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    Toxic Relationships and Moving On

    I am borderline personality diagnosed comorbid with depression and anxiety.
    For three years now I have been in denial that my relationship is unhealthy and very much toxic, anot just for myself but my significant other, as well as our children.
    I begged him to start therapy to get over my infidelity that occured 3 years prior to the birth of our first daughter two years ago.
    Things have only gotten worse between us; we have had fist fights, we are constantly fighting or bickering to the point that I'm in tears daily.
    Our kids have watched all of it including me attacking him with a bedroom lamp.
    He is controlling and monitors everything in my phone and has gone as far as to hide cameras around our house.
    He accuses me of still cheating, throws my past drug addiction in my face and makes me relive embarassing and mortifying life experiences like the night three men used my addiction against me and took advantage of me sexually while I was not coherent enough to realize what was happening until after.
    He has also threatened to use my mental health diagnosis and past indiscretions against me in court if I was to try leaving with my kids.

    Thank you if your still reading this long ass post....

    The thing is that I have started creating an escape plan but I'm so conflicted inside. I want to stay but I really dont.
    How did you, if you have, finally get the strength and courage to leave? What helped you face the fear of being alone? How did you break the news to your significant other that you were leaving. Was your mental health used against you? what was the outcome of the court hearing for custody?
    #breakup #Relationships #movingon #Love #heartbreak #Abuse #DomesticAbuse #familylaw #Toxic #chronicstress #whatdoido
    #Adviceplease #Advice #seekinghelp #toxiclove #

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    Community Voices

    Electric Love

    It is the time of year where loneliness is the hardest. This year is harder. I lost what I thought would be my close friend forever or potential mate. We were never together but we felt connected from our similarities. Sadly our similarities would only damage our mental health.

    I fell for his words, he encouragement and how he looked passed my disorder. I thought to myself where did you come from. Times were tough when he’d overeact about little things I did. It started to break me down mentally. I failed my first practicum because my emotional well being was so unhealthy. I believed it was just my disorder but I knew I was in bad shape. At times I was crying hysterically on weekends. I was not well but I knew it couldn’t be anything to do with him.

    We stopped hanging out which was very frustrating. I was lost and missed him. As time went on he would get angry if I called. He blocked me off instagram, his phone and facebook.

    I have developed an unhealthy attraction to a guy who has a few narcissistic traits. I lost a friend who said i would be an amazing mom. I lost a guy who said i had wife qualities. I lost a guy whom maybe is incapable of love. #Narsissistic #BPD #clusterbpersonalitydisorders #toxiclove

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