I am talking about, imagine sitting next to someone humming the cello notes to the theme from JAWS while you are trying to concentrate on an episode of The Gilmore Girls, or Dateline, or Law & Order.  I've done this my whole life, and it soothes me while at the same time it embarrasses me because I can't stop without starting up again a couple of minutes later, usually unbeknownst to me. I'm not actually looking for a cure for this. I just want to know if I am the only one, and does anybody know why I might do it, or where it comes from? Thanks for your time. Peace.♧

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Why do I obsess about everything? #obsess

When I think of any subject (people, dogs, mental/physical health, exercise, weight loss & so much more) I become obsessed with researching it, watching & reading everything I can. This will be the only thing I focus on for days, even staying up all night to make sure I don't miss anything. I compare all the information I've gathered, then research more. I can end up with hundreds of bookmarks. I get anxious, frustrated, angry. I'm aware I'm obsessing, but I can't stop. I just sit in my recliner on my laptop. I will even resist going to the bathroom. I hate this

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For the autistic nerds out there, what’s your nerdy jam? #Autism #AutisticAdults #Autistic #NerdCulture #Nerd

Face it, there are more of us autistic nerds than people want to admit. From comic books to computers to science fiction, what is it that revs up your autistic nerd engine? Share your answers with us! #StarWars #Computers #Hobby #Superheroes #obsess #Obsession #Obsessions

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thoughts of being normal

Plenty of days I wonder, what would it feel like to be normal? I am currently in the midst of a downward #Depression. as much as I have learned from #Therapy , my thoughts #obsess over the same question over and over. what does it feel like to be #normal ? what is #normal? why can't I be #normal? how do normal people handle life? why can I not just figure it out? and why do I feel so #alone ? I have so many questions and don't seem to find any answers.


#BPD #Obsessions

I once fell in love with this lady and I was head over heels in love with her. I obsessed over her day and night. Years later after the "relationship" ended I still obsess over her. I loved her so deeply and intensely that I can't even explain the depth of my feelings for her. We were never romantically involved but I desperately wanted to be. She cut off contact with me and I have not seen or heard from her in years. It still breaks my heart. On another note I also tend to obsess over stupid trivial things. For instance I lost some colorful pens that my boyfriend bought me a while ago. I have looked all over the house and can't find them. It is driving me NUTS. It's like a bad itch that I just can't scratch. I have to constantly distract myself so I refocus my energy which can be VERY difficult. I have realized that there is underlying trauma that has led to obsessing. Bigger issues that tend to resurface. I had a rough traumatic childhood and faced HUGE loss. I was abandoned and rejected by my family. To this day when I love someone I hold on with all my might. I am afraid to ultimately lose them. If I lose an object I obsess because those objects are sentimental and help fill the void in my heart. I like to be surrounded by stuff because it makes me feel more secure. I am talking to my therapist about this stuff and he has been a big support to me. I am grateful for his help. All I can do is try to distract myself with healthy things like art. I have a good support system friends and my new family that I built for myself. I had a son that pass away a while ago but he is still with us in spirit. I miss my little guy. Folks just hang in there and always keep your glass half full. #BPD #obsess

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