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Pain!! #ChronicPain #ChronicPericarditis #RTA #POTS #InappropriateSinusTachycardia #RenalTubularAcidosis #possibleeds….#Migraines #tmjd

Had a CT guided cortisone injection in my hip this morning to help with pain to see if I can delay having hip surgery as my Heart and electrolyte issues due to my RTA is making my Specialists nervous to put me under (Hesitant using anaesthesia as well as worrying about my recovery post and possible complications during the whole thing) I know they said it might take a while to help if it helps at all but I’m in absolute agony! Anyone had any similar issues before? Any advice would be appreciated! (None of the pain relief I have available has worked - Targin & Tapentadol, obviously taken hours apart - and I can’t have any anti inflammatory medications for a couple of days 🥺 due to my bleeding risks and kidney issues)


TMJ - Bilateral replacement #tmjd #EDS

Hi everyone i have eds type 3 and was wondering has anyone had bilateral tmj replacement my jaw had locked in the past and now the disks are torn and the left is bunched up i also have osteoarthritis in them and my jaw still is hypermobile and sublations every time i move it. i also have chronic crunching and grating sounds and the joint is feeling stiffer i have tried everything else to help it. i had bilateral arthroscope last October but my pain and symptoms have gotten worse and now my surgeon has recommended bilateral replacement. was wondering if anyone else has experienced with this.


Has anyone experienced shortness of breath related to TMJD? How to know if it’s anxiety or TMJ issues, especially durint a TMJ crisis with pain.

#tmjd #scared