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#Addiction #NicotineDependence #Alcoholism
I've been smoking and vaping for 3 years, vaping more but falling into cigs.. I rely on alcohol at points to just avoid my thoughts.. more often than i should and im just 22, knowing i use it as an escape.. I want to stop but I keep coming back to my escapes, it's so hard but I know it could be worse. I'm stuck trying to quit smoking, what gets you through? How can I stop myself from buying my habits I don't want?

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Quitting smoking with depression

I quit smoking for a month and a half and then something stressful happened with a family member and I went and bought a pack. And another and another. I'm starting over tomorrow. I know smoking doesn't help with stress but my bipolar depression has become unmanageable most days and I guess it's a comfort/crutch. I keep telling myself I have things to live for and being healthy will ensure I'm alive for as long as possible. I'm feeling quite defeated today and would really appreciate some encouragement. #quittingsmoking #Smoking #NicotineDependence #Addiction #Bipolar1Disorder #Psychosis #Anxiety #Depression


I think I noticed something about nicotine for me

I think the reason why I depend on nicotine so much is because it forces me to breath in and out slowly. Maybe if I start breathing more I won’t feel the need to smoke so much.
#NicotineDependence #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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No more nicotine for me

Man oh man today is day 6 with no vape. It really isnt near as hard as I thought it would be. But there have been a few times that I REALLY wanted it but never so bad that I broke down. Yay! #NicotineDependence #vapefree #Addiction