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It's a Long Haul

Hey Friends. How are you today? I hope you are well.

Today I thought about how much it #sucks when you are trying to get a #Job . My friend contacted me earlier today and was in tears because she is struggling to find work. Why is this so #difficult ??!!

I know how #Challenging it is to just find a job, but to keep one is also another challenge. Do you have a #MentalIllness ? I do. #BipolarDisorder is not fun. There are days where I have more #Energy than I would need, and then there are days where my mind is so #foggy that I cannot #think straight. It's #awful but I do what it is that I have to do to try and get by.

Whatever your struggle is... whether it is #Trying to find a #Job or if you are trying to keep your job... I'm here for you.


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Remembering my Father

Is it the most wonderful time of the year? For many, it is not. I do not feel so chipper, even as I embrace my home decorations that I just placed out for #Christmas . I am planning on going to a few more #Holiday events, including some #HolidayShopping too.

Theme parks here are buzzing, and my husband and I are lucky to have bought tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party in Magic Kingdom Disney World here in Florida.

But.. I cannot help but think of my Dad. Call me #Crazy but when you lose someone that you've known your whole life and it's the first Christmas without him... It hurts so bad.

My #BipolarDisorder symptoms have not been the best either. I feel like I am on velosicoaster at Islands of Adventure and I don't like roller coasters! I am up and down, and upside down, straight up, and left and right. I feel like I am a #yoyo from the 1990s. I think it's the days being shorter, and the fact my Dad isn't here, that my symptoms are more #difficult to deal with.

How is your #holidayseason kicking off so far?

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The "daymare" I am living within.

This is a place where we can share our #Thoughts and our #feelings to one another. I have been #Trying hard to make things right with my life, and I know that it is difficult. I think a lot of us in this world feel a bit #lost right now. It is understandable because of what is happening in #ukraine and #russia at the moment. It is also #difficult to deal with #MentalHealth at the same time when you have a #MentalIllness that does not ever take a break. #Medicine can only take you so far in this world to make things #stabilized in the mind.

When #stressful situations occur, it is more difficult for those who have mental health conditions to handle than that of someone who does not have it. It is because we are already battling a mental war trying to use our #Therapy skills to apply to the #behavioral aspect of things while the medication helps take care of the #Neurological aspect of things. However, on the right kind of #Medication we are able to handle things a lot better. Of course we will always have some kind of #Sadness in our lives, as it is not the #Goal of medication to make us #robotic . However, the medicine we take does help to ease the existing conditions we already have so that we are less #sensitive to the #Extremes we would feel without the medicine.

I have #BipolarDisorder so this is something that is already a #Battle since I was about 16 years old. Sometimes all I can do is put on some lipstick and handle it the best way that I can, even if that means I need to take a few extra #Naps in the day. Whenever you are faced with #extreme amounts of #Stress things are not going to be easy for you. That is #normal . I just #wish that life were a lot #easier to handle though for those of us who have pre-existing mental health conditions that create more conflict and blow up the #emotional responses.

So - If you are #Reading this, please #DistractMe and give me something to think about other than my Dad's liver #Cancer

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#difficult situation

My apartments flooded I have mold everywhere and it stinks like sewage in here. I have enough mental health problems I'm having a hard enough time fighting with my landlord it's taking its toll. They won't come and fix it and for complaining now they're trying to kick me out. I've paid my rent on time every month since I moved in. I don't have the strength mental capacity money or energy to move again. Just needed to get it out.
Thanks for listening you guys.


Does anyone know of a car seat that can contain a very behavioral five year old #ASD #Zebra #difficult #behavioral

My very adorable very charming very impossible medical zebra/spectrumy/Autistic/severely behavioral/ self directed five year old wiggles and shimmies out of his car seat.. on a good day he sits on the regular seat like his sisters on bad days he is in the trunk or trying to climb up and help me drive. Does anyone have a similar challenge or a


#difficult nights

I wish nights wouldn't be so bad. I'm having fewer nights that I just want to give up take a bottle of pills, go to bed and not wake up.

The feelings of inadequacy, failures. My spouse of 23yrs left me for a 23yr old of opposite sex, 4 days before Thanksgiving 2019. While I was in the hospital no less.

My spouse had been sleeping around since September. He told me at the end of September, while I was waiting in the preparation area to be wheeled back for epidural spinal steroid injections.

The night before I was hospitalized in November, he had screamed at me that everything was my fault, that I was a fat, ugly, useless, b**** and rammed me against a wall.

I had always felt like I was a horrible person but it was the first time anyone had ever told/yelled at me as much.

I have had a terrible time fighting the self hate and loneliness creeps in. And my resolve begins melting. I don't know what to do during my sleepless nights to fight it off.

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Can anyone help me feminize my voice #Transgender #maletofemale #difficult

It would help me with insecurities at school and in stores and at home