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Blog About Vulnerability and Mental Health

I started a blog/small business called The Kumu Project and it's dedicated to changing the perspective of vulnerability and encouraging others to embrace the uncomfortable, whatever that means for them.

Vulnerability is dominantly viewed as weakness, when really it is strength and necessary to maintain/create meaningful relationships and connections. And, vulnerability and discomfort go hand in hand. You can't be vulnerable without being uncomfortable, and you can't be uncomfortable without being vulnerable.

Through The Kumu Project, I want to cultivate a community of people that boldly share their struggles and embrace uncomfortable circumstances (whether it's telling your story, singing in public, doing something that scares you *but is safe*, or even just embracing the uncomfortable loops and drops that inevitably come with depression).

The content within the blogs ranges between my story of trauma, others' stories with various circumstances, healing, growth, and inspiration.

I'm really passionate about this project and I've put my blood, sweat, and tears into it. I would love if The Mighty Community would help me spread the word. It's so difficult (and expensive) for small businesses and new blogs to get attention and I think your circles could help immensely!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. The photo attached is of a hoodie I sell!

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