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× " So Yesterday Was Extremely Busy " × #Depression #Stress #Co -worker's

× " So Yesterday I Told My Boss That I Was Low On Table Number's... So I Had To Improvise At The Mean Time.. And I Told My Co-worker's... To View The Number's On The Paper... Or Call Out The Number... But No They Didn't Want To Bother With It... And Threw Hissy Fit's At My Boss... That I'm Frustrating To Work With And Annoying... Etc... Oh I'm Sorry That One Of Them Had To Play Server For The Whole Day... People Are So Lazy Especially This Younger Generation... So I Told My Boss Straight Up... That I No Longer Want To Work The Morning Shift.. Since All Of These Women Like To Constantly Complain About Me Negatively Non Stop... She Won't Let Me Move.. She Would Give Me One Day A Night And The Rest Morning... My Male Boss Is Trying To Convince Her... To Let Me Work On The Night Shift... Let's See What Happen's.. Tbh I Cannot Work With Other Women... I Perfer Mixed Balanced Men And Women... Not An All Women Shift... It's Too Much You Know What I Mean... Gossip Drama... I Alway's Stay Away From It... But It Has Gotten So Bad That My Customer's Are Noticing... How The Morning Shift Proform's.... And I Like Working The Night Shift Better Because My Anxiety And Stress Are Low... And I Get To Do Diffrent Thing's... Not The Same Rotation... She Will Never Give Me A Night Shift I'm Too Much Of An Asset I Guess And She Doesn't Want Personally Train People That's My Job.. But It's Actually The Manager's Job Im Just So Over This And Too Stressed Out " × #Thought 's Sincerely, ☆☆ ▪︎ Skaoi Kvitravn ▪︎ ☆☆

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#Bipolar #MentalHealth #Anxiety #ADHD #PTSD #PostpartumDisorders #Cyclothymia Nighttime Brain Dump

My life is so stressful and chaotic. I personally suffer with #Cyclothymia #Bipolar #Anxiety #ADHD #PTSD #PostpartumDisorders #Adjustment Disorder with #attachmenttrauma
I also suffer from #Co -depenency
My current husband has #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder .
My Mom has #Bipolar and My Dad has #Bipolar and #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder
I believe I was born as an Angel and a Child of God. I’m Christian. At 5 and 6 years old I was physically abused by my Uncle. At 14 years old, I had to pack my bags and be taken away from my Mom who was #Manic at the time. She has attempted suicide several times by pills. The last attempt was November 2023. My sister, was diagnosed with #BreastCancer November 2023. November is also my birthday month. My best friend, Ashley, died from a head on collision on the freeway from a Drunk Driver, on my birthday, at 19 years old.
I come from a long history of abuse and trauma. In High School, my Dad and Stepmom would lock up food and other essentials in their room. They withheld food from us. I have food scarcity issues to this day. On May 4, 2023 I found out that my Husband of 13 years had been cheating on me throughout our relationship and marriage. I got a Restraining Order for Emotional Abuse. My only child and I were in hiding for about 6 weeks until my court hearing that my husband filed for Emergency Custody Rights and Legal Separation. He filed in the paperwork that I was Unstable, not taking my medication, and supervised visits. He wanted to pay me zero spousal support and zero Child support. We settled out of court in June 2023, the day before the hearing. My husband was an #Alcohoic and #Addiction to bad behaviors. He lied, cheated, and spent money that was supposed to support the family. To say I’m devastated is an understatement.
My #MentalHealth is suffering because I am still in the same house, in the same bed, with my Husband.
How can I go on like this?
I’ve never been suicidal but I’m exhausted. I’m current seeing my Psychiatrist and Therapist for treatment. I’m even doing IV #ketamine Treatments.
I know I deserve better in so many ways. Any ideas or suggestions on how to move on from here? I’m suffering even though I know I deserve a life that is better. 🙏

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Being dual diagnosed with #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder and co-morbid #bi -polar

Recently I was given a secondary diagnosis of #bi -polar 6 months ago.. I was mearly told it was #manicdepression which 4 months later was explained to me more.

As I sit here writing this, it perplexes me that so many individuals have #Co -morbid conditions that frankly they know nothing about.

I was so set in my recovery from my trauma and past I was positive I did not have anything else wrong.. ESP not chemically, until I realised the difference in the levels of mental illness we have..

For example; core content structure which enables your surface personality and structure. Think of it as a massive jaw breaker with load of layers, my #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder is my core content and that has cause conditions like anxiety to arise or mania..

My question is, is there anyone else out there struggling with this dual diagnosis, I’ve been diagnosed with my #BPD for over 7 years now and I thought I was in remission.. how sourly wrong I was.

Finding the perfect happy medium between the two is giving me the fear.. and to be honest I need some like minded friends.


