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Sunday accomplishment

I watered my herbs. The smallest ones, on top, are Holy Basil (Tulsi) that I planted from seed in late April. They took the longest to germinate and didn’t want to thrive until I started talking to them. Yes, it works. What We humans breath out, plants breath in and that they exhale gives humans sit to breath. Reciprocity in all things. The lower 2 plants are lemon balm and garlic grass. I also have chocolate mint.

2 trips to the balcony, and I’m done for the day. #Fibromyalgia #Depression #ChronicPain #Accomplishments


New accomplishment #Accomplishments #Dysautonomia #Pain #Fear

When I got sick with dysautonomia I was in 6th grade and the night i got sick I was finally working on my self, I was practicing for a 9min mile which my time had gone from 15min to 11 but one night I got a horrible ear pain and my ear poped at 3am and from there on out I have just been sick not able todo anything I’m at the end of 8th grade now but today I finally did it I was able to get up and go for a walk after my walk I was pretty tired but I finally did I EVEN cooked dinner for me and my mom today was finally a really good day but now I’m scared a big reason I have not been going on walks or doing yoga or doing the activities I used to love todo is because I’m scared I’m scared that I’m gonna get really really bad agin how do I push that fear away to be able to enjoy life agin I’m always afraid that getting better means that I’m just gonna get worse all over agin. Any #Tips ?

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Little “wins” for the week

I made bread for the first time and DID NOT mess it up. I cannot express how happy this made me. What was your “win” this week? Caregiving doesn’t leave much time for anything sometimes. This dough comes together in MINUTES and all you have to do is toss it in the oven for 30 minutes.

#winning #Accomplishments #ChronicIllness #RareDisorder #Caregiving


Good things

I’m having a good week. So far I’ve:

Cleaned and tidied my entire flat
Done all my laundry
Dyed my hair
Been grocery shopping
Been on a 10 mile bike ride
Not missed a meal
Remembered to take my meds

And it’s only Tuesday! I feel very accomplished about my week so far 😊 #Spoonie #spooniewins #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicIllness #Accomplishments

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I've been wanting (needing) to make a chicken saddle for my hen Marble for so long but #Depression and just #Life got pretty sad for a bit. Today I managed to focus long enough and got it done before my #fshd shoulders got too sore at the sewing machine. It's a start, and I'm pretty #proud ! What are the things you're looking forward to accomplishing?


I did something that is groundbreaking for me...

I have been addicted to using my computer for so long. Sometimes even to an unhealthy binge. I used to be so involved with it, you couldn’t pull me away from it without having a snarky reply to a request.

Today I managed to sell my computer. The one thing that I have been obsessed with using for such a long time. I used to game so much on it that I never really progressed. I am so happy with myself right now because I thought I would have it for so long. This is awesome because I am really proud of myself!

#Addiction #Anxiety #Accomplishments


First post

Hey, I joined the mighty app a few months ago. I have found it really helpful and is the only platform that I see as a safe space. Nonetheless, I am still consumed by anxiety when I think about or try to post. I have OCD and I overthink and over analyze just about everything. Everything I do has to live up to these extremely unrealistic expectations that I set for myself and only myself. So, something as simple as posting sends my mind into a frenzy and the dominos begin to fall. Anxiety ->perfectionism->obsession-> failure to meet expectations -> panic -> crippled by panic -> *crash* and I give up. Then I walk away and begin the endless cycle of avoidance, procrastination, resentment and guilt.

It’s a lose lose situation. Trying to post makes me uncomfortable and not posting makes me uncomfortable.

Even writing about how uncomfortable I am about this makes me uncomfortable hahaha.

But that’s okay. Being uncomfortable is a part of life and today I’m choosing to fight through it.

And guess what? I did it and I’m so damn proud of myself!

Sending love and a big hug to anyone who could use one.

Happy Holidays!

#Anxiety #PanicDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Unrealisticexpectations #perfectionism #Avoidance #Procrastination #resentment #Guilt #Uncomfortable #proud #Accomplishments #firstpost #progress #MentalHealth



I got got up early and made breakfast for hubby ~ daughter and washed some dishes and changes sheets on our bed.

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My bachelor's degree hangs in our living room, not really a source of #Pride as much as it is a reminder that I used to be able to do big things besides sweep the floor (on a good day) and striving for greatness was understood, a way of life, the norm, not an exception.

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Hey guys! I am very proud of myself; I was contracted into a job from May-September 2020, and today is my last day! I completed a commitment, I actually followed through and kept my promise to stay until September! And on top of that, I am leaving with an outstanding letter of recommendation and a small bonus 🤗 I am proud of myself #Accomplishments #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BipolarDepression #Anxiety #ParanoidPersonalityDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #SuicideAttemptSurvivors