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    Advice on Resigning from my Job

    I recently sent a resignation letter to my place of employment. My last day is not for another month. I am really unhappy and wish I didn’t have to work at my place of employment this last month. I just feel it’s too stressful of a work environment and I am barely making it through the day most days. When I think of this month ahead of me I get depressed and anxious. I wanted to just quit on the spot but felt obligated to stay on to complete the project I have been planning for months. Everyday I go to work I feel my talents and skills are not utilized and I have to do a lot things I do not enjoy. Every Sunday evening I get a knot in my stomach and anxiety about what is to come with my job. I feel so unhappy. What are some strategies to push through the next month? How do I keep pushing when I have so little energy and mental space to offer. #unhappy #Support #Workstress #Anxiety #AnxietyAttack

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    Quitting my Job

    I am in a weird head space about quitting my job. I have wanted to quit for months. My mental health has deteriorated over the last few months of this job. And I feel miserable. I finally decided today I will be quitting this week and providing a 2 week notice. I feel so relieved and happy I can start pursuing a career I want. But also I am so terrified to take this risk. I have no job lined up (I have been applying for jobs). I also struggle with a since of guilt because I am not a quitter. How do I cope with the ambivalence of this decision? #Anxiety #Workstress #Advice

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    I'm glad today is over, everything went wrong. I worked I messed up some calls, callers were rude to me, I got frustrated and flustered, my confidence today slipped to zero. I missed my evening tram home so had to wait 30 minutes longer, I needed to get some groceries, the ones I wanted weren't on the shelf, I needed some stamps, guess what, they ran out at the store! My day has been 12 hours, nothing has gone right. I feel numb. How was your day? #feelings #today #Depression #Work #Workstress #Anxiety #anxious #feel #myday

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    Working while bipolar..

    I have a really good job that pays well but it is sucking the life out of me...After my bipolar depression and psychotic episode earlier this year... in which I took off a week and half from work...I can now tell how much this is affecting my work. Some days are better than others but if I could just walk away and be okay I would. Can anyone relate?

    #BipolarDisorder #workingwhilebipolar #Bipolar1 #stressors #Work #Jobs #Bipolar #Workstress #workstruggles

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    Having a rough morning

    Something is triggering me and I’m not sure what. After a couple of hours at work, I’ve been steadily feeling my heart in my throat and can’t focus. I’m managing things work-wise but it’s like my feelings are telling me to run or cry (or both).
    Going to try grounding exercises but if anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it. #Anxiety #Workstress #Fear

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    Having a hard time at work

    I’m an essential retail worker and have been continuing with work without interruption throughout everything that has been happening. Now that things have improved a lot where I am, there is really no restrictions in place and so the Christmas rush is on.

    I have been getting a lot more hours than I ever have and I am really getting stressed out by it. I just want a break, I’m so tired, but the only thing I can do really is call in sick now and then because I really don’t want to disclose my illness - I have had that cause issue in the past.

    It’s not just the stressful Christmas period that anyone who works or worked in retail would know all about. It’s also that I’m very, very unhappy in my current workplace. I feel unappreciated and surreptitiously (sometimes overtly) bullied, even though I do the best I can. Sometimes I want to shout at them that I’m mentally ill and I’m doing everything I can, and their attitude isn’t helping anything. But I can’t, of course. Maybe it would be okay if I could work in a section that would require less interaction, but I think the Christmas period is not the time to ask for a shift that would require a bit of training to be done.

    I’ve been dealing with suicidal ideation, disordered thinking, and a mixed symptoms (bipolar II) on a more frequent basis than ever. I have things keeping me alive and I hope that when those things are through with, I will be in a better place mentally. I’m just so tired.

    #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #Workstress #TriggerWarnings #SuicidalThoughts #TW #triggerwarningsuicide #triggerwarningsuicidal

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    Stressed about work

    <p>Stressed about work</p>
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    stuck in a negative thought cycle

    I hate my job. Not just because it is super stressful, but because I work with a bunch of ungrateful ladies. If I could use my degrees to do something else I would, but this is all I’m good for. I wish that I didn’t let things bother me so much. I want to leave work at work and I could come home and relax. But, my messed up brain won’t let me. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Workstress

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