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    Christmas Dinner #IBS #stomachulcer

    Earlier today my Mom put pork chops, carrots and some bell peppers of various colors into the slow cooker. It's always been one of my favorite foods. And very comforting. She knows it's one of my favorites and she wanted to make it for me tonight. Which worked because I'd been craving it anyways! It's one of those things that always calms my stomach down on those rough days when I'm in a flare like I've been in for the last few days. What do those of you with stomach issues eat that calm yours down when nothing else works?

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    I've had a terrible morning

    <p>I've had a terrible morning</p>
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    stomach ulcer from SSRI medication

    I've been on fluoxetine for almost 6 years and this year I've been rushed to hospital twice with severe stomach pains that lead to me fainting and vomiting like mad. Doctors said it could be a stomach ulcer but they wouldn't put money on it. I've looked up the symptoms and I have a lot of them. I'm waiting to be referred for a endoscopy but I'm worrying myself sick that the pain will come back again. It's the most horrendus pain I've ever felt. Like uncontrollable screaming out loud pain.
    Does anyone else have a stomach ulcer from taking long term medication? #stomachulcer #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Fibromyalgia #Depression #Fluoxetine

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