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Body dysmorphia TW (do not read if u struggle with body image or have an ED)

I hate my body. i hate every bit of it. I have skinny limbs but a big round fat stomach. Its disgusting. All these girls are more attractive than me and have perfect bodies. Even the new girl my TW r@pist is talking to has a perfect body. Was I not good enough for him because of my body? Am I only good for sex? Am I that worthless? #SexualAssault #jealous #BodyImage


Unfair TW: r@pe

its so unfair how my TW rapist is out on bail and can live a normal life until the trial. ik justice will be served but he deserves to be in jail right tf now. I found out hes still talking to under age girls and flirting with them. i feel like those girls are better than me. I bet hes not using them like he used me. I just wanted him to like me. The world is so unfair #unfair #SexualAssault #jealous

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Jealousy #jealous #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

Does anyone have any tips for how to combat jealousy in their romantic relationships? I have recently begun talking to a guy I like a lot and haven’t been able to stop snooping on what he likes on Instagram. There is a reason for this. The photos he is liking are mostly half naked women, women that I look nothing like. I don’t want to scare him off by asking about it but it really bothers me and I’m having a hard time feeling confident in myself when I know he’s constantly looking at other girls. Please help! Idk what to do

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Sad I’m never going to be a mom. 😢😣

I could really use some “I get it”-type comments if you’re out there. I’m so envious of my boyfriend being a parent. I missed my “chance.” We recently moved in together. Tonight his son is going to his first homecoming. And I …well, I’m grateful I’m getting to share these experiences as a stepmom in the making, but the fact I won’t ever experience them as an actual mother hurts! Especially because my depression, my anxiety, and my other emotional issues, are a big reason why I’m childless. I hate this.
#stepparent #sad #lonely #envious #jealous #Depression #BipolarDepression #Anxiety #Childless


Hi I’m Jealous... Anyone Else Bitter?

I had a friend reach out to me saying it’s been forever since we last hung out and obvsly I didn’t explain to them why I haven’t been looking to hang but it’s because I get angry that other people are happy and I’m not.
Please don’t come on here to tell me I’m a bad person for feeling this way because I won’t tolerate it and I doubt I’m the only one.. I hope not anyways.
I feel guilty feeling happy when other people have bad things happening in their lives but I’m so sick of always being the one with a shit life while others are enjoying life. I wouldn’t ever sabotage anyone’s happiness but I feel the need to always isolate because I just can’t be happy for others. My therapist says it’s because I’ve never been happy myself but it’s exhausting.
I have to watch other people and cheer them on while I’m self harming and purging and drinking my life away? I don’t want to hear about anyone’s life or to have to pretend.
I feel toxic so it feels best for me to isolate from others so I don’t let my bitterness get in the way.
It’s fucked up but I genuinely get happy when other people don’t get their way. I know misery loves company but I really know deep down I don’t want bad things to happen to my friends and ironically, if they’re sad, I will try to help! But it’s hard when you feel like joy is only something that happens to other people and not me.
I’m honestly annoyed they even messaged me in the first place. My defense mechanism becomes anger and avoidance. Why would they want someone negative in their lives? I would rather step away than constantly wish ill upon the people close to me and feel excitement at their bad news.
I just feel like a bad person but my depression and anger issues are drowning me out. I don’t want to hear about anything going anyone’s way because I naturally compare and it eats away at me that the world is so damn unfair.
I wish I could just catch a breath so I don’t have to feel so inferior.
Anyone else? Only people who relate please.
I don’t want anyone trying to tell me not to feel how I feel.

#anger #jealous #Depression


#relationship #jealous #possessive #Emotionally #anxious #MentalHealth

I'm having serious problems in my life personal issues and in relationships.
I'm worried about my relationship is in crumbles because im over jealous and possessive, i hate acting like this but everytime I'm not sure about my partner's attitude I get mad and assume that he is cheating on me. I love him and don't want to lose him but he is not happy about my behavior.
I admit I have trust issues and sometimes I'm depressed about my own personal issues that i don't know if I will ever feel happy and breath fresh air again, im just miserable and I'm noticing that now I feel better when our relationship is in good terms, i really need help I'm just miserable and I feel like a failure because nothing that i do succeed. I'm worried about my 2 girls because of the person I am, i can't give them love they deserve, i don't know how because I never had parents love nor raised by my parents, my mother passed away when i was six and even before then I was staying with my eldest sister who I thought was my mother, only realized she was my sister later. by the time I knew I have a mother and see her I was six years when she came for festive season because she was working in another province(Johannesburg, Benoni) by the time I was aware that i has a mother it was only for 3weeks I spent with her when she came for holidays, on January after she went back to work she was hit by a car and died. my life is been trauma after trauma, i trying to make it in life but I don't achieve anything. I'm battling spiritually, mentally and emotionally,
I don't have close friends that i can share or get inspiration, im always alone, besides I'm comfortable to be alone because im preventing people to see that my mood can change anytime and they will annoy me and i don't want them to see Me as a bad person because im not is just that im struggling.
I'm scared that i put my joy from a man and I don't want that.


How to deal with #sarcasm ?

How do you deal with your only sister who can’t control her #Jealousy and #sarcasm which only leads to my #AnxietyDisorder and #ChronicPain which only leads to my #InvisibleIllness and of course #Migraines and #nausea . This week We as Orthodox Jews celebrate Sukkot, (Feast of The Tabernacles), where you sit in a temporary hut and eat your meals. My mother was welcomed to my sister’s house, but We were not permitted to come because my husband had a #Stroke and is ##Paralized on his left side. So again, I ask you, how do you deal with such a #jealous and ##sarcastic woman who must have the last word?

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They say “You choose your mood” so I’ll just choose to be Thankful!

One day I’ll thank Logan for keeping me so ACTIVE😩😉

But for now ..I’ll just try and imagine what it’s like to have pretty hair and make up on with a phone in one hand and a Starbucks in the other while watching all comfy from the sidelines ....#jealous (sometimes;) 😉#Autism


maybe this is #Silly

I find that I'm jealous of the amount of friends my bf had on Facebook. like friends that actually engage with him they like his posts, they comment, they have conversations, and they tag him all the time. I want that, but it's so hard for me to open up to people cuz of my social anxiety. I always end up saying something that's tmi, or being overly excited to have a friend and then people seem to just slowly drift away. ugh I wish it was as easy for me as he makes it look.
#Facebook #Friends #SocialAnxiety #jealous