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If I'm to much go finde less!

I have often been told "I am too much". Too much sick, too much temprament, to much pain, too many feelings, too much me...
I have believed this for far too long...
But that's total bullshit!
I am just right the way I am! And I am not to much I'm enough! And if you don't like it, there is the door baby. 👋

#Selflove #youareenough #iamenough #MentalHealth #spooniestrong ❤️

The illustration is from @illustratedbydana 🙏❣️

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I Can Do Hard Things

With the new year comes so many expectations for change. "A new year, a new me." I'm just changing my mindset; it doesn't matter that there's a new year upon us. I'm going to the beach as often as possible because it's my happy place and I find more peace than I can describe. Winter, spring, summer or fall - you'll find me on the beach clearing my head.
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #CPTSD #Bipolar2Disorder #icandohardthings #iamenough #january2022

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I'm enough. Just me, on my own, as I am. It's so easy to listen to the voice inside my head over anything and everything else. I beat myself up for not doing things I should when I have the time, but there's days when it's all I can do just to get out of bed let alone function like a human being with responsibilities. I needed this reminder to remind myself that even on the days where all I can manage to do is get out if bed, that's okay and it doesn't diminish my worth in any way regardless of what my own mind tries to make me believe.



I am worth it #Depression #Selfcare #iamenough

Recognizing I am enough is my goal this year. I am enough with all my flaws and strengths. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Hope everyone today recognizes they are enough. Just cause you are human. You weren’t created by accident.


Am I Enough? #Depression #Anxiety #Poem #iamenough #Selfworth

I wanted to share a conversation that happened during my recent depressive episode that I wrote about...

In the depth of my darkness
I stood
I stood
Arms full with all my pieces
That fell off during
My descent.
I barely stood
My heart yearning with such
A piercing need.
My skin feeling one layer

I quietly ask,
“Am I enough?”

You, unwavering,

Feeing like I am not enough is something that I have struggled with for most of my life. It started with school when I was very young. I always got good grades and would be applauded at school, but at home I would be told that it was never good enough. Doing your best and being the best at school yet being always told that you could have done better is a message I internalized to mean that I was not good enough. How could I be?

As I have gone through life this feeling has followed me through work and relationships where I give everything but often feel that what I give and do is not enough 😔

The conversation above was with my Dad in May this year. At my lowest point in my depressive episode I thought that if I could get validation from my only surviving parent, that I could have something to cling to. Some hope to quiet the lies of depression.

Thinking back, I am surprised that this conversation did not break me further. I guess that is a testament to my strength.

I was able to journal about it recently and wrote that the lesson from that encounter is that you cannot look to those outside yourself for worth. That self worth must come from yourself.

Yet Mighties, if you are able to hear it from me know that:

You, in all your gloriousness, are enough 🌷
That what you do, even on the days that it doesn’t feel like much, is enough 💕
That what you give is enough 🦋

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This is one of my most important self help books! #CPTSD

Marissa Peer, “ I am enough”. I love this book and her YouTube videos (she has the most soothing voice) . I pretty much higlighed the whole book, everything made sense, everything was valuble information. I had put it away at one point but now I have it on my coffee table so I can constantly see it and flip through it. #Selfhelpbooks #MarissaPeer #iamenough

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practicing daily affirmations

“If you are battling against #NegativeThoughts every day, you are not alone. Just like our body needs clean fuel to function properly, our mind needs #positive energy to win that battle.”

I am forever on a journey of learning how to love all of me.

I try to focus on what I can control and make peace with what I can’t.

I am blessed beyond measures.

Whatever I accomplish today is enough and so am I.

Though times can be difficult, they are only ever a short passing phase.

Breathe in love, exhale hate.

I am forever conquering my struggles; defeating my darkness one moment at a time.

I am a #survivor

#Selfcare #affirmations #MentalHealth #Raiseawareness #struggle #notalone #iamenough #Spoonie #speakup

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I was diagnosed with #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder 11 years ago. it forever changed my life. I know how
lonely, scared and desperate I was for
someone to understand what I
was going through.

I started a mental health jewelry company to help people remembered they are not alone in their fight with mental illness. I create cuffs with hand stamped messages, coping skills and affirmations for those looking for a little comfort throughout their day.

One of my favorite phrases is: “I am enough.”

What would you want your cuff to say?

#OCD #Anxiety #GAD #PTSD #IntrusiveThoughts #menthealth #Disorder #Therapy #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #iamenough #mentalhethjewelry


self aware I am. (Apparently channeling my inner Yoda)

Physically - I need to push myself a past being in bed

Mentally - I need to be aware of where I am on my Hypomania and ask my family for understanding.

Emotionally - I need to remember that I’m supposed to be here, I’m not a mistake and I’m enough without being too much
#MixedBipolarDisorder #BipolarDisorder #Selfacceptance
#GetOutOfMyBed #selfaware #iamenough #IAmNotTooMuch