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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Aquanovus. I'm on a journey improving my own wellbeing for my own sake, as well as my daughter with severe ASD. I want to learn new and interesting ways to enrich both our lives!

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#SchizoaffectiveDisorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #PTSD #GeneralPersonalityDisorder

I texted my brother hey what are you doing up? He replied. I couldn’t sleep what are you the fu****** sleep police. Lmao you didn’t care when you kicked me out of your house. I never kicked him out he flipped out wrestled my boyfriend to the ground freaked out cussing us both out and left. But he somehow thinks i kicked him out?? I was cooking tacos for us giving him a place to live we went and picked him up gave him a place to live for a week until he flipped out on my boyfriend and I and left. Omg.. it’s always like this with both my sister and brother. They fight my boyfriend and I and blame us or they’re on drugs and we have to kick them out. That’s why I can’t take it anymore.

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#CheckInWithMe #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #PTSD #GeneralPersonalityDisorder

I don’t have custody of my kids. I haven’t for a long time. My daughter is in 7th grade and all I can think about is soon she’ll be in high school and then on her own. I hope she doesn’t go out on her own and forget about me.😭 my son is 10 and going into 6th grade next year and every year I see him less and less because he’s always going on vacations which I’m happy he is but I miss him so much!😭😭I only see my daughter in the summer and this year I didn’t get to see her because of covid. Our relationship is so distant because she lives so far away! I’m just feeling so sad and my life feels so empty every day and the holidays are the hardest because everyone is having so much fun with their kids. I get so jealous and mad and sad. So I just drink. To try to mask the pain of my empty life! Oh I don’t want to be here anymore!!! But I know I have to stay strong and be there when they need me! What a cruel life I have!


Question? #Bipolar schiZoaffective disorder #PTSD #GeneralPersonalityDisorder

Do people ask you to please stop being negative they just want to be postive. I don’t know I’m doing it! Got these illnesses from my mom. Now I seem to be repeating them. I don’t know how to not. Also do you ever just wanna be alone but people want you to spend time with them. No I’m sorry I’m hurting you. I just want my time! To be alone and listen to my music. Anyone else feel this way?