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    Are these groups very active, or am I to much, wishing I had others to talk to.

    2nd time around and it still doesn't seem like a Support Group.

    ***Not looking for fakes, since I've came
    back, majority of messages and
    people wanting to talk have been

    ***So much for Support, Care, and

    Don't recommend Counsoling, or do I need Counsoling, makes me so mad.

    All I need is people like u who understand, care, etc


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    Community Voices

    Why is it people can't except me for me??
    Why do they keep shoving positivity down my throat, I'm chronically ill and in pain daily, they say u aren't ur pain or ur illness.

    If I'm to negative, u may walk away, every one else has.

    I'm not gonna sugar coat, usually there isn't a good day in my life.

    My own mother called me a Horrible House because I fell asleep at her house one day.

    I've been called a Debbie Downer and Burden.

    People say well they can't experience what we go through well they can have compassion, care, love, ***NOW U ALL KNOW WHY I COME HERE SO MUCH.

    I don't need counsoling.

    I'm tired of people shoving God down my throat.

    I'm tired of people saying, well, if u had a little bit more Faith, if u loved God a little more, etc.


    U wanna come trade places

    People say well hope can't lie in people, maybe God sent people to be there for me just to listen being an ear to hear, like the mighty.

    I love coming here, but, not finding it very supportive.

    Lord, if people can't handle my bad days which r EVERY SINGLE DAY, then I definately don't want them here on my good days, which r rare.

    #no Shame
    #no Support

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    Community Voices

    Not Doing Well

    Thank God this is my day off, been up since about 4:30 in extreme pain, thank God, I only moaned and groaned last night in my sleep.

    Already had a jerking and shaking episode, trying to calm my body down.

    Can't get comfortable

    Thank u all for accepting me for me.


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    Community Voices

    Where is everyone from?
    How old r u?
    What Is ur Diagnosis?
    Support or No Support

    Nicholasville, Kentucky (USA)
    36yrs old

    Congenital Hydrocephalus,
    Retinaopathy of Prematurity
    Chronic Knee, Ankle, Wrist, Shoulder Pain
    2 L5 S1 Discectomies
    Jerking and Shaking Episodes
    Possible Neuropathy
    Possible RA
    Possible Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    No Support
    No Friends

    To several I'm a Debbie Downer and Burden, Horrible House Guest


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