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Yesssssssss Finally!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

😅Bout time!
Happy news at last!
I got a pre-placement interview with a local community organisation! So excited!
Just manifesting all positive energy for tomorrow 🤗🤗🤗

Been a hectic few days! Too close to home, virus circulating in my side of town.
UGH! Had to get my test done, haven't had one since mid last year. I'm positive I'll be negative coz I'm categorised as an essential worker so receiving my result is fasttracked made as urgent. Thankfully it was not an awful experience, just slight tickle.

#positivemind #Anxiety #Depression #CheckInWithMe #CheerMeOn


#makeyourheadaniceplacetolive #onehappythoughtatatime

Whenever I feel like I'm "spinning" out of control, I'm lovingly reminded by my partner, that I shouldn't rent out my headspace to bad tenants.
When it comes to a healthy, happy and balanced life, it's important to stay focused and on course. Mental illness and trauma often create too much "noise" in our heads, causing our thoughts and internal dialogue to become fraught with judgement and criticism. Kick those tenants out - they do not serve you - and focus on your good, your joy, your successes and the things that make you happy.
#thinkhappy #LittleSteps #positivemind #complimentyourself #youarespecial #MentalHealth #CPTSD


Toxic shame

Are you familiar with the term “toxic shame”?

“I am useless/I am destructive/I am a failure/Nobody will ever really love me/I am ugly and stupid/I am an awful person”

I am pretty sure that most people here, like me, often feel that way.
Well guess what? It’s all in your head, none of that is true, so please snap out of it if you feel any of that, and love yourself a little more today.
Who wants to be one of those shallow, empty people with nothing to say anyway?

PS: I just want to spread some positivity to you beautiful people, as I woke up with a positive and peaceful head today, it doesn’t happen that often.

#ToxicShame #positivemind


Me and my BPD Mind Where to go ? #BPD #positivemind

Here I come... Quiet mind, not so much but not so few either . Writing during a sunny day is more precious than you imagine.

My mind : "And now, where would you go ??"

Where to go ? ... Mmh. My answer would be that one :

Me : "Everywhere I walk, I think I can go. I have no destination, no goals. The only thing I can be sure about, is that I'm alive and my body can lead me everywhere I want."

My mind : "True. But... If I don't want to go with your body ?"

Me : "Maybe, but you can't go against its basic needs and senses. If the body cannot act, he is unhappy. Just because he will have obeyed you."

My mind : "That's right. Your body doesn't belong to me, especially if he must suffer because of me. This is not my target."

Me : "I hope you'll remember that."