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Embarrassed by symptoms

How do you cope when your mental health symptoms make you act weird and embarrass yourself in front of a group of people? #Embarrassed #OCD #PTSD #TicDisorders

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Mental Tics as someone with a Tic disorder

Random nonsense words will enter my mind. Or phrases that repeat themselves over and over for a few minutes.

I know this isn’t my OCD, because #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder involves intrusive thoughts that are disturbing and anxiety invoking, followed by physical or mental compulsions of some kind.

With mental tics that are a part of having a tic disorder, the words that run through one’s head are often random or a repetition of something you’ve heard someone else say. This has been my experience anyways.

The mental tics are never disturbing or anxiety inducing, but rather simply annoying and repetitive. They can be bothersome, yes. But they are not upsetting the way OCD-related intrusive thoughts are for me.

The mental tics can, however, be disruptive, especially if I’m trying to focus. Tic disorders of any kind are especially common for those who have OCD, ADHD, or Autism. I experience a mixture of all of the above, my neurodivergent brain often in overload.

I feel mental tics are hardly ever talked about. I’ve read about mental tics anecdotally by other’s with tic disorders or #TouretteSyndrome; it is not an official diagnostic symptom, but a possible additional feature of this type of neurodivergence.

I share this to continue to educate others about my experience and help those that come across this to feel less alone if they relate.

Join my Tic disorders & Comorbidities! here on The Mighty as well if you’re interested!

Do you have mental tics?

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I am curious what dx'es you all may have or suspect

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Tic disorder or Tourette's (started in chilhood)
13% ●
Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)
0% ●
Tardive Dyskinesia (tics / movements caused by antipsychotic
7% ●
Restless Legs Syndrome
13% ●
Skin picking or hair pulling
67% ●
15 votes
15 votes

ANOTHER UPDATE... neurology appointment today #TardiveDyskinesia #TicDisorders #RestlessLegsSyndrome

I hope this message finds you all well... and if it doesn't... sending good vibes your way!

I just got back from a neurology appointment. It turns out I was misdiagnosed with Restless Legs Syndrome (I do not have it, but have been taking unnecessary medication for it) but I DO have a childhood tic disorder that is mostly in remission along with the more bothersome Tardive Dyskinesia.

TD, for those that don't know, is caused by taking antipsychotic medications for long periods of time. It's relatively rare so if you're on antipsychotics please do not worry-- but I seem to be having symptoms of it.

Luckily my TD is relatively mild but still bothersome regardless.... I am grateful to have found some answers and that I will be coming off the RLS medication. As for the TD, we are waiting for now on whether or not to add medication for that.

Does anyone else here have Tardive Dyskinesia?

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How is everyone doing?

I have a personal update: if you haven't noticed, I changed my name and pronouns on here-- so I'll reintroduce myself:

My name is Kaden and I use he/him or they/them pronouns. I struggle with mental illness and am neurodivergent. I am also overcoming a lot of trauma.

Thank you for reading! I will also attach the link to my latest article about disability, as it is disability pride month! Do you identify as disabled?

This Disability Pride Month, I'm Celebrating Being Myself

LASTLY: How are you tic disorders and comorbidities affecting you lately? I will be seeing a neurologist in a couple weeks (early August) to address my own issues

#TicDisorders #MentalHealth #Disability #OCD #ADHD #Autism

This Disability Pride Month, I'm Celebrating Being Myself

"I wouldn't be who I am in all the good ways without my disabilities."