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Controlling Mother

I am now 41 years old. My mom almost always points out what I'm doing wrong or what I should or shouldn't do. I have a full time job. My house is paid for. I'm also a single mother to my 15 year old son. I used to had to depend on her for help with him until this past year. I have a boyfriend now. We have been dating a little over a year now. He has a 12 year old daughter. My mom thinks that he is pushing me to let him move in with me. Sure we have discussed it but it hasn't happened yet. I'm not letting anyone pressure me into doing something that I don't want to do. She questions everything that I do. She finds fault with almost anything I do. None of my choices are good enough for her. I love my mom, I really do. I just cannot handle her being so critical of my every decision and every move I make. I honestly don't know what to do because anytime I bring it up it starts an argument between us. She then starts with the poor pitiful me act and turns the whole thing against herself by saying she can't do anything right or make anyone happy. I'm at a loss! Any opinions, suggestions, and or ideas are much appreciated!#narcissisticmom #narcissist #narcissiticmother #mother #Controlling #NotGoodEnough

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in the middle of joy setbacks happens

this photo is me and my new fur baby Ragnar💕 when I picked him up on wednesday I was so happy to be able to give him a new, stable forever home. it's just been a few days but I love him so much already. But in the middle of the happiness I have felt lately with moving to the accommodated housing and now a new family member, my narcissistic alcoholic mother who I haven't seen or talked to since july 2016 somehow has gotten hold of my new number and has started her harassment campaign again. I really feel like she has a special esp that tells her when I'm happy and it's time for her to tear me down again, bcs it happens all the time when good things happens for me. Her number is blocked on my phone, but why is there an option to block people when you get notifications that the person you've blocked has tried to call or sent text messages? I never read her texts but the whole thing of just knowing that she has found a way to contact me sends my anxiety through the roof. I'm an international adoptee but my parents should never been allowed to have children, the physical and emotional abuse I have endured my entire life by her has destroyed me. I actually heard that my 3rd grade teacher told my aunt that he felt my mother broke me back then, yet no one notified cps to remove me from the home. I've been told that she regretted adopting me bcs I'm not the daughter she wanted, I'm a tomboy and not the girly girl she hoped for. It has taken a lot to come to the place I'm at today feeling happy and content with life. But now all the old emotions of feeling inadequate, stupid, ugly and not loved rushes back in my mind. I really don't want to change my number again, but what can I do to be left in peace? I'm scared that the knowledge of her presence will make me start to selfharm again #narcissiticmother #Alcoholism #Anxiety #Abuse


Mother Evicted my Family #narcissisticabusesurvivor

I have No contact with my mother. Everything with her was about her! After caring about her health, trying to buying her dilapidated home and put over 15,000 dollars worth of work into it and paying rent. She said we could get our money back when we bought the house, which was all lies! When we went to try to get a mortgage on the house she demanded FULL payment. When we told her we didn’t have the money she wanted, she evicted our family of five out.

I have no contact with her at all. I have no desire to have a relationship with someone who puts her grandchildren on the street because they didn’t get enough money.

This was all God
!! My husband and I worked day and night for three months to get our family a home. We had our own demons to fight and finally gave our lives to him. We saved every cent and purchased a home $25,000 less then her “discounted” price. We paid off the loan(8,500) for the roof on her house and we purchased our own home! A beautiful home with a large pool, new HVAC and 700 square feet bigger, 1/2 acre more than her house.

Now, six months in our new house and it is worth $50,000 than what we paid for it.

We are working tirelessly to make a home with BUT it took not believing the lie that God was on her side and we were just wicked folks. She told us we didn’t know what we were doing to get a mortgage and her deal was the best we could get. She claimed God told her we had to use her mortgage lady.
I have always ran and hid believing I was evil. Her God was right.

I am free today! No more hiding. My sins are forgiven and my life is so blessed! I have a BEAUTIFUL family! I have a good career that allows me to show Gods love. My husband has over come drinking, his own abusive father and has humbled himself to God.

Every curse she spoke over me was broken. I am free. Thank Good almighty I am free.