#Bipolar rock nroller #Depression #Anxiety #Co

I am so anxious tonight I accidentally deleted from the up all night long group but anyway I don't know if anyone has ever come off of the drug eefexor before but I am experienced magor
body pain plus up all night long and my dear dad just died people are fighting and I am so anxious I can barely swallow


Has anyone been PEC'd or put in the hospital for Covid-19 and Mental illness at the same? #Co -morbid Mental Illness #COVID -19

As a non-high risk person, I contracted Covid-19. I also have co-morbid mental illness. I was attending a virtual Intensive Outpatient Program and my LCSW noticed that I was really going down hill physically as well as mentally. She talked with my therapist and psychiatrist and they completely snowballed me. They PEC'd me. (They admitted me to the hospital against my will) I was in program and my mom comes into the room with a police officer. There was am ambulance waiting outside and after about an half-hour of trying to tell them I was fine, off I went against my will. My LCSW felt I was gravely, gravely disabled and told me when we talked I was being provocative. After the ED, they put me on a 1:1 on a Bio-contained medical floor with all the other covid patients. The 1:1 sat outside the door, with the door closed. They rotated a nurse from the psych floor up to the medical floor, I had a Dr that "used to be" a psychiatrist, a really quiet psychiatric resident and a different LCSW that didn't know up from down. They would come into the room, in all the proper PPE, stand really far back and stay long enough to ask like three questions. They had no interest in treating me because of the fact that I was a psych patient on a medical floor, with a strong stigma over my head with Borderline Personality Disorder. I was isolated, put on phone restriction (not allowed to call or receive any calls), not a single person to talk to and struggling with covid. I talked my way into going home a bit over a week later. The LCSW did absolutely no discharge planning. The covid is better (thank goodness) but my depression has tanked as well as a major increase in suicidal thoughts. I feel worse mentally than when I went in. I don't know what to do? Was anyone else in the hospital on a psych and medical service, and how were you treated? How were you when you went home? Feeling majorly discouraged and lost. #COVID19MentalHealthCare #MajorDepressiveDisorder #CPTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Auditoryhallucinations #Disabled


Needing Some Advice 🙏 ✨ #Depression #Anxiety #selfcare #Co

A few months ago I had a fallout with two very close friends of mine. I won’t go into details but we eventually broke the friendship off and went our separate ways.
We had a group chat going on on Facebook Messenger and in one of the last messages they sent me they told me that they wanted nothing to do with me and that me trying to make efforts to fix our friendship was a waste of their time. Fast forward a few months to present day and we’re still not friends or really talking. With #COVID19 spreading so fast I thought about reaching out to them and seeing how they’re doing, just as an act of kindness. I want to be the bigger person here and message them but at the same time I don’t know if that’s a good idea because of one of the last things they said to me. Even if I don’t get the response I want or think I deserve I feel empowered to see past our fallout and message them. Is this a good idea? Every time I message them it always makes my anxiety go up. #Depression #Anxiety #Advice


Anyone want a friend just to talk to about mental health or general life?

I recently cut off everyone in my life except family and the boyfriend. For the sake of my mental health I had to start fresh and get away from all the toxic people in my life. They were causing to much stress and anxiety that I couldn’t allow myself to get better and focus on me. Let me tell you honestly what a relief it’s been. All I have to worry about is me and my kids mostly, family, and the significant other. But I could use some friends to just talk to. Whose up for an online friendship?
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #PTSD #Co-Dependancy #ADHD #Fibromyalgia #DID #OCD #AuditoryProcessingDisorder #PNSD



Hi all the mighty PTSD gang, this is my first post on the mighty after being a member since 2017 and have been an avid reader. Well,my thought is why do I come across to everybody I know and even people I have only met as a happy,calm,mentally well,basically I’m a joke a minute person!! This is very far from the truth,as when Iam alone the real person reappears,the unhappy and back to ruminating suffering guy that really makes me!! Also, I find it pretty strange that I think that everyone knows I will be the one that will crack jokes every time they see me,but, I don’t have ANY friends and not even family come to visit or even text or phone,unless they need something!! The person that is in touch most is,ironically my ex-wife,who coincidentally divorced me after 20 years for my lack of emotional and romantic behavior,and I take the blame for that,but I could not help it, as I have gotten older I seem to be more negative about positive emotions. You might ask,why can’t I make those phone calls or send those text messages, or go and visit those who are closest to me?  Well as along with PTSD  i have also been afflicted with anxious avoidant personality disorder, which means I crave to be liked,terrified of criticism and find that a way I can deal with my level of anxiety, I,yes,avoid and avoid again!!  So basically, I regard myself as a very kind and fair person who can be known as an a aspiring comedian that can’t understand why nobody want to come and visit me,when most people I know,know about my traumatic childhood and the hell that I endured!?  Is it because every time they do see me,I put on a facade and give them the impression that ironically I’m happier than them and I must be enjoying life to the fullest?  It’s like I’m living a double life that I certainly don’t want,so how do I let people know,and they take me seriously, that I am not that happy go lucky person they see,but someone who has permanent tension and chronic pain and if I’m in the presence of people,uncontrollable anxiety? I just don’t understand why people can’t read up on trauma and try to get the person that has a reason for not getting in touch,that maybe they are not so great after all!! PS. the two things that are most prevalent in my life at the moment are, an obsessive watch buying scenario!off course all on credit, and a recent experience that I felt in my mind what the act of dying was like,and let’s just say I never found it scary, and go to that thought to remind me that if my life gets any worse,not to worry.   As you can probably tell I’m no author, so sorry if this post is just a bumbling mess!

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Anybody else know much about or personally deal with #Co -dependence or #Co -dependent issues co-dependence issues

Almost everyone