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An interesting development

#Doctors #Scoliosis Hi. How is everyone today? Before we officially go into fall I would like to share a interesting development that has quietly taken shape. I was looking through my test results & noticed one that was tucked in there. My spinal scans from the spinal specialist & whats hypocritical of him is when he told my mom that everything is normal. Yet the report said otherwise. They noted a dextroscoliosis of 26 degrees in my neck, a 13 degree levoscoliosis in my upper spine & a marked coronal imbalance measuring 18.1cm or 7 inches. So what does this mean? Well, a few things it means a rare form scoliosis called cervicothoraric scoliosis in combination with degenerative signs in the cervix & a laryngocele with other findings on brain scan this would point to a little known condition called klippel feil syndrome. BUT WAIT! there is one very profound problem nothing in my genetics mentions any gene related to klippel feil. however, this caught my attention. There is a locus on 8p22.2 that is known to cause laryngeal malformation. This condition is autosomal dominant. My mom has complained about hearing loss & a stooped posture in her neck for years that isn't being cured by chiropractics. Now I'm starting to wonder if my degenerative disc disease of the neck & these new findings will point us toward a new diagnosis. Unless it's just a spinal injury but considering the development of a zenkers diverticulum & prior pinched nerve causing dizziness (radiculopathy). It's also associated with jaw disorders like micrognathia of which I have.

Anyways, everyone. . .have a great fall & wonderful new year. ;)


I'm new here!

Hi, my name is gracesusan. I'm here because I have hearing loss with tinnitus and I'm looking for more information for dealing with these issues. I will be getting hearing aids soon and am looking for information to help learning to navigate that process.



Health Update!

The last six months have been constant battles with my old primary, but finally got two liver ultrasound and confirmed liver disease. About a month and half ago, I was having severe liver pain, throwing up, sudden confusion, lightheaded, and could barely hold myself up. I couldn’t eat anything but soup for days and it took days for the confusion and to finally feel normal again. I ended up going to urgent care and they said the next time it happens to go straight to the emergency room and that I need to see a liver specialist. Finally have an appointment with a new primary to get another ultrasound and blood work done. Going to see pain management and discuss new symptoms with my Fibromyalgia and more likely will be getting a brain mri and CT scan to see if anything has change or damage has been done to the brain and to check for Dystonia. Going to be going soon to finally fix my ears and going ti be getting the money up to get my laparoscopy to confirm whether or not I have Endometriosis and to burn anything out that’s needs to be burned out. And will be getting the test done to check for lupus. #ChronicIllness #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Dystonia #Lupus #Spoonie #Endometriosis #LiverDisease #ChronicFatigue #HearingLoss

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I'm new here!

I have been sick for 27 months after a fall and hitting my head. After taking the Covid 19 shots a few weeks before, my symptoms became more pronounced. I live with nausea, pain, unbalance now, eye issues and hearing loss as well as pressure between my eyes. I suffer with chronic constipation, back, leg, hip and quite honestly all over pain. If I get in a pool and get out, I feel like I will faint. My weight and blood pressure are all over the place. I have other issues since the fall and can't get my strength back. I can't get Doctors to even listen to me. Had a Myringotomy and it made my head pressure worse. Meds tend to make it worse. Hard to get a physician to take time to listen and proceed to send me to the right person for help. No one looks at the entire picture anymore. I am cognitively in great shape, it is the physical body that is hurting. My mental status is very stressed right now, after going on three years of this, it takes a toll on your wellbeing. I don't give up, sent me to a Psych and he told my Doctor, "she does not have mental issues, it is physical and will rectify itself, when she can get a diagnosis to fix the problem or at least deal with it." " She is very alert and smart and strong!" I move forward with this hope and knowing something is wrong and can be fixed. I just need help finding the right person. My sleep schedule is up at 2 a.m., sick on my stomach, pressure between my eyes can't focus at all for hours. Weak, bladder issues just recently, sore legs, arms, back, pelvic, stomach and bowel area, leg cramps nightly. Inner ear and balance issues. So many things, I do not know what or where to turn. I have seen Gastro's, Cardiologist, ENT, Allergist, Psych, Neurologist who did nothing but make me walk and tap my knees. Integrative Internist, charged a lot, did nothing. Eye Doctors, had leg nerve conduction study, MRI on my abdomen, head, hips. Orthopedics Doctors, just had a hip replacement. Hands swell now, do not know why. Vascular guy, massage therapist, Chiropractor. A retired Geneticist said he thought I had Autonomic Nerve dysfunction all along. Had a detached Retina caused from the fall and Concussion at the time and two Cataract surgeries since then. No one has even attempted to look into the root cause. My body temp is all over the place. I take no meds other thanTylenol, Advil , sinus by Vicks. I am getting worse on a daily basis. I was physically fit until this happened, now I push myself to get out of bed. I am a fighter and will not quit until someone, somewhere helps me. I will try anything to get my old self back. I am or was, a Watercolorist, hands don't work, but my Brain still does! Vagus nerve damage possibly from the original fall, but no help whatsoever. Can't live like this, it is awful. I cry daily! I help so many people and now I need help.it has ruined my life, thanks for listening. I am so tired!