Back to the beginning.....AGAIN! #CPTSD #MajorDepressiveDisorder

52 years old and back fighting the worsening depression and anxiety by working an IOP. Barely into it and it hits, one of the biggest issues is what my mother did or didn’t do to me...the narcissistic mother...the hatred and despise she had for me from the time she found out she was pregnant with me. So, it all makes I begin to read about the fallout of this mental illness and aligning all my issues with work and relationships, I’m completely overwhelmed and devastated. I’m the problem. My thoughts and behaviors are not normal and so I start to wonder...what if what I think is, is not what is at all? How can this be? I’m second guessing absolutely everything in my life right now. How the hell can I undo 52 years of processes and pathways in my brain? Ive struggled with depression, anxiety, and C-PTSD before, been hospitalization, tried every medication and every treatment out there, but I have never felt so empty and lost as I am right now. Maybe there is truly nothing that will help. How can this be? #narcissiticmother #TreatmentresistantDepression #CPTSD #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Gaslighting


How can I help my teenage siblings?

My younger brother and sister are having a very tough time these days and my parents are not very supportive or encouraging. My parents are very negative and fearful and the pandemic just gives them more fuel to scare and control my siblings.

I would even argue that my parents' behavior towards them is emotionally and physically abusive and medically, emotionally and educationally neglectful. My parents have always been devoid of empathy and abusive to animals and children.

My parents are not doing anything to help my siblings get an education, in fact they're making it harder. They don't help them at all and punish them if they can't do it all on their own.

And my parents refuse to provide my brother and sister medical treatment. I know my siblings suffer from depression, learning disorders and extreme social isolation, so I worry a lot about their health and safety. My sister gets paralyzing body spasms and can't control them and she has never been to a doctor or specialist to figure out anything about them. She's learning to drive now, what if she has one behind the wheel?

She stepped on a needle once and my parents still tell her how expensive that ER trip was (and my parents have money, they were easily able to pay for it ). It was an accident. Needless to say, no one steps on needles for fun.

My brother asked to go to a therapist and my parents took him once and when they got the bill they wouldn't ever shut up about it and told everyone so he quit out of shame and because they held it over his head and made him feel bad for asking to go.

What can I do to help my siblings?

I am worried about their health and safety.

#Abuse #DomesticViolence #FamilyCounseling #HomeSchooling #Depression #teendepression #SocialDistancing #Anxiety #ChildAbuse #EmotionalNeglect #educationalneglect #medicalneglect #Therapy #Shame #Stigma #kidsgetdepressiontoo #Selfharm #Trauma #HomeSchooling #Parenting #narcissistabuse #Isolation #pandemic #LearningDisorder #ADHD #spasms #toxicparents #Shame #childneglect #EatingDisorders #ToxicRelationships #toxicreligion #religious Trauma #religiousabuse #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #narcissiticmother #narcissistparent #animalabuse


Trouble Validating Myself #narcissiticmother #Narcissiticabuse

Have only been separated from my narcissistic mother for a few months.
I had suppressed myself, my needs and my emotions as a person from as early as I can remember, which must be 6 years old.

I thought I was fine at first.
No one was treating me the way *she* did.

And yet, I still find it very difficult to
1. Understand my Feelings & Needs
2. Validate my Feelings & Needs
3. Nurture/Listen to my Feelings & Needs
4. Trust my Feelings.

I’m having a hard time setting boundaries and saying no to people. I don’t know how to accept my feelings and ask for things that I want (which according to my closest people, are perfectly normal things) #feelings #validation #Validity #valid #FeelingVunerable #feelingconfused #EmotionalAbuse


Is anyone else struggling with M*thers Day coming up? #narcissiticmother #NarcissisticAbuse

I recently took leaps and bounds to change my life and cut my mother off. I’m thankful I escaped before Mother’s Day. But I’m also having very rough days as it’s coming up soon. Crying a lot. Anyone else?

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It sounds easy but where do we start?

I’ve been mentally abused and neglected my whole life,I want to be anew. I want to stop blaming and start living #EmotionalNeglect #EmotionalAbuse #narcissiticmother #toxicfamily #Depression #Anxiety #help #Shame #


DAE find themselves ostracized when they are starting to speak up? My mother just shut me down re: childhood abuse. #narcissiticmother #CPTSD