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Vitamin D

Found out today that I’m severely deficient in vitamin D. I’ll be taking 50,000 mg of vitamin D2 once a week for 12 weeks, and then I’ll take 5,000 mg daily. I was shocked when my doctor told me, but it really explains the health issues I’ve been having. My fatigue is horrible today, and I’m so achy. I suspect that my struggles with anxiety are a possible cause of this, because I don’t leave my house or go outside very much. Just hope that this vitamin D will start working its magic soon. 🙁 #Low vitamin d deficiency #Anxiety #Agoraphobia #Vitamins


Vitamins for Hair and Nails

Has anyone ever heard of Nature's Bounty ( Vitamins for Hair and Nails? Have you noticed a difference? But most importantly will it react with Venlafaxine 225mg dose? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Vitamins #wellness #Depression #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder

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Live Tv

OMG Omg omg omg omg

I just had a phone call from my vitamin company asking me if I'd like to go live on air on Thursday 🤯

To talk about the products I buy and to answers questions about them 🤷‍♀️😳

As I have half of my face covered in lidocaine patches and can hardly talk without It causes me excruciating pain. I had to say no.

Also my anxiety just would be way to high. But wow oh wow.
I so wanted to say yes.
I have never ever ever wanted to be on the TV ever.

I'm just not that sort of person.
But I so wanted to say yes.
To step out of my comfort zone and do something I've never done before. Even if I looked like a right Wally.
It's only On sky and Youtube 😅🙋‍♀️

Hands up who would have said yes🙋‍♀️
And who would have said no🤦‍♀️
I hope they phone me another time.
They are a fantastic company.

Hope you are having a great day.
This sure cheered me up.
😁😘🤗 #live TV #Vitamins #Comfort #comfortzone #Steppingout #Omg #Lidocaine #TrigeminalNeuralgia #GlossopharyngealNeuralgia #ClusterHeadaches #RareDisease #CheckInWithMe #Bekindtoyourself #Kindness #nojudgement #Bekind #Love #Family


anyone had any success with natural supplements and vitamins instead of prescribed antidepressants? if so, what has worked for you? #Depression

#naturalist #supplement #Vitamins #Wellnessplanner


How to get my hair back to “normal”? #Fibromyalgia #HairLoss

All my life I’ve been told that I am blessed to have such thick healthy hair. This winter I have noticed that my hair has gotten thinner. Not just in one spot either, though I did have one clump go missing complely a year or two ago that has since grown back normally. This hair loss is widespread. I lose a lot in the shower and when brushing my hair and I notice it in the way my hair feels and looks. My part is more pronounced and I have trouble getting it to look the way I want it to. From what I have read this is usually a temporary problem with Fibro patients but I would like to optimize the way I treat my hair to give it the best shot that I can.

My hair is slightly wavy but in no way curly. It tends to get oily at the roots after about days from washing. I try to go 3-4 days between washes to save time and energy, so I sometimes use dry shampoo if I’m going out and my hair needs a lift. When I wash my hair I have been shampooing the scalp twice to make sure my head is clean.

I don’t mean to sound vain but I think a lot of you could relate; I take comfort in the fact that even though I don’t feel well, at least I have nice hair. Now it feels like even my hair is in danger.

So, if any of you have any information or ideas for me, I would love to hear your tips! Some questions at the top of my mind are:

How often to wash / condition my hair? Should I wash more often but only shampoo once?

Should I take more / different vitamins? (I take cod liver oil, vitamin B12, and a probiotic currently)

Should I get my hair cut shorter? (my hair is about to my bra strap and layered.) I don’t really want shorter hair but if it would help in the long term I could deal with it.

Are there foods I should be eating increased quantities of?

#HairLoss #Fibromyalgia #Winter #Vitamins #Tips #Advice


Recommendation vitamins/probiotics Sick Season #Vitamins #Advice #CheckInWithMe

I have such a weak immune system. During sick season I’m in emergency room multiple times, usually twice admitted... and it messes up my treatments and medications..any recommendations for what brand vitamins to take? Immune boosters? Probiotics?
Natural remedies? Thank you in advance 💛

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Has anyone tried a brand for vitamins called “Olly” and do they work ?

Recently I’ve been getting into vitamins, and want to see which vitamins are helpful and actually work. I’ve been trying “Olly” and started to use their vitamins they have different gummies for different things since I’ve had issues of sleeping I got beauty sleep it supposedly helps with skin and sleeping and stuff like that. Has anybody used this and see any differences ? #Vitamins #Olly


Vitamin D - Really?!?

I’ve been in the darkest place I’ve ever been in my entire life for the last six months. Depression. Anxiety. “Someone shoot me” or “I just don’t want to wake up” kind of suicide idealization. I had no motivation, no hope, nothing. The only thing that kept me going was my anger, and the idea that I could spite life’s BS by continuing on despite it.

I’ve been taking vitamin D for years now, around 2-4,000 ius or whatever the unit of measurement is. I had a recent blood test that found me still on the low side, so the doctor put me on a prescription level of vitamin D. Within hours of my first dose I felt better than I have in years. Today, 2 days later, I feel better than I have in DECADES. I haven’t had a panic attack in about a week, which is a record for the last couple months.

Has anyone else experienced this? #vitaminddeficiency #Depression #Anxiety #PanicAttack #Vitamins #Sunshinehelps


New to the app.

Hello. I’m new to this app. I’m still looking around, experiencing, & learning. I just wanted to post a thought, I guess.
For the longest time I’ve been putting off trying to control my bipolar. This, in fact has messed with many aspects of my life. I’ve recently decided that I can not live another shitty year. I’ve been reading, & doing more research on being bipolar. I’ve done the pill thing, & seeing someone to talk with. None of which helped or fit me. I hate taking medicine. So I’ve found some articles on Pinterest. They talk about vitamins the body is lacking & healthy foods to eat. Also gives you foods to avoid. I’m taking a shot at the natural remedies. Wish me luck!

#BipolarDisorder #Naturalremedies #Healthyeating #Vitamins #Newuser