Frustrated, Depressed and Hopeful at the same time!


I haven't been on in a week or little more. I love all the encouragement here, and at the same time can't handle hearing others issues. Makes me feel like an azz cause he I am venting. My head is kinda messed up again and my flashbacks are back. I went to my daughter's yesterday to watch my youngest two grandsons. Actually my daughter offered to pick me up so I didn't have to walk the half mile in the heat. When I asked about my oldest grandson she informed me that he was several hours away but coming back that day as he had a severe breakdown and had to get inpatient treatment. Bipolar and Sciz (never could spell that word); my ex-husband has the first and my middle child has both. I have major anxiety and depression. She asked me not to tell anyone as it wasn't announced to outside their household. When I first heard it was like getting punched in the gut. Had to fight my head in convincing myself I was a good parent. My sons first time in inpatient he was eight. What I didn't understand until around 5 years later was that he heard voices (at very young age) that told him to hurt or ki** people. I had to learn to read his body language, moods, tone of voice and think three steps in front of him to prevent any violent outbursts. He went through trial and error will a multitude of medications before the proper cocktail was found. But he had numerous meds that he had adverse reactions to. Ranging from hand tremors, eye twitching, weight gain and seizures to name a few. He's in his middle twenties now, able to not be on any medication and is doing well. Yet he hates me for all the placements "I" put him in. Of around ten, I asked his doctor only once to please place him as I needed a break. The other times either his doctor or the school was persistent that he needed more help than what I could give. I explained to him that "his behavior is what sent him each time I had to take him. All I did was sign the paperwork. Back then I was afraid if I hadn't taken him for the help I know he needed that the school or doctors could have him taken from my care.
So now my grandson is facing the same hard road. My daughter also has more milder Bipolar yet is in denial. From what my daughter told me was that her and her wife had gotten into a huge disagreement/fight and my oldest grandson lost it. My daughter-in-law is staying at her parents and they are leaving for a 3 night 4 day family vacation as planned. When they returned will be going into counseling for the family. My son's actually live together and last week I received several phone calls from the youngest fiance saying they were fighting will the first one saying they were close to becoming physical. I had already been on my way there but after that phone call disregarded the actual speed limit and made my own. Surprised her when I got there sooner than expected. The third call came in the midst of my severe head cold and was miserable. My oldest called and after I talked with them both over the phone I told them I am not coming as I could not safely drive, that they are both adults they need to figure it out themselves and the needed to grow the **** up.
Today I drove a friend to run some errands and he triggered me but I could control my reactions. He tells me every time I take him somewhere that he has PTSD when riding in a car. So he's saying; your speeding, slow down (only once was I going more than 5 over the limit). Grabbing the handle at different times, etc. I explained that I understand PTSD and I'm actually a very good driver. When I asked where his ptsd came from, he said he didn't really know as he hadn't been in an accident unless it was when he was little and don't remember. But my ex (abuser) would constantly criticize my driving. Yelling even, and threatening. Once he made me pull over as he said I turned the corner at the light wrong and he was driving. Well, let's just say that was the second time he made me walk home.
On a lighter note, I should be getting my apartment soon. I'm praying it's this week. I will be calling the lady in the morning and asking when I'm supposed to come sign my paperwork so I can move in. I'm so tired of couch hopping. Carrying my things that I'll need for several days everywhere I go. Been doing that since end of January. As grateful as I am that I've been able to do that and not be out on the street, it's old. I'm old! Or at least my body is.
I was talking to my uncle the other day and I told him that I had written down everything I've been diagnosed with because I always forget and just tell the doctor that I've listed the major issues. But with listing my hearing loss and requiring glasses to plantar facility's to carpal tunnel syndrome to hEDS to C-PTSD I have been diagnosed with 47 different things. When I go for my yearly physical next month my doctor isn't going to be happy because I haven't gotten my mammogram or my colonoscopy done. But as I told my uncle, my head can NOT handle knowing anything else is wrong with me. I don't let any of them define who I am. Yet in some ways they do. My triggers for my flashbacks define me, as does my anxiety and pain. Everyday those 3 I deal with 24/7. I'm like trust me I know I have medical issues, major non life threatening one. Even if I did take those tests and they found something wrong, I don't know that I would take measures in trying to make things better.
Every year for the past 45 years I had been diagnosed with something new because my body is slowly deteriorating. This past year, I've gotten 4 new diagnosises. When I asked my uncle if he had seen where I gave his birthday wishes he said yes and thanked me. Then we were talking about age and medical problems. I told him that I don't want to live to be his age (73) I'm 52 because of how my body already is. Yet I want to live and see my grandsons grow into men. It's days where I allow myself to think deeply about myself that ... it's just very depressing. I always bring myself back up to being positive.
I do apologize this is pretty long. But I thank you for allowing me to express myself and vent. I appreciate you all for reading it through. May God Bless each and everyone of you! #PTSD #c -PTSD #ChronicPain #ChronicIllnessEDS #MentalHealth #DomesticAbuseSurvivors #EmotionalAbuse

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Jcat1919. I'm here because my toddler has hearing loss and epilepsy and he is small, but mighty!


