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    Anyone else get dizzy trying to keep up with all your maladies ?

    Hi, I'm new to this particular group ☺. I'm maxxing out with this body 'O mine !

    TRDepression, BPD, arthritis, chronic illness, chronic pain, CPSTD, OAB, movement disorder, nausea, headaches, limping becuz need knee replacement. (grieving at not being able to go on a walk. That was my sanity. arrgh )

    Ok, go strech and weights instead. oooph, back pain and spine on fire. Need magnesium.
    Wait, not supposed to have that with the other med taking for chronic illness.. No supplements they said. omg ok. No tumeric either.. ok. Warm shower then.

    This med is powerful....side effects. Migraines,,,how many ibubrofen can you take in 24hrs?.. ..ok...wait,,,now the nausea,,,oooph, doubled over,,running for saltines...with cold pack to forehead. This looks ridiculous. Did it stop ? No. Can't take zofran. Ok. Angry, emotional, want to smash something.

    Not a good idea, so gotta calm down....benadryl ? Ok.

    Having movements..... Where is that medication...

    All is giving much brain fog. Can't think clearly.... Where am I here. omg ....Depression hitting hard. Ouch. Don't wanna be here anymore. Yes I do, just want to feel some happiness.

    Ok, need more anti depressant. Gotta get new thing dr. suggested from pharm. then. An anti-seizure med for depression ? Ok. Hope it works. stop taking if I get a rash and some other things.... A rash ?? More possible side effects...trying to treat one problem, can cause more. This is driving me nuts.

    Itching. Why am I itching ? Whole body hurts, physically and mentally. Want to be healthy, normal (er). Wish I could hike. Can't. In bed with illness. Use radical acceptance. Journal out frustration.

    Thoughts. Thinking, pondering. My life. Life at all. Wish I could turn my mind OFF. Where is a pill for that lol ? hmmph.

    Gotta get to sleep. Wake up 5 times a nite becuz of oab so only Tiny sips of water. Think I took 5 different things last nite trying to counter-act insomnia caused by powerful med. How is that possible, what would knock out someone else...I'm wide awake ? I GoT to sleep tho. Only break from this circus.

    Use radical acceptance. Read. Ok. Turn on noise machine to drown out roomate's movements. Thin walls. God, being an HSP drives me nuts. Ahhhhh!!🤓🙃😟☺


    Glad to be here. That's my rant ! Arrggh. Thanks !!!!

    #ChronicPain #chronicillness #BPD #cpstd #Depression #TRD #HSP #exhausted


    Grieving a abusive parent #cpstd #AbuseSurvivors #ChildAbuse

    My husband has just learned that his mother died back in 2015 from an OD.
    He hasn't seen her since he was 6 (he is 31). She abused him in almost every way, and was addicted to meth.
    There were times when she actually tried to be a mother through, like watching Twilight Zone with him and one time picking him up from school and going to get ice cream.
    He hated her guts for the last 25 years and now is being smacked with all these unknown emotions and greiving her/his lost childhood, which he wasnt expecting to.
    He is wondering what other people think and how you may have felt or what you may have done if this was you.

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    My Indy girl #EmotionalSupportAnimal #emotionalsupportpittie #mentalhealthmatters #BPD #cpstd

    She may swipe the entire bed as soon as I get up but I really don't know where I'd be without her. Her love, weight, kisses, and cuddles all keep me going


    Calling out to the sexual abuse victims community...

    My ex and I broke up about 4 years ago now, that’s a long time. I’ve worked very hard to rebuild everything he broke, and I can genuinely say my mental health is starting to improve. However, today, something so simple - I found out he was accepted into his dream school across the world into a program I know he’d love. Sounds great, right?

    I’m sitting here furious and on the edge of a mental breakdown because that same guy sexually and emotionally abused me for the entirety of our relationship (2 years), and nobody knew about it. People still don’t know about it, and I’ve only just started coming forward with minor details 4 years later. I don’t understand why that simple detail of knowing something good happened to him makes me so angry and resurfaces every negative emotion I’ve ever had for him - and the worst part is is that I thought those feelings were gone and that I had dealt with him.

    I’m sitting here thinking about all of the things I wish I could have said and wish I could have done differently. I hate everything that he put me through and to this day I’m unable to get into a serious relationship because I’m terrified of the same thing happening to me again. I’m so mad knowing he is moving on and I’m still stuck with all of the scars he left.

    Has anyone else felt this way, specifically regarding an abuser? I have no idea how to get past those emotions... I don’t want to feel stuck anymore. Could really use some support right now 😞.

    #cpstd #PTSD #Abuse #SexualAbuse #MeToo #Anxiety #angry #MentalHealth #help #Support


    Memories Resurfacing #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #cpstd #Trauma #Anxiety

    Today I was sitting outside just watching trains go by and in a split second, I was having flashbacks of my mother abusing me. I "came back" and started to shake and cry. "How could she do that to me?!" I screamed inside. "How?!"
    I am scared I will fall down to where I used to be:. Full blown psychosis. I hope I don't, but it worries me.

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    #Anxiety #Depression #cpstd #pstd #OCD

    First I would just like to say, is that, I am loving all the art works and creativity in this group. You all need a round of applause. ♥️♥️♥️
    I love drawing, painting (water colour and Pastel painting, plus scrapbooking and card making. Though I do obsess over the end result and question myself when as to when it is finished and good enough and is there something I missed or could redo better. My soul cries out to paint and draw but my mind says you’re not good enough.

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    Would you rather? #Depression #lonilness #cpstd #PTSD

    A few years ago on a morning radio talk show a question was posed to host or the radio show along with co-host. That question changed my life forever.
    A simple “would you rather? Spend a lifetime in a committed relationship being content? Or Enter a relationship with the person made for you but only to have it last a year, then never see them again?
    It’s funny that everyone who was asked that question including myself opted for the chance to be with the one who was made for you.
    I’d like to ask a follow up question. What would you give up in order to have that chance? Would you take the risk not knowing they even existed??