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Undiagnosed symptoms

Hi. I have lived with GI and mental health issues my whole life. I had 3 carpal tunnel surgeries 4+ years ago for severe symptoms, but only got minimal relief (despite nerve tests showing borderline-mild neuropathy afterwards). About a year and a half ago I also began having pain in many areas of my body, as well as increased nausea, headaches, fatigue, cognitive symptoms, and diarrhea. My doctor wouldn't refer me to a specialist and said it was muscle tension, IBS, and anxiety. He sent me to physical therapy for my neck and shoulder pain and limited range of motion. He did some tests that showed slightly high inflammation and WBC count, but said they were normal. After a few appointments that went poorly, I switched PCPs and the new one sent me to specialists. I have tears in my rotator cuffs and very inflamed biceps tendons. I also have a small bulging disc in my lumbar and mild arthritis. I have a neurologist who has done an EMG, nerve test, brain MRI, and bloodwork with no abnormalities besides borderline inflammation. My primary asked me if anyone has told me I have fibromyalgia. But she is hesitant to diagnose me or refer me to a rheumatologist. I have a gastroenterologist who found slightly high inflammation in my stool, but will not do a colonoscopy despite recent unintentional weight loss as well. I am seeking a second opinion. But even if I do have an IBD, it still would not cause me muscle spasms and stuff. My twin has fibromyalgia and I am thinking I have it as well. I am currently taking prescribed meds including duloxetine, vitamins and supplements, going to physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, and doing a lot of work in my mental health therapy. I try to eat and sleep well. It's hard trying to manage symptoms without a definitive diagnosis. I recently had my left rotator cuff and biceps tendon repaired and have been in severe pain. The muscle spasms have gotten worse, especially in my deltoid, bicep, and tricep. I started a muscle relaxer and it helps slightly. I'm not sure what I need, besides some support in the process on finding a diagnosis and coping with my symptoms. I am very tired. I used so much energy just trying to get people to believe that's it's not just anxiety. I have 5-10 medical appointments every week. I am having more panic attacks because of everything being so overwhelming. It's very difficult, but I keep trying.

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Migraine and Diarrhea

Neither are pleasant, but I'm curious how many migrainers get diarrhea instead of or in addition to nausea. I see lots about nausea, but very little about diarrhea.
I have IBS and in April had emergency gallbladder surgery (yes, in the middle of the pandemic... not fun). I'm now trying to figure out if these episodes of diarrhea are migraine related or still my body healing from surgery and dealing with no gallbladder.
Any insights or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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This Might Get A Little Personal But....

Does anyone experience diarrhea when their ankles get too cold? I have issues wearing capris in air conditioned buildings and outside on some spring and fall days. It usually seems to happen when my knees are covered but ankles are exposed. I have #POTS #MCAS and #EDS Could it be any of these???
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Am I in #Remission with my #CrohnsDisease & #UlcerativeColitis cause I think it missed it..

I was so happy to have less #Pain in my body, less #ShortBowelSyndrome always running to the bathroom and having #Energy...I thought I was in #Remission from #CrohnsDisease ..it happened so quickly that I forgot to celebrate. Out of the blue came the #Pain, #Diarrhea #Appetite zero...can anyone relate? It was like watching a speed car race...here then gone. Urgh...hello, #FlareUps!