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    Any who's been to college, how do you manage your mental/physical health and still maintain good grades?

    I am need good studying habits, time management, and motivation tips that work with disabilities. #FibroFog #Fibromyalgia #Bipolar2Disorder #BipolarDepression #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #perfectionism #studentlife #College #CollegeMentalHealth #IllnessAndCollege


    Some Silver

    Life is weird. The COVID-19 Pandemic is horrible. But for some reason through it is a silver lining for me, big time. Strange life would hand me healing during this time.

    As you all know, I'm chronically ill and very immunocompromised. I have to stay at home all day most days anyway. So, it's nice to feel like my existence is "cool" now. I think I'll start a blog for people about how to not go completely bonkers during excess isolation.

    I've been having a really bad year (brain tumor, car failure, etc). I've longed for a term of classes at only eight credits. But unfortunately I am unable to go at that pace because of the way my financial aid works. This next term will be different. I spoke with my financial aid office and they said my scholarship won't be reduced because of the pandemic. And our first month of classes will be remotely delivered. And since my lab works with human participants, we won't be doing much research next term.

    As you can see, this sets me up for a much more relaxed schedule next term. I've needed this for so long. I can finally achieve my full form as a hermit. I plan on doing lots of sleeping, art, Netflix, and work on my research.
    Now I don't have to worry about when my next major medical steps take place.

    I hope you all are hanging in there. 💜

    #COVID19 #positive #IllnessAndCollege #TrigeminalNeuralgia #ChronicFatigue #RheumatoidArthritis #Immunocompromised #MentalHealth #Autism #Retreat


    Getting ready for #School with #FrozenShoulder or #adhesivecapulitis & #ChronicPain

    Always painful trying to shower & get dressed when I can’t reach behind my back. Frozen shoulder doesn’t seem to be a condition people know much about, so I’ll share later!

    It’s also #finalsweek for one course and my #Anxiety is kicking. Family visiting, my brain is spinning and the pain makes me want to sleep.... ignoring the well-meaning #Advice about fixing my shoulder, with 2 papers to write ASAP. Just keep moving! Good luck to all in #IllnessAndCollege!

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    Hey students!

    Anxiety #School #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #MightyTogether #College #CheckInWithMe #Chronicpainwarrior #CollegeMentalHealth #IllnessAndCollege #Hope

    So my college (I am a junior in college) semester starts Monday and I am equal parts worried and excited, despite the various emotions ruminating within my stomach I am daring to dream that this will be a good semester

    To all my college and high school age chronic pain and mental health warriors I hope that this semester brings you joy, good grades, and great opportunities

    You can do anything you set your mind to; I believe in you!

    I hope and pray for all of your happiness this semester

    By the way, how do all of you feel about this school semester? Feel free to rant or excitedly talk about it all here, I am interested and listening

    Also to all of you college students, what is your major? I am a secondary education English major, I want to teach middle school someday

    Much love from your favorite chronic pain ridden slam poet ❤️

    (P.S. May your all nighters be few in number and your coffee pots be full this semester)


    Struggling with my online college courses #College #Depression #CollegeMentalHealth #CollegeReEntry #struggling #help

    Hey, I am enrolled in a few college courses that are 12 weeks long and it’s currently week 9. I have anxiety about college and doing my school work plus I am a perfectionist so I don’t want to turn in my work because it’s never good enough because I’m never good enough. So I haven’t logged on to my courses at all. I’m not sure what I should do. Does anyone have experience with this? What have you done? What should I do moving forward? Is it to late? I keep having this problem with taking college courses online and in person. I’m at Thomas Edison State #IllnessAndCollege #perfectionism