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I’m in pain but I don’t know why

Hi everyone! I’m new here n I saw this app when I was searching for people who have similar experience as mine.
I’m 20yo and around four years ago in 2019 i had some back problems that affect my nerves system as well and I’ve been going to physical therapy sessions for three months, three days in a week two hours each day, and at that time I started to feel pain in my joints (shoulders, knees and elbows) and day after day I started to feel pain all over my body literally everywhere, muscles pain, headache, digestive system problems whole body aches and weakness, and through these four years I went to 7 different rheumatologists and gastroenterologists, I’ve done some many check-ups n they told me everything is good except my tests shows that the CRP is positive and my ESR is so high, and all this affect my life in a bad way.
I’m in pain all the time but there are some times the pain get stronger and stronger and hold me from doing even the simplest tasks in life.
No one believes that I’m really in pain cuz I look normal, I look fine.
When I see others who’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I kinda feel like I belong but my rheumatologist didn’t say anything about it he just said that i need to do more check-ups and they gave an appointment in November but I feel like I can’t wait the long and really don’t know what do.
*I forgot to mention, when I started to feel that pain I was mentally stressed also #Pain #ache #Rheumatologist #Bodypain

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Barometric Pressure Wins Again #AutoimmuneDisease #allpain

Today, Elsa made her way through my state, NC. As she strode through, kindly leaving little damage, she felt like she was ripping my arms from their sockets, wrenching off my wrists, putting my neck in a vice, and that’s just from my heart line up. My back hurts, my hips, my thighs, my ankles… UGH!!!
Anyone else weather sensitive? #sjogrens #IBS -C #Fibromyalgia #PerniciousAnemia #PeripheralNeuropathy #ineedadrink #barometricpressure #BackPain #Bodypain

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Hello body, sometimes i cannot understand you

I finished my second dose of rituximab and I hope it will help lessen my flare up. Started with high dose of steroids again! Beginning to gain weight. Hope my body could catch up when I started working again. Feeling positive in all of this. #ChronicIllness ##Lupus #Bodypain


My mind is a space filled with dark thoughts.

I feel the need to take of everyone. even though I can’t even keep myself up. I am tired, I feel lost and I can’t escape from my mind. I just want silence. Corona is making me depressed again. I’m thinking about cutting. I want myself to shut up. my body is stressing. I feel it everywhere.
#Depression #Anxiety #Fear #corona #Stress #Bodypain #Loneliness

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Terrible at "pacing" myself

It seems like no matter what I do I cant ever do little enough to not send my body into a major painic-as in can hardly breathe or think because Im in so much pain and it just wipes me out for days. This most recent 4 days in a row of horrible migraine and body pain just wont quit, no matter how much I rest and try to wait for my body to calm down to my regular hardly bearable level of pain.

Im just so sick of not being able to participate in life, and if I do-paying for it for days and days. No medication, rest or other remedy even seems to touch the pain and going to the doctor seems useless as they dont seem to get it or do anything to help me.

#Migraine #ChronicPain #ChronicMigraines #Bodypain #Fibro #painwarrior #Norelief


What kind of things help your symptoms when you have obligations you can't miss?

I just got diagnosed yesterday. I'm in school and can't miss as we are in the last week of the program so we are working on final projects. My whole body just hurts. I wore comfy clothes but they literally hurt to be on my body my shoes especially. I brought a tens unit and a rice sock to microwave and put on my body it's just not enough. I also have a CBD roll on and a CBD tincture that I took. This is the worst I have ever felt and it couldn't have come at a worse time. How do you get through times like this? #newlydiagnosed #Fibromyalgia #Bodypain #Student

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#OCD , #Anxiety and #Bodypain

Anxious all the time. Get tortured by intrusive thoughts. Having severe headaches and body pain. Feels like every joule of energy has been sucked by this mental illness.


What are people’s experiences with Duloxetine? #Fibromyalgia #Headache #Bodypain

Interested to see if it helped with pain management and if anyone has tried it for headaches prevention?


It was worth it … #Bodypain #AnkylosingSpondylitis #Vasculitis #Fybromyalgia

Yesterday was my friend wedding, I had my hair and makeup done, went with my husband to church and then to the reception, danced and had a lovely time … today I’m paying the price… but it was so worth it …