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Hello my #MightyTogether followers! This picture and the quote resonates with me! I love #RobinWilliams and was devastated to hear he had died by #Suicide He was so talented and funny. Please reach out if you are struggling! Help is out there and #TheMighty is an extremely supportive community. #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #SubstanceUseDisorders #Anxiety #PTSD #RealDepressionProject

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“Prozac, Zoloft...they should just make a drug called Fukitol!!!” (legend)


#RobinWilliams was iconic

He's been my mental health hero. He struggled so badly but just wanted to try to make people laugh and be happy. I try so mental health is to be kept quiet as well... (keep going Tara, they're laughing!!!) Once I'm alone... it's different. #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder


A Hollywood star I would love to bring back to life is…

…Robin Williams.

Besides being my all-time favorite comedian, tragic suicide was no way he ever deserved to die. All the genuine and timeless laughs he created didn't just define his career. Robin Williams embodied much of what made my childhood memorable. Not now and too late because of his sorrowful death, but for the kind of positive person he could make me and so many other people be.


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At first I never knew why I loved Robin Williams so much...

Until now...
being in a place where we’ve met in darkness have I truly understood- why.
All my life Robins Williams has made me laugh until my lungs hurt to making me cry... until now...
It’s simply because he’s been genuine and now all I can do is be empowered!!

Sadness... is real.
Laughter... is real.
Mental health... is real.
But so can happiness.

A man who simply placed himself, so vulnerable that people in this word - like ourselves- simply looked past it all... just like mental health.

It’s something in our world that has only increased in number because of... AWARENESS.

Not everything is always grey, black, bruises, and tears... sometimes it’s simply inside of ourselves. Hidden from a world and traumas that are dark and scarring us from the inside outside out. Call it a metaphors or in some cases a “joke”.

A person like himself was a Einstein to the worlds. He has provoked understanding with the downside of setbacks. He has persuaded the close minded through laughter and enlightened those stuck in their box. At the end of the day it’s just a square. We aren’t squares though... we are humans.. free flowing in thought, emotions, expression, and feelings.

Don’t hold back, for there is no cookie cutter shape or diagram that can truly describe anyone. Why do you think laughter and jokes have its own criteria?

Our lives have been molded so differently that at the end of the day we all are just trying to relate, to come at peace with how we feel.

Robin Williams broke those barriers!
He took it all and showed you can be it all and provoke all these emotions because we are HUMAN. And at the same time make a joke about all the SHiT we all truly go through.
He confronted realness. And for that I thank him.
A soldier in plain site.
Just like us all trying to relate, trying to give back, while trying to understand ourselves and survive.
Thrive my lovelies. Because we have each other in this happy go lucky darkness... laugh about it... cry about it!! #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #CheerMeOn #CheckInWithMe #Depression #Anxiety #Happiness #Positivity #RobinWilliams


Robin Williams' impact on my life is/was limitless…#illness

What do you think when you hear the name- Robin Williams? Comedian and actor. Now, what do you FEEL when you hear the name- Robin Williams? Well, if you're like myself and millions of other people, you probably feel– happy... and then you remember that he's gone. This changes everything for me! Now, here comes the heavy sense of loss and greif… and boy are we well acquainted. I've lost loved ones, and I've lost the life I once knew due to illness. My years of illness gets me to thinking…it leads me to think back to my childhood connection with him; and only then does the heaviness lift, bringing a smile to my face.

It's been years since the tragic loss of a legendary comedian, actor, philanthropist, and honest & endearing human being. My heart aches every single time I see his face and/or hear his name; one can only imagine what his family feels and goes through on a daily basis… not having your partner or Daddy here with you. The fact that he's forever going to be loved and remember until the end of time! He touched every audience; regardless of proximity (home, theatre, stage, 1 on 1, etc.), he brought us joy and drama… but his heart always connected with yours. At least I know that it did mine!

He brought me comfort during my life if growing up/living in hospital; pulling me out of my hospital bed, taking me along on his journey to Agrabah or Neverland. For a child to be drawn into a movie, and to escape their painful and frightening reality, even for but a moment… this is everything. Unless you've been THAT kid, you'll never understand how massive that is!

It's hard losing someone, whether you "know" them or not; but especially so when they're someone who had such an impact, during some of the WORST time/years of my life. He allowed me to TRY to find the funny in every situation…ESPECIALLY during the dark times. I only hope that he knows how pivotal a role he had on my life; and I hope stories like mine bring comfort to his family.

Oh, and to this day- I'll turn on a movie (or his Whose Line Is It Anyways episode) and lose myself in the film and his brilliant story telling. He still brings so much comfort to me, and has the ability to pull me out of my darkness… one laugh at a time!

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