Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

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Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder
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Ten Signs Your Parent Has Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD)

When we think of the word parent, more specifically mothers, what image do you conjure up?

I envision someone who is unconditionally supportive, warm, compassionate, understanding, nurtering, curious, gives a lot of praise, is fun. empathetic, open to new ideas, flexible, have good boundaries, and values their children for who they are and not specifically for what they do. They value their chidlren’s authenticiy and personality.

mothers with OCPD are: detached, cold, rigid, strict, dismissive, abrasive, hard, critical, judgemental, find it hard ot have fun. have little to no empathy, give little praise, and are controlling/domineering. They see the child to be valued only on how successful they are or how much they achieve. The child is a carbon copy, .the next gen of whoever their parents are. Autonomy and independence of the self or self expression is frowned upon.

So often these childre think they’re not good enough and aren’t valued for who they are. The children of said parents often feel like a burden on their parents. They are often subtly told as chidlren, to shut up and go play in the corner, or to go away because ‘mommy’s busy’.

These adult children are then compelled to subconsciously prove theselves in life: i pursuing top level positions in careers ie. CEO, becoming famous in some way and becoming high earners. *Often at the cost to health, relationships, mental welll being, and over-all life satisfaction

The cause of OCPD is a mix of gentics and traumatic environments that the person with OCPD grew up in.

Children who have OCPD parents can relate to these ten things

1. dinner table talk is all about work, work work. How much work they have t odo. What work plans they have. What their coworkers are doing at work. How said coworkers aren’t pulling their weight. Politics, the weather, the eocnomy, technology, and other big mind topics are good and fine too.

But Art? celebrities? pop culture? fashion? creatiivty/imagination? Humanitarian efforts/ eco-consious ideas? that’s so boring.

2. Vacation is like the above. Work may be brought on vacation. Work related stuff like workshops or conferecnes may be part of the vacation journey itsefl. Work mau be the pinnacle of car ride conversaitons. The worries aren’t about flat tires or the price of gas so much as the back to work stress. They worry how much work they’re missing out on, isntead of focussing on enjoying themselves and the people. they’re with.

3.. Rigid ways of doing tasks (things have to be done with certain steps, things have to be folded a certain way, etc). The end goal of just cleaning up or putting things away is lost in the process. They do not like to delegate tasks to others, because they want it done the way they do it. Often they over burden theselves by doing this!

4. hoarding stuff/stocking up on stuff like it’s the year 2000 and everyone thinks everything’s going to shut down completely.

But nothing did and now they have all this stuff and spent all that hard earned money on stuff that will be kept in storage or thrown out…

5.They ‘love’ working

6. Cheap presents for brithday/Christmas. If you want an expensive item, they’ll get you something cheaper. or something you didn’t want If you’re a little older and want a gift card to a store you freqeunt, they’ll give you cash. It’s never what you exactly want, it’s always what they are willing to give.

7. Money is treated like a sacrilige. There’s hardly any quality indulgence. Goods and services are bought for the cheapest price possible. Often

8. Resting or taking time for self care is seen as being ‘lazy’ or ‘unproductive’. People with OCPD view others who don’t do as mcuh as they do in this way.

9. They’re always stressed/anxious because they’re doing so much at once. Children feel like they’re walking on eggshells around these parents. They re waiitng for the other shoe to drop. ‘Just one more thing I have to do!’ is often the motto for these parents. Often these chidlren grow up to have chornic illnesses because their nervous systems are on high alert, jsut waiting or the boiler to break or the car to break down and mom and dad to over react/rage.

10. They’re always unsatfied with the status qou. You have to go higher, aim bigger, do more. There’s no room to be ‘average’. Perfectionism sets in and these adult children are trained to never be satsified with their life. They go to extremes, often times resulting in burn out or chronic illnesses.


Warning Signs and Possible Causes of a Bipolar Episode

Managing and coping with #BipolarDisorder can be a challenge at times. When I was first diagnosed (in my mid-twenties) I thought I had accepted it, which I realize I really did not. The diagnosis and the treatment plan to be honest went in one ear and out the other. I did do the treatment plan for a while but once I started to feel better, I stopped taking my medication and went back to my old ways. My recovery did not begin till I truly accepted I would have to manage and cope with #BipolarDisorder the rest of my life. My life slowly began to change for the better once this happened. I have become so in tune to my body I can tell the warning signs of a possible episode as soon as my feet hit the floor. I can tell if it is going to be a good day or a bad day. If it is going to be a stormy day, then this would allow me to get ready to use my coping skills. Here is a list of the warning signs for me:

1. Stress: everyone in their life I am sure must deal with some form of stress. If my body is under a lot of stress for a prolonged period whether it be personally or work related or both it can cause a mood swing (usually a #Mania episode). The reason being is my thoughts keep racing and my brain will not shut down (at a rate of a Nascar Race). Then I cannot concentrate and that makes me get frustrated and then my emotions are all over the place. My thoughts are scattered and sometimes even doing the simplest things are hard. Stress can take a toll on my body physically and emotionally.

2. Lack of Sleep– because my mind is racing so much, I do not sleep well at all. Sometimes, I will not sleep for 24 hours and this can cause a possible #Mania episode. If I go beyond lack of 24 hours of sleep, then yep, I can truly prepare for an episode. Lack of sleep will make my physically tired, but my mind will not shut off. So, I find myself just lying-in bed, tossing, and turning. Sometimes I will just stare at the ceiling and just pray that I will fall asleep. My body needs sleep to maintain my mental health and for my body to just feel refresh and function properly. I try to get at least 8 hours a sleep a night.

3. Medications– this just happened to me recently, I took an OTC allergy pill and within the next few days, I noticed my moods were changing. I was going through a #Depression episode, crying and having no energy at all. Then a few days later I would be so irritable and wanting to spend lots of money, and then talking a mile a minute. This was going for a few weeks, and I thought, I was just experiencing an episode and was like “I will need to just hold tight and ride this storm out”. Well, I started to think what I did different if anything, then it clicked, the only change was the allergy pill. So, I stopped taking it and started taking a different one. Wow, I would say within a few weeks, I was back to myself.

4. My own expectations– this one is all on me. I have a type A personality and I expect myself to be always perfect. I use to think I have #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder (which I do believe I do have a little bit), but in reality I have OCPD(#ObsessiveCompulsivePersonalityDisorder ). I have such a rigid schedule, that even if it is off by five minutes I can panic. I expect people to work at the same level of intensity as I do, which can cause me to have added work stress. Things need to be in order for me as well, I do not like chaos, my house is completely cleaned all the time, appointments on my calendar are made way ahead of time etc.

I feel like I am truly blessed because I can feel the warning signs of a possible episode. To me, it truly does help me be able to manage and cope with #BipolarDisorder and this is what always helps me to find HOPE through that storm.

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The Trauma of Intrusive Thoughts

The more I have dealt with Intrusive thoughts, and the more I see others deal with them, I firmly believe it is quite possible to develop a form of Complex PTSD that is somehow caused by these thoughts and how they harm you. Afterall, it becomes a life threatening situation when you can't even feel safe in your own skin. It is the perfect recipe for PTSD. I have NO scientific proof of this or anything. It is just my thoughts and observations. Maybe someday they will link a correlation or they already have and I don't know about it. Either way, if you deal with Intrusive thoughts, know that you are not alone. You are more than these thoughts. They are NOT a reflection of who you are as a person or your value or worth.

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