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Not Doing Well

Thank God this is my day off, been up since about 4:30 in extreme pain, thank God, I only moaned and groaned last night in my sleep.

Already had a jerking and shaking episode, trying to calm my body down.

Can't get comfortable

Thank u all for accepting me for me.



over thinking again

#CheckInWithMe #checkinwithmeplease
I told a coworker I would cover her on a day she wanted to have off. I found out a week before that I wouldn’t be able to do it as I am required to be at the closing for our new house. I fully expected to be able to cover her, but this was so much more important. She is very angry and leaving passive aggressive notes in the book. I offered to come in for the afternoon- she hasn’t take me up on it. I am scheduled to cover her for another day in December- she’s now acting like I’m completely unreliable now, even though I’ve already covered for her before. I am determined not to let the passive aggressive tone from her cause me to be overly apologetic towards her, I really do feel badly but it is not something I planned, and it isn’t frivolous. It’s just infuriating that she is acting this way! I am also so irritated that I want her to not believe I’m the things she’s implying- It’s so stupid! I don’t need or truly even care what she believes about me. She isn’t someone I even know well or like. She’s not a bad person, just not someone I’d have anything to do with in my personal life, so why does this make me so mad? Please, someone, remind me that I’M not the one who’s behaving inappropriately! I hate this! Just had to let it out as I have no one else to let it out to... #CheckInWithMe #validateme


#depressed ,suicidal, self harm,anxiety #checkinwithmeplease

Today is the worst day of ny life ive never felt more alone in this world then i do right now. I really want to go commit suicide right now. But hopefully talking to someone who i use to know will change that. Why cant anything good ever come my way why does everything have to be bad. Why did i have to become this person i never wanted to be! I dont want to be this person i hate who i am.. I hate being so alone!! I hate knowing and feeling no one cares about me. No matter wgat i do thats right its akways about what ive done wrong.. I want to move away so bad i wish i could! Hope everyone else is having a better day! Please pray for me as i will u! I cant ever wash away what ive done but i can always try to be better!! 😭😭😭😭 really hate life right now!!