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Need some encouragement #Anxiety #ADHD #overwhelmed #Holidaystress #covidWorry

I am having a really hard time dealing with people being invited over to my house. I have had anxiety forever, this isn't new. My husband knows I hate having people over and/or being in crowds. And now. ... with COVID.... he keeps letting people come over. We have a toddler and older child.
I keep talking and talking and he keeps promising he won't have anyone else over
But here we are again. He thinks if people come over in 2's and 3's it will be ok.
Sorry if this is all jumbled. I am having the worst anxiety attack
But now 2 more are about to be here . In my house. My "safe" place. I can't pack up and leave. Can't not answer the door.
He has everyone thinking I am crazy anyway. He literally told his whole extended family I had a mental illness thats why we couldn't go to Christmas parties. I mean its not a lie but I didn't give him permission to say that.
And he keeps swearing he won't do it anymore. And now, right now as I am typing this he is telling me its all his ADHD. He doesn't think before he invites them over. But shouldn't his priority be us, at the least his kids??
I'm just freaking out. Need help. Please.



Xmas Eve was tough for me, I went in to the holiday party with determination and yet, my cousin and their husband caused me to have a panic attack. first by lot listening to me when I requested something then throwing some of my personal items losing them in the process. when confronted, neither seemed to care at all.

how do or would you approach your family member whom seems to have no respect for you? #FamilyMember #Depression #Anxiety #Holidaystress

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Christmas with cats ❤️

Merry Christmas to all of you or whatever you are celebrating today! May you have a relaxed day, less symptoms and the strength to pull through.

Here‘s to all of us living with mental and/or chronic illnesses who are still here fighting and to all of us who cannot be with us (anymore) this year.

#MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicIllness #merrychristmas #Holidaystress


painful holidays

I dread this time of year every single year. at least for the past 10 years. it’s time to show up, host up and shell out. I hate it all. I always end up in a flare from people pleasing, yet I don’t know how to say no... really hoping I can keep to my boundaries this year. fingers crossed 🤞
#fibrofighter #CVID #Holidaystress

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_ the most wonderful time of the year_ #Parenting #Holidays

My mom just reminded me that the only expectations are the ones I’ve made for myself. Happy Holidays!

#Parenting #ParentingSpecialNeeds #Holiday #Holidays #Holidaystress


Holiday Road Trip Anxiety

I’m trying not to, but stressing hard over a road trip my husband has insisted on taking. For the days before Thanksgiving we’re driving from Texas to Ohio to see his family. Last year, they drove & I flew, but no $$ for that now.😢 How in the world am I gonna survive that ONE DAY drive up w/my 3 grown men?? Thenafter only 3 days we return in ONE DAY the day before Thanksgiving...a 5 day trip total😳. I read the article (thnx Mighty!), but still having anxiety.
#Fibromyalgia #FamilyDoesntGetIt
#RoadTrip #Holidaystress #RheumatoidArthritis


I've been pacing myself with small holiday to-do's, but yesterday it all started to feel like a huge boulder rolling down a hill, headed right for me! I have been baking cookies for gifts and planned to make another batch tonight, but it's just not happening. I give myself permission to not do this one thing...I'll probably have more things I don't do too. #CheckInWithMe #Holidaystress


Today #CheckInWithMe

In so much pain from work. I wish I could do more physically at work with cleaning but my body won’t let me. Hate living with #ChronicPain daily. Also saw a deer on side of road hurt. Looks like it got hit and couldn’t get up. Cried entire way home. Don’t feel like eating dinner. Rather just take a pain pill and go to bed. My mom had to help get my socks and compression stockings off. Usually not this emotional but it’s about time of month. I increased my lexapro but living with #PMDD still sucks. Next week is going to be worse. Not only bc time of month but Sunday celebrate Christmas with my 1 bother sister in law niece and nephews. Then later in week they move 3.5 hrs away. Will celebrate Christmas with my other 2 brothers and families closer to Christmas. Also not done with Christmas shopping and have no clue nor desire what to get them #Anxiety #Depression #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #Holidaystress #workstruggles


Holiday Anxieties

The holidays bring up many “icky” feelings from my traumatic upbringing on through my own toxic relationships. I’m trying so hard to keep focus on me and my health, mental most of all. The physical ailments link to mental and vice versa, I think. It’s okay to be okay, the sick codependency and abuse was the not okay! #Anxiety #StreamOfConsciousness #copingskills #Holidaystress