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Tips for emotional eating?

I think I’m developing binge eating disorder or at least for sure emotional eating, I’m pretty overweight for my age but based on my ethnicity and such we are more naturally curvy or plus sized, but regardless for health and trying to slim down or at least be healthier/ more active and eat healthier or less big portions. What are your tips or anything that helps you personally if you struggle with this or even if you don’t any ideas, or anything you have personally looked up online/ learned in therapy etc.

Thanks!! Appreciate it! Super hard to lose weight but I really need to make a change :c before I gain more weight I’m currently 85kg and 5”3 so it’s definitely too high for my frame. Mainly the thighs and also lately my stomach/waist.

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Help! #EmotionalEating

How does everyone cope with emotional eating?!?

For myself, it’s almost like mindless eating choices when I’m anxious, down, or feeling poorly related to my #MultipleSclerosis

It’s like it helps me numb even more. I just can’t do it anymore and I need y’all’s advice!!!

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Taking Action Towards Wellness

I’m terrible about taking care of my body. I eat like crap. I don’t exercise. My sleep pattern sucks. Then, I wonder why my mind and body hate me so much! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄😒 Of course, I have about a million excuses, primarily my #ADHD , #EmotionalEating , #MajorDepressiveDisorder , and #Fibromyalgia . It’s valid: those things make it extremely difficult to find the willpower to follow through. I know I’m not alone in that. I also know that my eating, while it doesn’t necessarily *cause* all those problems, absolutely *contributes* to them. If I want to get better, if I want my mind and body to be well, then I need to practice some #OppositeAction and change my habits, even though it will be extremely difficult and frustrating. I know in advance that I won’t be perfect at it, and I’m holding space for that. I’m NOT perfect, and shouldn’t EXPECT perfection from myself, anymore than I expect it from others.

So, I made a couple signs for myself, as reminders of my new-ish rules for eating. The sign that’s pictured has some rules based on the Juice Plus+ Shred10 program, but slightly altered to accommodate my own lifestyle. (Ie: minimal, rather than “no” caffeine and processed foods. I don’t think all “processed foods” are bad, you just have to be wise about label reading, and chocolate technically has caffeine, and I’m NOT giving up chocolate!!😱)

The other sign has suggestions of things to do, when I get the munchies: drink 2 cups of water, exercise for 5 mins (because that’s honestly about as long as I can currently do), get some sunshine, do something crafty, read my Bible, pray a gratitude prayer, memorize a Bible verse, hug/tickle a kid, etc.

It’s really hard, because my family’s eating habit revolves around processed foods, in large part because of sensory challenges, and because I don’t have teeth to chew tough things, like nuts, raw vegetables, whole meats, etc. I just got dentures, so I’m trying, but it’s hard to get used to and painful. I mostly rely on smoothies.

Anyway, screw New Years resolutions that never get kept. I’m doing this for me, for the long haul, because I need it, and my family needs ME.


Struggling #BingeEatingDisorder #foodaddiction #EmotionalEating

I’ve been struggling with food addiction, binge, and emotional eating for most of my life. My mom is an emotional eater and because of those tendencies and what groceries were in the house, I came into that as well. I did have a period of time about 8 years ago when I was the healthiest I had ever been. I was eating balanced and healthy as well as exercising and was able to maintain the weight loss for almost 3 years. Due to a move and change in routine, I gained all of that weight back over the course of 2 years. I’ve been struggling recently with food because I want to recreate a healthy routine like I had done before and get back down to a healthy weight, where I feel confident and comfortable in my own skin again. I have gotten in bad habits during Covid of ordering in and making unhealthy choices. I started intermittent fasting in July and have lost inches but not as many pounds. I find myself falling into the same temptations of ordering food through the apps and making not always the healthiest decisions on food while eating out or grocery shopping. When this happens, I binge because I feel like I’ve been depriving myself. Has anyone had a similar struggle or any suggestions to break the bad eating habits and create healthy long term habits during this unique time?


Eating to cope

So all my life I was fat and my entire my family is fat so I’m oh ok. I recently embarked on an amazing meal plan and exercise regimen it was stress full and it was putting a strain on me mentally and physically but I kept pushing through. So then I lost 95 pounds and now I’m no longer with the company for this meal plan regimen so I’m back to eating on my own. I eat eat and eat when I’m stressed or need to feel better but before I would eat the healthy good already prepared and I had started smoking due to the stress. I stopped smoking and is eating junk again to cope how do I stop when food is what helps me in times of stress and times where I want to smoke and There are times I just want to eat 😪 I think I suffer from anxiety, depression and I’m an emotional eater. #HighFunctioningAnxiety #EmotionalEating
#Depression #EatingDisorders


Making good #habbits with #PTSD and #Depression

Hi everyone, currently I am making changes in my daily life for the better. Going to bed at a decent hour, not eating after dinner, regular personal hygiene and meal planning. I'm only about 3 days in and I'm going crazy. I get so in my head, then I get #depressed and my #Anxiety gets worse. Some of these coping strategies have been in my life since I was 8. Such as #EmotionalEating and staying up really late and being too depressed to clean or even care for myself. I have an appointment with a #nutritionist tomorrow and regular #Therapy . Please #checkin with me and #encourage me.


Finding Me

I am recovering from surgery number 2 on my foot. Surgery one was a success in April and now I find myself at a bittersweet place.

How do you find yourself after years of physical pain wounding you mentally and emotionally?

It will take months for both my feet to be somewhat normal and the surgery scars remain, yet my compulsion to emotionally eat and feed my anxiety remains.

So on the one hand I can say, things can change and work out for the better, but on the other hand I'm still trying to figure myself out here.

So I have to ask, how do y'all keep anxiety at bay and not stress/emotionally eat?

Much love to you all, you are beyond strong and have a million things to live for.

#Anxiety #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #EmotionalHealth #EmotionalEating #Surgery

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Emotional weight gain and control #CerebralPalsy #weight #EmotionalEating

I’ve been emotionally eating since my late 20’s and early 30’s. I ate the amount of bagels I was not supposed to . So now my mother has decided to take those away from me . My parents are taking control of my life because most of the time I don’t make good choices. I also have a father who grew up in the MENA region where their views are more religious and really conservative which means no dating unless someone comes to ask for me which let’s face it no one has asked for me personally just talking. When they find out I have mild cp we just resort to being friends. The struggle with my food consumption is that it helps me cope with my emotional issues I can’t fast or anything to suppress my emotional desires. I’ve come to Terms with it I just have to figure it out . Even though I dislike most healthy food like veggies



A good thought occurred to me this week. Tell myself it’s time for nourishment instead of eating. Nourishment implies giving my body what is healthy.

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