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it feels like this is my life now #RapeSurvivors #Advice #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAmerica #Rage #Awareness #physicalabuse #Homeless

My name is Jillian, I’m 19 and was diagnosed with autism around the age of 6, I have always struggled to read body language and ended up in an unsafe situation. My dad has always refused to accept my diagnosis and left our family, my mom has always shrugged my problems off and responded to me with things like “that has happened to me too” I have always asked for support but they have always dismissed me unless they can gain from my distress. My cries for help have never been heard. During covid we bought an rv and traveled, we ended up in GA on a campground where we work and live.

Recently, my boss got close to me and my family. He raped me multiple times, he often hits me and leaves buries on me. I told my mom that it was happening and she told me she was raped too, I felt so stuck and lost, and when she sees the buries she said it was a hickey and I was being dramatic. It’s been going on for 3 months the first time it happened was july 3rd my Mom has control of my money, it all goes to her and she gives me it when she thinks I need it. I have looked into shelters. I’m scared to go because my Mom has sent me to them all my life and I have been abused and taken advantage of at every turn, even in places where iwnas meant to be safe. Every time I feel safe the wool gets thrown over my eyes. It keeps happening since Ii have no support and me and my family would have nowhere to go. He has friends in law enforcement including the local sheriff, I don't own a car and no one is willing to bring me to the hospital or police station to help, and im scared getting help may mean losing my family. My Family is the only thing thats been consistent in my life and the only financial support I have is them or my boss, who is also the owners best friend so we may lose our home and place to live.

I have been thinking of getting an in home carer to help me learn the skills that can better help me protect myself, live on my own, enforce boundeies with people and feel safe. I have called multiple crisis lines and all have been unhelpful, only passing me onto another number to call who really haven’t been able to help. I have two dogs who are all that keep me feeling safe, so I’m absolutely terrified of going to a shelter and leaving them behind, they’re my only friends, I’ve got my boyfriend as support, but he lives in another country and can only do so much to help. I’m so desperate for help and trying so hard, but scared I’ll find trauma behind every door.

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Walking on the Bridge with No End

Raise your hands if you have ever felt like you’re walking through a phase of your life that has no end in sight.

Have you ever become overwhelmed with the thought that you’ll have to deal with *this* for the rest of your life?

I’ve been feeling that way lately. With my depression, I often feel like there’s no end in sight and I’ll never be happy again.

Join me in working hard to remember that we can find relief, we deserve rest, and there is a break in sight if we keep hanging on. Don’t give up on yourself, you are WORTH IT!

#youareworthy #MentalHealth #mentalhealthmotivation #MentalHealthAmerica #MentalHealthHero #anxiety #Depression #ptsd #youvegotthis #feeling #emotionalhealth #Love #Selfcare


LEARNING helped me heal from Schizo-Affective disorder

How did I recover from Schizophrenia? I’ve not fully healed, but I live a life I love and would like to share my story.

Eighteen years ago I suffered a terrible psychosis. My whole life and family were thrown into complete turmoil because of my mental illness. The time I spent in the mental hospital away from my newborn baby and husband was traumatic, it ultimately ruined my marriage, so on top of Schizophrenia I developed PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

It’s been a long, LONG, journey of recovery. Before my illness I had no trouble working or making money. I had just gotten married, life was so happy… then everything was very suddenly turned upside-down.

#AtypicalSchizophrenia #schizophreniaaffective #MentalHealthAmerica #MentalHealthMonth #MentalHealthResources #HealingVoices #Recovery #MentalIllnessStigma

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Netflix DOESN'T CARE about sending PTSD patients into SUICIDAL EPISODES with autoplay trailers. Have you or someone you know had this happen?

Netflix had again shown they don't care about the lives of their users. Many with CPTSD, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and other issues find themselves being assaulted by Netflix's autoplay trailers. People have been complaining for years about this. Customer service reps are overwhelmed by calls from often angered customers. Other companies like Amazon have actual settings to disable these as they are understanding of these very real issues. But despite years of issues, Netflix fails to change this saying just mute your TV. That does not work. Visuals are as powerful if not more so than audio many times. I found myself sitting and dealing with suicidal issues following this issue and chatted with the national suicide hotline after being triggered by Netflix autoplay trailers. They said this is a huge issue and the amount of suicide chats they get because of things like Netflix are not a small number. They aren't tracked though as the main issue as most people just say PTSD attack when they chat versus saying it was caused by Netflix. It is a form of digital assault. Telling people there's no way to disabled this and that's just the way it is, is disgusting. The fact that they are losing subscribers is no surprise as they continue to put real people's lives in danger every single day without consequence. At this point people have voiced the concerns and after years of this nothing substantial has ever been done. Now it's a form of violence and assault on users. #PTSD #CPTSD #Depression #Anxiety #SexualTrauma #Autism #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Suicide #SuicidalIdeation #SuicidalOCD #PTSDSupportAndRecovery #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAmerica #Netflix #Streaming