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Covid-19 - When "staying safe" is not safe

My husband just called me and told me how he went for a meeting at the disability service department of his school in Leeds, UK and he was lips guided. Imagined what it means for a blind person to be told to go straight without any land mark? That in it self is not safe.
For a blind person touching people and things is vital sensory organ they can not lose. It is very vital for mobility and other activities.
Now, in this era of social distancing where touching is said not be safe should outdoor mobility be on hold for blind persons?
Certainly not. Just like all humans blind persons have a drive for self actualisation. They must be productive also.
Just like the staff at the disability service people will avoid touching anyone now (maybe except their spouses) not regarding the disability status. Unfortunately, blind persons might suffer more because for them holding a hand is not just for social reasons but for mobility.
So what can we do to help blind persons in this time?
First, be ready to provide support when necessary.
Ask the blind persons the safe way to guide him or her (don't just grab any where you think is okay).
After each interaction wash and sanitise your hands.
If you are blind, take responsibility: have a sanitiser with you everywhere you go.
For now, when you can limit to outdoor trips to when it is absolutely necessary.
When you get to a destination ask for water to wash your hands.
Always where your facemask to protect you.
Nevertheless, don't feel bad when someone declines helping remember they are also trying to be safe.

#Stayingsafe #COVID19 #disabilityawareness

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Staying safe at home #Stayingsafe #CheckInWithMe

There is no place like home
The Wizard of Oz
She did have the right idea after all
There is no safer place than home. Even if the place you are in is not your home. It is your home whilst you are in it.
I hope you feel safe in your home. ❤
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