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Quick Tip Thursday: Avoid Using The X-ray Scan If You Are Flying With A Continuous Glucose Monitor Or Insulin Pump

An X-ray machine could damage a continuous glucose monitor or insulin pump. It isn't necessary to disconnect from either Device; ask for a hand inspection instead. Tandem and Dexcom have letters to print out saying that you’re not able to go through a full body x-ray scans at airports.

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Travel Anxiety and Flying Phobia

Hi everyone, I’m back again looking again for advice on travel anxiety (please excuse how scatterbrained this post may be, I just finished therapy and want to try to get everything in). So I have two main challenges: Last trip I had to take, I drove thinking that would help me control my anxiety but that didn’t work. I was anxious for the entire trip (3 days there and 3 days back) and it seemed to stem from feelings of not being able to go home when I wanted, kind of agoraphobic type feelings. That seems to have produced some trauma and anticipatory anxiety about being away from home. I had always been slightly nervous on planes (mostly from feeling claustrophobic) but travelled my entire childhood on long trips. In 2014, 6 hours into a 14 hour flight, I freaked out. I had one of the worst series of panic attacks in my life and eventually had to sedate myself. Since then, I’ve been terrified to fly and only have done it a couple times with sedation and huge levels of anxiety. So that definitely produced some trauma (I also suffer from CPTSD generally). Im not afraid of crashes or anything like that, it’s the feeling of being stuck, trapped and out of control and the trauma reaction and fear of it happening again. I decided to book a flight at the beginning of April to go see my best friend. Her young dog is terminally ill and it’s important to me that I meet her before she goes. Im also going to get to see my best friend, other friends and my dog/cat nieces and nephews. Im really excited for that. But the flight is still a huge source of anxiety and panic. It’s a 4 hour flight and I already have some plans of things to bring, podcasts to listen to, meds to help me sleep, etc but I’m hoping the community has some tips and tricks for that kind of anxiety (both flying and being away from home)! #AirTravel #Agoraphobia #Anxiety #PanicDisorder #PanicAttacks #PTSD #CPTSD


For anyone who travels on an airplane with a cane and can go through security with it in their bag, does the scanner typically flag it to be inspected

Never traveled with a mobilty aid before and want information so if you have other tips as well let me know! #AirTravel #Mobiltyaid #Cane

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Wellness Wednesday: Diabetes and Holiday Travel

Christmas is almost a week away and many of us are preparing to travel to visit family and friends.

In preparation for the upcoming holiday, DiaTribe has provided a traveling guide for people with diabetes.

The guide includes what we should take with us. Those items include:

🧳 Medication for diabetes – insulin and other diabetes medications (metformin, SGLT-2 inhibitors, GLP-1 receptor agonists, etc.), syringes, pens, and insulin pump supplies for at least three extra days; delays and cancellations might change your travel plans.
Blood glucose meter and supplies: alcohol swabs, lancets, etc.

🧳 CGM users should always have a spare CGM sensor and a backup BGM in case one of the sensors fail or if the flight takes longer to get home than expected.

🧳 Be sure to have three extra basal insulin injections should your pump fail. If you have an insulin pump, be sure to have a spare infusion set.

🧳 Make sure you have a letter of medical necessity from your primary care physician or endocrinologist with you when you fly. You will have more success with TSA agents and flight attendants if you have proof of your diabetes on hand.

🧳 You can bring through security fast-acting carbohydrates (like glucose tablets, or other non-liquid foods), and glucagon to treat a low while on the plane.

🧳 Ketone testing supplies.

​​🧳 You may also need to discuss other medications with your healthcare team, such as antimalarials, skin creams, anti-inflammatories (Tylenol), and antiemetics, if going to a remote or exotic destination or a developing country.

⚠️Caution ⚠️
You may need to take care when traveling with strong painkillers, such as opiates and codeine-containing drugs, as some countries do not allow these drugs.

To read the article in it’s entirety, click on the link below:

What how do you prepare for holiday travel?

Share in the comments below 😀

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Any advice for travelling abroad with chronic illness?

I'm going to Thailand for two weeks in April, and I suffer from chronic headache, fatigue and migraines.

Any advice to help keep my travels fun while still managing my health? #ChronicDailyHeadache #ChronicFatigue #Migraines #Travel #AirTravel


Does anyone have tips for #Traveling with #ChronicIllness ?

I’m flying cross country this coming June and I have no idea how I’m going to do things like, get through tsa in a wheelchair, sit for 4 1/2 straight, and get seating with my wheelchair... any tips would be super helpful!
#TravelTips #AirTravel #Travel #Fibromyalgia #RareBloodDisorder #AutoimmuneDisorder #ImmuneThrombocytopenia #MuscularDystrophy


Travel Tips for dealing with anxiety?

So if you’re reading this you’ve probably been on this journey with me. Depression seems to be improving. Anxiety is still a mess. Waking up with a racing heart or randomly sweaty throughout the day and having to calm myself down. And some crying when I become too overwhelmed with anxiety. Still on FMLA. Psychiatrist and therapist appointment next week. All that being said, before this mess I had planned a trip to Vegas with my sister. Everything is already paid for and we’ve both have been looking forward to it. Here’s my dilema: my stupid anxiety. When I’m not in crisis planes terrify me and just the idea of having to get on a plane and having an anxiety attack is making me double guess my trip. I really want to go on this trip because not only has it been planned for awhile, but if I could get on a plane it will be so reassuring that I’m getting better. I need this for what it represents. How do you deal with travel anxiety? Tips? Suggestions? Things to avoid? Thank you in advance! #Anxiety #Depression #TravelTips #AirTravel


Travel Tips Please!! #ChronicPain #Lupus #Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #AirTravel #TravelTips

Hey guys! I got married a year ago and my husband and I are going on our honeymoon at the end of the month. I’ve flown already with all the pain, but never this far (Boston to Maui) so I could use ALL the advice that’s out there. I’m afraid I’ll be out of my mind in pain wanting to lie down and not being able to.