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How to Cope When Mother's Day is Difficult

Mother's Day is right around the corner. The ads have already started and the stores are already full of gifts.

Mother's Day is a holiday meant to celebrate all your mother has done for you and how she is your number one support but what happens when that is not the case?

Mother's Day can be difficult and triggering for so many children and adult children due to a variety of reasons.

Read my latest blog to learn how you can take care of your emotional well-being during this time.

How to Cope When Mother's Day and Father's Day are Difficult...

#MothersDay #ToxicRelationships #abusivemothers #toxicmothers

How to Cope When Mother's Day and Father's Day are Difficult - AccordingtoDes

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are a special time meant to celebrate your parents and all they have done for you, the sacrifices they have made, and the unconditional love you have received from them all your life but sadly, this is not the case for many.  Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are difficult holidays […]

Hi im katie

Hi im Katie I'm 31 and currently living in Hull but my mind is in hell, I grew up with a narcissistic mother but I feel guilty for calling her that, when I was 16 I told her I was having suicidal thoughts and her response was let's go kill ourselves together. I have disabilitys but I try not to let them stop me, I live with my partner and step son but my mother has tried to turn me against them (my step son especially) I just need to know I'm not alone. #toxicmothers #Disability


Recently cut off a toxic relationship, how do I handle the guilt of them alone for holidays/Birthdays? #nocontact #toxicmothers #Holiday #Family #Guilt

About two months ago, in August, I removed my toxic Mother from my life. For good. This time. My youngest Brother has had no contact with her since December, and my other Brother has had limited contact with her for most of his adult life.

This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada and my Mother’s Birthday is the end of the month. I feel a lot of guilt, she is single and has very few friends and next to no relationship with her siblings and her parents are in very poor health. I know neither of my Brothers are having her over for dinner, and I don’t want to have her over either, and my own family (Husband and two adult sons) are very firm on her being no good for me. I can handle Thanksgiving, but her Birthday I am really struggling with. A part of me wants to at least mail her a Birthday card even though we live in the same city. If I call, text or email I’m afraid she’ll see it as an invite back into my life and she’ll be back to blaming me for my mental health struggles. Mailing her a card feels like it is closed communication, but helps me manage my own guilt. Any thoughts?


Toxic Parents

Society tells us that we need to respect and honor our parents, but what do you do when that parent is toxic or abusive? Recently, I’ve had to go no contact with my mother because she was not respecting my boundaries and need for validation. Though I feel some level of guilt, I also cannot be around someone that hurts me by victim blaming and tries to manipulate me into doing what she wants.
I’ve put more effort into healing and working on myself. Though it hurts that my mother chooses to not support me I have to do what is best for myself. I cannot heal from my trauma if I put myself in situations in which I am still being hurt. I am very appreciative of my mother but I need to stick to my truth and rely on myself. Slowly, I am gaining a family that is outside of my own. It saddens me to realize that I have two abusive parents but I know that cutting them off is for the best. Healing is not beautiful but is worth it in the end. #SexualAbuse #toxicmothers #healingisnotlinear #PTSD #Bipolar

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Some people call it generational curses #toxicfamily #BeTheChange #Codependency #CPTSD

Uncertain who needed to see this today, but comment if this quote resonates with you. I actively listen to my child and tell her how clever she is. I complement her on her adorable curls and I always reassure her when she is scared that she is not alone. She has never met my fathers side of my family. She is too young to know they exist, but if and when she does meet them she will be strong enough to detect their bullshit. #Breakthecycle #EmotionalAbuse #toxicmothers

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Toxic Mothers.

I always see posts about toxic fathers. But what about toxic mothers? My whole life I tried pleasing or making my mother happy. I believed her lies, I always tried to help or save her. She made me hate my dad in my teenage years, she lied to me about my dads family making me have problems with them, she would tell me I’m crazy when in reality it wasn’t me. Once her and my dad got a divorce she told me it was my fault my dad left. She cheated on my father and she would tell her ex boyfriend multiple times she left her husband for him drunk. She used to drink whole bottles of wine to the point where she couldn’t handle herself and would break her phones or passed out drunk.. eventually she found a new boyfriend. He and I were close.. they drove home in a storm 3 years ago. The roads were icy and they were drinking no seat belts.. he died instantly.. she was flown to icu.. I thought I was gonna lose her.. and I did everything my power to make sure she got better.. she did get better in time.. but eventually she kicked me out because she hated my boyfriend for no reason... she tried to break us up.. she wished death upon my child and didn’t ever care to see her.. she didn’t come to the hospital when I gave birth.. my baby is almost two now and no apology nothing. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t speak to my grandmother or aunt either.. but she blames all of us. Says we’re crazy. I resent my mother and I honestly could never forgive her. I know I need to protect my child and to protect myself.. I won’t let her hurt me ever again. ##toxicmothers #Toxic #Family