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Living With a Stitched Up Mouth

In the last few days, I've been feeling a wide range of emotions. Mainly because of my pushing people away. As much as I want to approach some that I've pushed away and apologize for my distant behavior, but I feel like the damage is beyond repair. I even feel like I should just give it all up. I unwittingly projected my fear of abandonment and other issues onto others and now I believe that I don't deserve forgiveness. Maybe it is better that I've been left behind and not expect anything more. #FearOfAbandonment #imsorry #Emotions #Sadness #aloneinlife #Pushingaway #Fear #silence #aloneinmymind

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I’ve been in a lot of pain lately from my rare disease and I feel so alone. I got bored and even though I feel ugly taking selfies I thought this one was a decent one and I just edited the background to something cool. I know I’m just posting this for validation.. #aloneinmymind

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worst thing is only feeling comfortable in toxic, depressed, anxiety inducing environments. Just quit my job and destroyed me. yet my Instant reaction is to take back my resignation. I already miss not seeing coworkers messages comeing up or even being apart of there success and it’s like those things arnt gone yet but I already miss them. I hate that, I hate that I feel I’m only worth something when I’m there. Dosent matter if I’m treated like gold or shit, I desire that place.

the worst is that I recognize it, do something about it, and then go back into a depressive espisode because I’m trying to change it. it’s the worst cycle ever.

I think it’s because I’m starting to see all the ways I have failed myself and others

#Depression #PersistentDepressiveDisorder #Workplace #Sadness #help #alone #aloneinmymind

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Stuck on the Inside

I have to admit that its been rough lately. My life seems to be at a total stand still. It always seems like that. I never seem to go anywhere, I always seem to end up in the same place. The path I walk seems to be in an endless loop. I have no one to count on, no one to lean on. They can't handle me. They don't take the time to listen. They think I want to drive myself crazy, that I purposely put myself in a constant state of fear. Right now I have no hope. I don't see the light everyone says is there. I desperately want to see what they see, but how can I? They all left me in one way or another. Why should I keep going when I am just in the way? Maybe I should end it all now, get it over with. I know a select few will never get over my death, but they have so much going for them while it feels like I do not. Its like this is what life is telling me all that its going to be. Stuck on the inside, trying desperately to look out. Maybe it isn't true, but its hard to believe when I look around and never get the chance. I know I shouldn't compare but its in my nature, and its hard to let it out. I feel so alone, for when they say that they are here for me they never truly are. #SuicidalIdeation #SuicidalThoughts #aloneinmymind #Nooneislistening



I finished my partial hospitalization therapy a couple weeks ago; and today I’m feeling I’m in a major backslide. I’ve almost lost it and cried 3 different times at work. I feel alone all over again. I thought I had moved past this and built up a good network, but I really don’t feel I can turn to anyone at this point. I’m struggling #struggling #Regression #Depression #Anxiety #aloneinmymind

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Nobody understands

I just feel so alone 😔 and nobody is really in my corner. I’m fighting this alone. Nothing new though #aloneinmymind #HurtingSoBad #helpless

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#MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety #aloneinmymind

Hey guys. I have been having a hard time lately. My depression and anxiety are trying to get the best of me. I was recently in a toxic relationship and I think I’m experiencing ptsd from it and just keep replaying things over and over in my mind. I know I need to find a job soon, it’s just been very hard to get motivated. I think I’m lonely. Please check in with me.


The point of everything #donefighting #aloneinmymind

I always think to myself what’s the point of life or what’s the point of trying when nothings gonna change its hard watching life go by without a smile on your face i know everybody has Trials and tribulations but no everybody is going through depression or thinking about how to end their life i just need friends to talk to on a daily basis that have the same issues every day

Thanks and who knows maybe ill meet the one who knows



I always feel like I’m alone. My life is overwhelming right now. I have a hard time reaching out and talking to people. As painful as it is to be alone it’s more comfortable than talking to people. Out of the blue a friend called. He said it was ok to cry. He said he cared about me. He gave me hope that I can find my way out of the dark.
#Sadness #aloneinmymind #AloneTogether #Depression #Anxiety #gratefultoday #Friendship