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'Shocking' lack of evidence on antidepressants for chronic pain'- New article from the BBC on a new review of previous studies on the topic

Kind of an inflammatory headline in my opinion 😅

As it could be read as: 'stop taking #antidepressants immediately as they don't help chronic pain AT ALL'.

When rather the review is suggesting:

A) Antidepressants have been prescribed for chronic pain for years and STILL there seems to be no clear or concrete understanding into how they help the pain of chronic pain sufferers.

B) Confusion into whether antidepressants do help the pain aspect of chronic pain.

C) As many suffers have [very unstandably] mental health issues they could be helping that. Making pain management easier 🤔

C) Which antidepressants is concretely better for chronic pain.

Article found here:
'Shocking' lack of evidence on antidepressants for chronic pain

Another wonderful day for chronic pain sufferers🙃

I joke.

It is better to have this awareness and recognition that ultimately MORE RESEARCH, DONE MUCH LONGER is urgently needed.

However, I do feel like articles like this arm those who are very anti-antidepressants. The NHS is definitely trying to move away from prescribing medication in general for chronic pain sufferers.

(In my opinion) though I believe this is more a money saving move than a research influenced change of course. As soon as I see CBT as an alternative I feel vindicated 😆

For those who aren't aware the NHS (largely to save money) prescribes CBT for literally EVERYTHING nowadays 🥲😔

#ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #ChronicFatigue #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #CBT #Agoraphobia #AgoraphobiaWithoutHistoryOfPanicDisorder #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #BackPain #Jointpain #AuditoryProcessingDisorder #BladderIncontinence #InterstitialCystitis #Insomnia #Asthma #Prediabetic #HearingLoss #hippain #dissociation #NHS #Nice

'Shocking' lack of evidence on antidepressants for chronic pain

Hundreds of thousands are prescribed medication without enough scientific proof it helps, UK experts say.
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Pelvic Exam of 2023

Hey 👋🏼 kings and queens 🤴🏻 👸🏻 so I just to start off I know I had a story that was bothering me since February of this year but here is the answer to it now. Around before this I had told my parents and best friend that I made a decision that I will go for a pelvic exam🧐 . Plus I always looked bloated 🤰🏻 I thought 💭 it was fat or even pregnant but it wasn’t but please be respectful and give reassurance as a find a way to recover from this ❤️‍🩹We will see where this is headed. Also this is why I have been so quiet after February and have not been checking in those who I wanted to check in also sounded something off. I stopped posting since February 5th of this year. Anyway so I had been declining a Pelvic exam since I was 18 years old I was scared to find out and all due to my autism, anxiety, social anxiety and depression) I really have been a survivor since I was 13 years of age. ✌🏼Also I declined on going to the doctor 👨🏻‍⚕️ for a long time since I was 18 also I heard that word high cholesterol from my doctor’s words that it was in my blood 🩸as well and I need to take care of it so now 4 years as passed. I will be getting referred to go and get a Pelvic examination🧐 and call an ambulance 🚑 for myself. But I will be going to be okay that’s all I want think of for me I had the mentality that it’s just a puzzle 🧩 piece when I found out having autism, it’s just a block in my ear 👂🏼 for my hearing loss on my right ear so ended up using a hearing aid 🦻🏼 it needs some screwing 🪛 when I had been diagnosed with mild intellectual disability along with dyslexia when

I read as well📘 it is just another block in my eyes 👀 so I need glasses 👓 due to my astigmatism lastly it’s just a huge balloon 🎈 behind me when I had DD breasts I will share soon🔜 let’s strike hard together 🥋 I am going to be okay as there is this saying “go little rockstar” 🤘🏼 and we got this. Thanks to one of the YouTubers I appreciate to tell to double check my health no matter what 🙏🏼🖤 I know I was supposed to get it checked at 18 just once again it was my anxiety anyway also please take care of yourself when things are wrong and before it’s too late 🗣️ be easy on me as I go through this. But it is all the dizziness 😵‍💫, struggling to get up, feeling weak 🦴, the fatigue 🥱 moments, almost collapsed moments, collapsed moments, black out moments, sleepless night, waking up randomly in the morning ☀️ and so much more here is the reason. Just know I will be okay 👌🏼 just pray for me as I go through this time I am seeking reassurance 🫂, thoughts 💭, prayers 🙏🏼, the hype 👏🏼 and patience plus might need some peace so once I recover I can be back to my black belt 🥋 training and the next other chapters can’t wait to update you all soon but goodbye cyst ball I am that one ball of wonder baby 🤘🏼 plus I know cyst or cancer don’t know what it will be is scary word but I will be okay just keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I recover slowly I felt like a kangaroo 🦘

With love 🖤and respect

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