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COVID impeding healthcare

As a chronic health patient have you had difficulty accessing healthcare and has your health taken a turn for the worse due to an inability to reach your providers or obtain followup, testing and treatments?

Most of my specialists aren’t following up at all. It’s taking office staff 8 months to order prescriptions. I recently got so sick from unaddressed unmonitored anemia (that I’ve seen hematology for for years) that I was called and told to go to the ER for a blood transfusion. It was known to be low in September and hematology left it, never followed up until I contacted them several times and got my PCP to run their tests. What can be done about this? It’s a disgrace that chronic illness patients are totally and negligently on the back burner to their detriment for 10 months. #Anemia #IronDeficiency #Dysautonomia #ChronicIllness #Fatigue


Feeling misunderstood by my family (again)

I have #Anxiety , #Depression , I’m currently iron deficient and my thyroid is low. So it’s super hard to have enough energy in the day to mentally do what my family wants me to do as it is. I feel constantly mentally depleted.
I went back to California for a week and my family got worried that I slept in and took naps if I got up at 6am. My family even complained to my extended family about it and my cousin, who is a high level manager for a shoe company asked me if it was possible I could even hold a job and get up every morning and be in an office at 8. That doesn’t even sound too bad. I told her “yes of course. I’d just need to bring coffee.” I had a summer labor job where I had to be at work at 7am sharp 3 out of 5 days of the week and work 9 hours straight. My cousin then asked if i could manage 5.
Yesterday my mom told me my sleeping habits, as she calls them, stress her out.
I’m also a college student who is stressed out as it is.
This hurts me when my family critiques me. They have no idea the mental effort it takes for me to get myself out of bed and the effort to not space out during online lectures. They don’t know how depleted I feel and if they did know, I believe they’d shut up about my need for sleep.

Anyway, I’m just having a bad moment and would appreciate it if someone would #CheckInWithMe I could also use some #Support and #Advice if anyone feels the same.

#MentalHealth #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #Hypothyroidism #IronDeficiencyAnemia #IronDeficiency


Iron Deficiency

It’s crazy to think just how much life can change in a year.
A year ago I almost died from internal bleeding
A year ago I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia
Is year ago my hemoglobin was at and I had to get 2 blood transfusions

Fast forward - they’ve had me in iron supplements 3x a day for the past year and my levels haven’t changed. My body isn’t absorbing the iron like it’s supposed to. Most people say to take on an empty stomach but I can’t!! I would be nauseous literally all day and it’s the worst feeling ever. I try to eat a snack before hand. With my vitamin c too!

They ordered iron transfusions and so far I’ve had two sets done and get the bloodwork done in 2 weeks.

I really want this to be able to work!!! I’m tired of being so tired and fatigued. With my iron, my ferretin (not sure in spelling) was less than 8. I also have a blood issue so my doctors are hoping if my iron goes up then my body will make blood again . I JUST WANT TO BE NORMAL 😭😖😣

#iron #Anemia #IronDeficiencyAnemia #IronDeficiency #newnormal


I missed taking my zoloft (for anxiety and depression) tonight do I just wait to take it till tomorrow now?

I'm also pregnant and take iron pills every day twice a day 6am and 6pm I pissed my zoloft and iron pill at 6 so I should just wait till tomorrow correct? Also I tend to forget like once or twice a week is that bad what can happen? how do I remind myself better to take them? #Pregnancy #pregnantmom #Moms #MightyQuestions #Answers #help #meds #Depression #Anxiety #Medication #Zoloft #IronDeficiency


How to increase low ferritin #IronDeficiency #IronDeficiencyAnemia

Hey Guys,
I’ve been really sick for about 8 years now, and the drs just discovered it could be because I’m iron deficient, with a ferritin level of 10! I’m taking iron tablets now but it’s not raising my levels. The drs are reluctant to give me IV therapy. do any of you know how I can raise my ferritin? thanks x


Is anyone or has anyone ever done iron infusions?

I just got prescribed iron infusions today in the hopes that it’ll improve a lot of things for me. #IronDeficiency #IronInfusion